Visitor Visa for Parents

Guide for parents coming to USA on visitor visa

Travel Guide to USA

Step-by-step guide for flying to USA, complete with sample immigration forms. Especially suited for parents flying for the first time or flying alone.

USA visitor visa interview process  USA Visitor Visa Interview Process

See what happens inside the US consulate when you go for a visitor visa interview. Perfect for those going for visitor visa interview for the first time.

Guide for flying to USA  Travel to USA

Traveling to USA? Worried about the immigration and customs procedures? Worried about airport rules? This video is for you!

US Visa News & Updates

Latest news on US immigration

Uscis website: new look and en...
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) launched its website with a new look and better case status tool on Friday, Nov 7,2014. The update on the USCIS official website is the result of taking action on customer feedback. The new site integrates new user-friendly icons and tabs th...

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Visitor Visa Experiences

Share & learn from others' experiences

Date- 17 dec 2014 Mumbai Visa f2 Lanuage :hindi Result : Approved Experience and advice: Keep th...
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Find a Travel Companion

Find a companion for your next flight

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US Visa Guides

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US Visa Sample Documents

Immigration forms & applications

PIO Card

Requirements & application

OCI Card

Requirements & application

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