Us Customs And Border Protection

CBP Proposes Submission of Social Media Account Passwords for Foreign Visitors Traveling to the US

A proposal to collect social media passwords from foreign nationals planning to enter the US was announced last week by the CBP as an extra security precaution that could help “screen out” individuals who may be posting threats to the country on social media. The alarming frequency of terrorist attacks and threatening incidents in the.. Read More


Hassle-Free Access for Indian’s Traveling to the US through Global Entry Program

It was recently announced that India has become the ninth country to enter into the International Expedited Traveller Initiative (also known as the Global Entry Program) with the US, meaning that Indian travelers will be able to travel between India and the US with ease.  The US is home to more than 3 million Indian-origin.. Read More

United States Of America Permanent Resident Card

Green Card Renewal and Replacement Process Made Easy

Form I-90, applications to replace and renew green cards, can now be submitted to USCIS directly online by simply creating an account, submitting the necessary supporting documents, and paying the filing fee. The steps to submitting your online application are as follows: Step 1- Create a USCIS online account. Step 2- Select “Click to File.. Read More


USCIS & DHS to Release New Online Application for Applying for US Citizenship

The United States population expands by approximately 2.7%, or 700,000 people, with new applicants for citizenship each year.  To streamline the citizenship process the Department of Homeland Security announced the introduction of a new online app, to be launched in the next few weeks, designed to replace the antiquated paper-based application system that has been.. Read More


Employers to Begin Submitting Online Inquiries for Select Form I-129 Petitions

Petitioners who filed a form I-129, to request an extension of stay or change of employer can now submit an inquiry after their petition has been pending for 210 days or more, as of April 21, 2016. Inquiries can be submitted to USCIS online by selecting “case outside normal processing time”. Form I-129, petition for.. Read More

PIO card

OCI in Lieu of PIO Card Application Deadline Approaches – June 30, 2016

Early last year, the PIO & OCI merger became effective, doing away with the Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) card scheme. Since the merger, PIO cardholders have been encouraged to replace their PIO cards with OCI cards by applying for OCI in lieu of PIO card. If you have not yet applied for an OCI.. Read More