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USCIS May Consider Going Online With Its Immigration Forms To Avoid Backlogs

A San Francisco based company, FileRight, is lobbying with Obama administration to digitize the immigration process making immigration forms easier to fill out with a new online system. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) receive millions of paper immigration application forms a year. The current process requires manual paperwork. This has created significant.. Read More


EB-2 India: Retrogression Imminent

EB-2 is a second preference, immigrant visa for the United States employment-based permanent residency.  As anticipated in the section D of the Visa Bulletin for November 2014, there is bad news for Indians seeking permanent residence in US with EB-2 visa. The cut-off date retrogresses, from May 1, 2009 to February 15, 2005! Yes, 2005.. Read More

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EB-3 Dates Advances For People From Indian Origin

U.S. Department of State Visa Bulletin for October 2014 grants advancement for EB-3 category. The EB-2 priority date is still 05/01/09 for India. EB-1, EB-4 and EB-5 also continue to remain “Current” for all countries. For the EB-3, professionals and skilled workers, the priority date has been advanced from 11/08/2003 to 11/15/2003 for Indians. For.. Read More

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Report on Diversity: U.S. Immigrant Population Record Hits 41.3 Million People

According to a recently released report, the overall immigrant population (referred to as the foreign-born) in the USA has reached a record 41.3 million, the highest rate in 93 years. This means 13.1 percent of the US population comprises of “foreign born” individuals.  The US immigrant population increased approximately by 1.4 million in the last 3 years,.. Read More


Second Biometric Appointment Notice: Appointment Bug in Visa Application System

USCIS: Some Biometric Appointment Notices Issued in Error If you are wondering why you received second biometric appointment (Form I-797C) at the Application Support Center (ASC) even though you just attended your ASC appointment a few days back or have been scheduled for one in the near future. You need not worry, it is just an error.. Read More


A Relief to NRIs: Merging of PIO and OCI Card Schemes

A long-standing demand of the NRI Community in the USA The Indian Government will be implementing a law, very soon, to merge the OCI and PIO Card schemes as per the announcement made by Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, on September, 28, 2014. The PIO Card scheme, launched in 1999, issues PIO Cards to.. Read More