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Port Of Entry Information

Posted by: Pradeep On 05 Oct 2011


My LCA says the client location is New York, but i am going to work in New Jersey on another enagegemnt. Does this cause any problem? Do I need get a new LCA from my employer?


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Atlas America With Pre-Existing Coverage Rider

Posted by: MS On 13 Jan 2009

We bought Atlas America Insurance with Pre-Existing condition rider for my father. The Pre-Existing condition clause clearly stated that covered upto $15,000.
My father had angioplasty done a year before he visited us. While he was here his pulse was running low (it could have turned fatal)and we took him to urgent care and from there to emergency. He needed a pacemaker to fix the things(Doctors clearly said that its nothing related to his previous state and this is an entirely new problem)(Not a pre-existing condition).But when the bills were sent to Atlas America they rejected each and every bill. The insurance also mentioned in their brochure that emergency expanses that lead to hospitalization is also covered but they rejected even all those claims.
So Atlas America neither paid on the grounds of pre-existing and nor on the grounds of new condition.
I feel all these insurance companies are a big scam and you are better without it because anyway they are not going to pay anything so why even spend on paying insurance premium.

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International Medical Group Pre-existing Condition

Posted by: SM On 22 Jul 2008

A Chinese National co worker had purchased a “health insurance” policy from International Medical Group (IMG) through Sirius International called Patriot America. My co-worker required surgery on his sinus to remove a frontal and ethmoid mucocele (nasal blockage). To shorten the story and details what a piece of fraudulent work this company goes through avoiding payment on a claim. They first use the rule of a pre-existing condition existed so they don’t pay. Then when you counter and use the phase of the “acute sudden illness” condition for a reason to pay they counter with (to quote the 2nd denial letter) “The Patriot America Certificate of Insurance is a short term travel policy intended for persons traveling outside of their home country. It is not a comprehensive health policy and is intended for coverage of Accidents or sudden, acute Illnesses that do not result or arise from Pre-existing Condition as defined by the Certificate”.
Later upon searching the internet I have discovered they have been banned from doing business in Florida for non payment of claims and their marketing techniques of selling the policy as health insurance. They have failed to pay on other medical procedures like gall bladder surgery, claiming pre-existing condition. The way this company doesn’t pay even a simple appendectomy would be pre-existing. A heart attack would also be pre-existing because your heart attack was cause by pre-existing food you ate, or by the stress in your employment or even because your parent heart condition. Save your money and find a real health insurance policy.

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Optima Resources Inc, A Cheating Company

Posted by: John On 28 Jan 2008

Dear Friends,
Following are the faults found with Optima or any other acting as consulting company:
1. First of all, there is no require to file visa fees and no experience required to work in the U.S.A
a)No Visa Processing Fee.
b)No Experience.
c)only up to P.G degree or 15 years education is necessary.
But Optima charges $4400=Rs. 2,00,000 approximately.
2. Before taking the visa fee these people doesn't notify the candidate that it takes long time to get visa stamped as it happened to me and am still waiting for 2 years to get my visa stamped.
3. Another loop hole is that they specify to approach for specified consulate to get visa stamped. Now this specified consulate when issues date for applying is unknown especially when applying from other region than the consulate where it is located.
4. Recently, Kuwait consulate announced that this company Optima is under suspicion of "Under Investigation".
5. And these people takes the exploitation of innocence of the people without refunding the visa fee.
6. I like to say in good faith to all the people who read this that there is immense of opportunity to exploit in India for jobs in Multinational companies. So, request to not to waste money and time.
7. Now,this people are not reponding and there existence is in doubt whether arrested or still operating.

Finally, request all the people from southeners applying to Optima to contact me to the following email id or contact number provided below as am also waiting for the dates to be issued by the specified consulate:
Your's Friend,
Mobile Number:9985077935

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India Health Network - Useless Insurance And Organization

Posted by: Ajit Menon On 07 Dec 2007

We took this insurance for my parents with complete coverage (including pre-existing waiver). My mother had extensive medical treatment and they did not pay even a dime! Ultimately we decided to change the insurance and it would have helped to get a letter of coverage from them stating that my parents had coverage from such and such a date till such and such a date. However they wouldnt do even this fast enough. A person named Raj made me to go through tons of beauracracy (fax request, email it, make several phone calls) and we couldnt get it after 2 weeks, ultimately he said This is no his problem, he had other work. Also dont call again. I did get the letter when I later complained to BBB. It took about 1 month time in the meanwhile though but that is the only way you can deal with such organizations. Highly beauracratic ineffcient organization that only cares about the premium you pay!

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Job2 Career

Posted by: Aleesha thomas On 08 Feb 2007

I am a nurse from India who passed the CGFNS examination (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) in 2002. Upon successful completion of the examination, I was contacted by a Nurse recruiting agency in India named “” Their address in India is “ India Pvt.Ltd, Anika Complex, Thevara, Cochin-15 India, Phone number 0484-266582”. Their registered office in Florida is located at Le-Jeune Center – Suite 343, 782 NW 42nd Avenue, Miami FL-33126 USA, Phone number (305) 648-3220. Job2Career offered processing of Visa application for me, and a job in a Hospital in Florida with a monthly remuneration of U.S $ 4,000 to $4,500. In addition, they offered travel assistance, a furnished apartment for stay, and facilities for preparing for the NCLEX examination to work as a Registered Nurse.

The President of Job2Career is an attorney Stephen S Nuell (Florida bar # 287865), and they will hereinafter together be referred to as “the Agent.”

Upon arriving in Florida, USA, on 04/27/2005, we (my husband and I) were given an apartment in Miami Lakes which was shared with another family. I was preparing for the examination and getting ready for working in a Hospital. When the Agent came to know that I was pregnant, on 06/27/2005, Monday, the Agent asked me to surrender all my documents including green card (alien registration card) Pass port and to return to India along with my husband, stating that if I did not work they would lose money. I told them that I was in excellent health, and fully capable of working through my pregnancy and would work for the Agency according to the terms of the contract. During the interview in India, no one asked me about pregnancy and nowhere is it referred to in the contract.

When I reiterated my intention to stay and work in the US, the Agent threatened me with violence, law suits and deportation. In fact, they filed a deceptive lawsuit against me in the 11th Circuit Court of Miami Dade County in Florida bearing case number 05-13422CA25 on July 1st, 2005. In this case against me, the Agent has accused me of leaving the employment and moving to another place in violation of our contract. Both accusations are false. During the deposition of this case, at my advanced pregnancy, Stephen Nuell showed a promissory note for $9000 with my signature. But that is not my signature. My attorney, Mr. Bruce E. Barr, immediately compared it with my other signatures and told him that that it not my signature. It is a forgery. I have signed a promissory note only for $5000, on 12/14/2004 from their Bangalore office, yet Mr. Nuell is demanding in the lawsuit an amount above $9000.

When I went out with my husband on 07/01/2005, Friday, Christopher Block the Vice President of the agency entered my apartment,(16085, nw 64 ave,apt#203, Miami lakes) and threw out my belongings. They also came along with a person dressed as a police officer who threatened us with arrest, if we won’t give the green card, NCLEX papers and pass port. We offered no resistance; the costumed person, however, took no action because he was not a police officer and had no Police Badge. But he gave us a copy of the lawsuit that Mr. Nuell had filed, and threatened us with dire consequences and violence. With the help of a neighbor, I filed a police petition with Miami Lakes Police Department (case number 337645-D). The police instructed me to return to the apartment and I gained entry with the help of the other family residing there.

On 07/11/2005, Monday the Agent came, and again threw out our belongings and locked the apartment. Being a new person in an unfamiliar land with no job, no income, and no place to go, I was mentally devastated. I was also worried that my mental torture could affect the baby inside me. We called the police and the police came and helped us to get into the apartment. Miami Lakes Police Dept. (case number 357360-D).

On 07/23/2005 when we went out, the Agent moved the other family that we lived with, to another residence and changed the lock of our apartment without a court order. Thus, we were again thrown out into the street. We were utterly helpless and suffering great anguish. Fortunately, a neighboring nurse was able to take us into her apartment. Other nurses in our community who had been brought to the U.S. by this Agent have also had serious problems with the Agent, but have been largely silent in reporting them because they are afraid of the attorney, Steven Nuell.

We request your help in rendering us justice as the action perpetuated by the Agent is a violence against pregnant woman, breach of contract, home invasion, impersonation of a Police Officer and forgery, which constitute both Criminal and Civil offenses.

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Successful H1B

Posted by: Blore On 30 Oct 2006

Questions asked:
1) VO:Inhouse/Client ?
Answer: Inhouse
2) VO:Project Details and your tole
3) VO: show me your Degree Certificates - How many computer courses you did in your MBA. (Inspite of knowing the fact that I am BE in Comp Sc and Engineering
Answered and handed over the docs
4) VO: Employer Office Photos/Rental Agreement/Tax Returns
Answered and handed over the docs
5) VO: Visa Granted

Handed a letter on how to report DOL if H1B employer is violating any of the listed H1B clauses i.e violations include Benching salary, asking for H1 B expenses, seeking penalty on resignation etc etc ..

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Do Not Buy Insurance

Posted by: Anand On 18 Jul 2006

My sincere suggestion to all the people is please do not buy Liaison International insurance. It seems like fraud insurance. I had very bad experience with Liaison. I purchased insurance from Liasion for my parents for five months by paying around 1800 dollars which had coverage of $100000. My mother had bad chest pain in the month of April and I had to take her to emergency, My mother became well in a week time. I had to keep her in hospital for couple days. They charged around 10000 dollars. Hospital has been sending me the bill sayimg that Liaison is not paying for hospital expenses. When I contacted liaison they have always been saying that they requested some paper work from hospital and they have not recieved it yet. I informed the same to hospital and then the hospital send me some papers showing that liaison did reject to pay the expenses. I tried to conatct Liaison again but they are not helping me

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Posted by: VICTIM On 17 Feb 2006

I dont have enough filthy words about this company. These bastards suck the blood of fellow desis. They make you pay for your h1, pay you janitor wages, and EVEN keep your H1 papers with them. They will not give you, so that u cant run away far from them. One biggest asshole is SAM (chillar fellow..footpath pure telugu ..lekinakoduku) acts as if he is NARAYANAMURTHY of INFOSYS.

I am struck here my friends....i dont know what to do. I am not a fresh of boat desi who came here on H1..but I compelted MS here..and even then I am struck with this bastard....


orey SAM kodaka..hyd ra ra...thata decency doesnt allow me to go more than this.

but watch out for this company..its in, IRVING,TEXAS

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Fruad Companies Fresh List :

Posted by: Tom On 16 Feb 2006

Hello all,

Here is the new fresh list of fraud companies in USA. Freshers ! Please go through this list first before filing your H1B. If you got the purchase order (PO) from these companies please look at once before you decide to sign (Those who are living in USA).

(OR) COMPUTER CONSULTANTS INC (CCI INC) Owned by the wife of the same person
04. Ajay International
07. Inteliant Technologies (santa clara)
08. EBS Inc in falls church, VA
09. Friendly Consultants Inc.,
11. enterprise software solutions
12. Indusa Technical Corp
13. Global IT in Chicago and Irving, TX
14. SolutionNet
15. Marlabs
16. EBSInc
18. RK Techinal Services
19. InforSpan or EBS
20. Igate Mastech
21. "Glob" is in chicago
23. RK Technical Services
24. Satyam
25. BCC USA Inc, NJ
27. VakTech Corp LLC, New Jersy
28. bay area based Alphasoft
29. PTSI/CSSI San Francisco
30. McNally Systems, IL
31. American Infosys, NJ
32. Verinion Technology solutions ltd
33. Paradigm Infotech, Columbia, Maryland.
34. EBS in Falls Church, VA
35. PrimusGlobal, Irving,Texas
36. L&T e-ES (L&T-Infotech)
37. Millennium International
38. TechnoPrism-San Jose, CA
39. Jean Martin Inc, New York
40. Vision Systems Group
41. ECRM Labs
42. Mar Labs
43. Makro Technologies
44. VLS Systems
45. ACE Technologies
46. Compunnel
47. Object Soft - Great Jay Talluri
48. Hall Mark Global - Delaware operation - Great Jay Talluri
49. PK Global
50. GSS America. They place full page ads in
51. PK Global -> Owned By Ram Madiraju
52. Supreme Soft, Inc.
53. Infobizz
54. Premier IT Solutions
55. Innovatek Inc
57. Techlogix
59. ClearLogic Systems
60. Idolasystems
62. Company Name = RHT InfoWay, Inc website =
64. Magna Infotech Ltd
65. BrilliantSoft Solutions Inc
66. and $1500 Fees for Training 500 extra)
67. indian business analyst !!! ( company name??)
68. Leading C
69. ADVANSOFT INTERNATIONAL INC( Lot of Ads on University Groups for Freshers)
70. Abacus Software Technologies ( Promise to pay 75k for Fresh MS Graduates)
71. Millennium Consultants
72. Edge Technologies Parsippany NJ
73. US info ssytems of MS,LLC
74. metasense,NJ
75. Hansoft Inc ( NY, Dover, NJ, NH and CT..Owner Raghu
76. neo-concepts,MI
77. Venteq Solutions , Bhaskar Rao alias Blood Sucker
78. Allsoft Technologies ,
79. Friendly consultants INC: Alias VIBGYOR Soultions .....Located in NJ/Iowa ...
80. SYNERGY IT Solutions,

If you have bad experience with a company, please include it in this list...

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