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To Die Like Rich, Living Like Poor !!!

Posted by: Rajiv Varadarajan On 31 Dec 2007


It was a pleasure trip to me in USA for about 3 years. Now I feel, at-home in Bangalore. It is a country only to earn while enjoy for some time, and to come back home. But not for settleing there, having only making money as a motto. During my stay there, I have seen many mixed minds of people. Many of our Desi People getting India an impression that, Indians only do anything for dollars and cents. This is bad.

We have to earn for living, no doubt about that; and nobody can deny that. But, we should not live only for earning. Some people live like poor ( some times resemble beggars ) to die as rich. Their lives are poor all through their life. These people causing plots, flats soaring like anything here in Bangalore or Hyderabad or Chennai.

Immediately after getting up bed, these people think only following,

1) "Any FREE offers today ?"

2) "Anything is coming for FREE after MIR ( Mail-In Rebate ) ?"

3) "Any service provider is there, who pays my mobile phone bill for 2 years for me FREE ?, So, I can sign in for 1 year contract"

4) "Anybody garbaged anything today in the trash ?, so it can be brought home"

5) "Will anybody hit my car today, from rear ?, so I can claim the liability which is more than my car value". ( "Other driver's Liability is my Asset" )

"DONATE" is the only word, these people dont like in their language.

Anything, whichever earns a cent more, can be shareable for these people. Car, Cell phone, Internet, Calling Cards, ... list excepts nothing including vegetables.
These are ready to drive in even 15 - 20 miles, if that earns 2 cents/Lb. ( Lb is meant for Pound = 453 Grams ).

Earning money should not be the only one all through the 24/7/365. We have to enjoy our lives during young age, but not afrer retiring.


--- Rajiv Varadarajan

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Posted by: Rj On 21 Sep 2006

Just want to share that i came US 3 months back and i applied for a credit card in DCU ( and got it soon. You have to just become a member by paying $15 and you can get a unsecured credit card of liimit $3000.

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Affinity FCU

Posted by: akannan On 24 Mar 2006

i have good experience with AFFINITY federal Credit union ( . i was rejected by BOA when i applied for a credit credit ,even though i had a checking acc with them ,they told i can have a secured card which i rejected. Then i applied to Affinity ,
to get a card , first u need to be a member , to apply for member ship is easy , get a savings / checking account with 5 $ balance.. Once i got that , i applied for a 2000 $ credit card without any activation fee or SECURITY DEPosit.

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Convenience Checks: Convenient For Who -- Criminals And Card Companies?

Posted by: Ram On 23 Mar 2006

Many of you may have received these checks by mail. DO NOT use it, destroy them immly. Read this article.


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BOA Secure Credit Card

Posted by: pk On 01 Mar 2006

I am having checking savings accounts with BOA.No problem at all.
I applied for a secure credit card and i had it for 8 months,after that i called them to make it unsecure.They said no unsecure credit card for temporary workers (im here in H1B) .They now give it only for "citizens" and "GC holders".So beware.Dont trust and wait for BOA to get a unsecure credit card.

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How Can U Pay Activation Fee ???

Posted by: I have 20 CC On 18 Dec 2005

How can you pay activation fee?
Always use your common sense some body giving u credit in thouands and asking 200$ activation fee ?
They can give u 200$ less or charge same credit card for fee .
I have 20 credit cards all in perfect condition having cresit of @ 150 k .much more then my annual salary . I dont use themall but check my credit history once a year .I got first crdit card from credit union ,and after 1 year from anerican express body diens after that ..

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Credit Card Cons

Posted by: praveen On 18 Dec 2005

I got credit cards approved after stay of about one year in New York, the credit card company called First National Card, took an activation fee of $200 as annual fee. Giving a credit limit to $2000, it was good. But I soon found that the credit cards never worked. There is no way how the credit cards can be used. Beware of such Credit Card Cons!!

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Applying For Secured Credit Card

Posted by: KK On 01 Jul 2005

Hi All,

Anyone applied for a secured credit card recently?
I dont have any credit history, and all credit applications i make get rejected saying "insufficient credit references".

In this forum, some have suggested to apply at, but i find that its membership is restricted to 2 states [GA & MA] and few member companies.

any inputs will be appreciated


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Posted by: IF you do direct deposit & scared them to withdraw On 30 Jun 2005

They will give you unsecured card.

If this want work move your finance to

One of the best credit union, we called it desi credit union..

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Get Your First Credit Card

Posted by: chinku chinese On 27 Sep 2004

just go to and search for secured visa card. download application and print and send to address specified. send your passport, i-94 and visa photocopies and 250$ check.

You would receive secure credit card in 3 weeks. use it for min. 3 months and then apply for regular credit card. you will get it.

Mera China Mahan.

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