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Need Help With Appeal For Denial Of Adjustment Status

Posted by: Natalie On 23 Sep 2014

My client already had his I-130 approved, and was in process of having his I-485 approved until he had to leave the country for an emergency. Though he was approved for advanced parole, it was not issued before he left. Also, note that he was APPROVED for humanitarian parole for this one time of leaving. Upon his return, his I-485 was denied because technically he didn't comply with the requirements for the I-485. This is difficult because technically if a humanitarian parole was approved, essentially it is as if my client never left the country. Has anyone ever been through this? Is there any argument that can help my case to appeal this denial?

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Posted by: lakhan lal sahu On 07 Jun 2014

am indian to mumbe

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Family Based Petition

Posted by: Teck lim On 19 May 2014

My son an American citizen filed for my green card on jan 20 2014, on march 31 I got my EAD. Today May 19 I got a letter from USCIS, indicating that they have identify me as a potential interview waiver. That means no need for interview. It also go on to say that due to current workload, they anticipate another six months delay in processing my grren card. Has anybody ever gotten this letter

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Posted by: Licenseissue On 23 Mar 2014

I use advance parole for travel and My EAD was due to expire in 15 days, but since my drivers license was also going to expire at the same time, I could not drive or apply for a new license till I receive my new EAD. What happened was, USCIS sent an RFE since my previous employer withdrew my I140 (it was more than 180 days after approval, so I changed employers). I consulted my attorneya nd we sent a response to the RFE citing AC21. Howeer, DMV would not issue a new license unless I got the EAD. Below is the situation in detail:

01. EAD expiring in 15 days. I should have received the new approved EAD by this time, but due to RFE, this was delayed.
02. Even if my EAD was going to be approved and mailed to me, it would arrive later than the expiry date of license.
03. It would not have been an issue to wait it out, except that I was living by myself and I won't be able to drive my car. I am quite dependent on the car for work and personal activities.
04. When I visited DMV, they refused to issue new license because their database pulled up USCIS expiry date of my EAD, which was a few days away.

Here is what I did:

After trying to convince them about my situation in various way that failed, I finally asked them to check validity of my I-94 date / date of my parole. Incidentally, my parole and I-94 were stamped 6 months after my EAD expiry date as usually they stamp 1 year expiry on Parole document every time you return from abroad. Incidentally, I had returned just 6 months earlier from a trip abroad, so technically, my I-94 had another 6 months on it.I requested DMV to pull the validity date of my I-94. They got the new date, which is valid for another six months. They agreed to issue a new license with the 6 months validity.It was a big relief.

As for my EAD, Thankfully, I received an approved EAD for 2 years approved for period beginning expiry of my current EAD. Though, it took a few days beyond my expiry date to arrive by mail.

Hope anyone in my situation will use this information to ensure they do not lose their drivers license and ability to drive. It is another ridiculous and in explainable thing that even tough AOS applicants can stay indefinitely in this country till either approval or denial of AOS, they need to apply for drivers license each time with their EAD.

Post this, I moved to a different state, who issued me a 5 year drivers license.

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F2A Visa Islamabad Embassy

Posted by: ali2971 On 23 Jun 2013

dear brothers . i am doing business in malaysia i am from pakistan. i apply my green card under spouse visa h1 b2.from APR 2011 my interview was on 6 June 2013. in islambad embassy.interview got very nice they take fingure prints .outh and my pictures sign on d s 230 form give me bruchers welcome USA and detail paper of information of legal rights i was thinking it is done evry thing perfect but in the end consulate officer give me green sheet my case is under AP .i want to ask how long it will take to get visa . bcz i am waiting so long time to start my married life its is completely very difficult to face..plz give me detail answer bcz they update my case number 5 time untill now.would you please explaine how long it will take.Additional informationthey keep my passport also. i want to ask . if i mail to ask my passport back its will more long then normal bcz if it is too late i will go back and continue my business.plz explaine me detail - e

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Traumatizing Experience On The Interview In The Dom Rep

Posted by: Anatalia On 20 Jun 2013

I'm the petitioner, On April 23rd my husband and I attended the interview in the Dominican Republic. I was treated with the most disrespectful, unethical and unprofessional manner by the interviewer officer, for the single reason that I'm proudly 35 y/o older than my husband. my self-esteem was brutalized, although I'm far from looking that much older than my husband, we look a normal couple. All the documents requested were submitted and completed. My husband visa was denied under section 221G. I'm planning to resubmit the whole pettition all over again to minimize processing time, at the same time, I'm hiring a lawyer to sue these officers that conducted the interview, since is obvious that my husband visa was denied because of my age based on all the comments, sacarms that they apply during the interview. One of the interviewing officers asked me if I had brough the death certificate, implying that I'm so old that I should have one. All I'm looking for is the destitution of these two individuals who violated all ethics of an interview.

Any suggestions??

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I Need Experience

Posted by: garvins On 15 Jan 2013

Dear applicant this office regrets to inform you that it is unable to issue a visa today. Your case requires additional administrative processing. We will notify you by e-mail or phone as soon as the administrative processing is complete. Pls do not return until we have contacted you. if you have not heard from us within 60 days of your original interview date, pls send an e-mail to and request an update.

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I140 Approved

Posted by: Faz On 15 Nov 2012

If you are on H1B or your I140 is approved, Please support this petition. Please sign this Petition to address the issue of not allowing Filing for I-765 (EAD) and I-131 (AP) until the PD is current.

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Posted by: jitendra On 29 Aug 2012


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Anyone Got Or Applied For Greencard On L2 Visa

Posted by: laks1281 On 18 Jun 2012

any one got gc from l2 visa?

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