Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

Visa Approved CHENNAI

Posted by: Ravi On 19 Sep 2014

Hello friends,
I want to share my interview experience with you all folks, I was interview on 18th September, 2014 place Chennai.

Interview was around 5 min.

It was 11:00 AM

I : Good morning sir,

VO: Not replied

I: Good morning Sir (again)

VO: Good Morning


VO: Which company you are going to work for ?

I : XYZ Technology (Wrong answer, I misunderstood the question thinking he is asking my current company. )

VO: No that’s not the company which has field the petition.

I : ABC (corrected my answer and replied politely).

VO: Was busy in typing something then he asked then he asked are you going to work for client.

I : No sir, I am going to work on the product on the company named ***something***.

VO : what is the name of project

I : Answered ***something***

VO : D-Edge it is

I : I said D represents DATA

VO : Explain me the project on which you will be working.

I : I am going to work on….work on web based project ….(got silenced … bit nervous) then VO looked at me and exclaimed a bit. He wanted from me to at least say something.. After taking a pause .. I explained him very nicely.

VO : Who will be using this software/who are the clients (Very Key question)

I: Since its a product there can be N no of clients (Retails/eCommerce/Banking/Pharma companied seeking for price monitoring portal for there products)

VO : Can I see your project Document.

I : I gave him (I was big bundle of papers which VO just looked at it and returned me after seeing it hardly for 5 sec)

VO : How may employees are in the Company ?

I : X and repeated once again with figures.

VO : Busy with typing …then he asked What is your Highest Qualification?

I: BE Electronics

VO: what

I: Bachelor of engineering in Electronics.

VO: After typing for long. here comes the wonderful word –Sir, Your VISA is approved. Have a nice trip.

I : Thank you Sir.

VO gave me a 3 pager stating that please know your rights and go through it before you travel to US

All the best dear friends. Thanks it really helped me in preparation.

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H1 Visa At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: Ashok On 17 Sep 2014

OFC Day:

My OFC was @4.00PM. Reached the OFC center by 3.20pm. Waited for 10Mins.
I Staff is very amicable and supportive. No Hazzle all went well.

Visa Interview Day:-

My Interview was @8.00AM. Reached by 7.20am. By 7.30am All the 8.00am slot people were lined up.checked passport and was let in. Tokens were given. Security check was tough for me. I had a Metal bracelet(Called as Kada in Hindi). Before OFC i tried to pull it off my hand. It was hurting so left it like that. All your belongings will be scanned including Belt, ID card, . If somethings cannot be taken off don't worry. you will be taken to a separate room for thorough security check. I was thoroughly checked and sent in.

I was waiting for my token number to come up.

Finally it has come....

VO: Hello *****.
Me:-Hello Sir

VO:- Who is your client?
Me:- *********.

VO:- So you work for *****?
Me:- Yes Sir(I wore my Company ID card).

Golden Words by VO: Your Visa is Approved.
Me:- Thank you with beaming smile.

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H1B In Kolkata Consulate

Posted by: Mohit Bansal On 15 Sep 2014

Today my interview was scheduled at Kolkata US embassy at 8:00 AM.
I reached there by 7:35 AM and out by 8:00AM.

I was given the token number and was asked to seat. I was waiting for my number to display on the screen. My number appeared on the screen.

He: Good Morning.How are you?
he: Please pass your passport & I797B.
He:Which company are you in?
He: How much experience do you have?
He: Who is the client?
He: Are you married?
He: Why your wife is not accompanying you?
He: Do you have Kids?
He: Your visa is approved. Have a pleasant stay in the US.

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Visa Interview Experince H1 And H4 Day2

Posted by: Nagaraj On 09 Sep 2014

We had our US visa interview appointment fixed at 8 in the morning. We went and stood there at around 7.30. The queue though it was a 8 o clock queue, was a mix of 8.30,9 and 9.30 appointment. We were initially not sure where to stand as the 9 o clock queue started to move faster than the 8 o clock queue. Few people from 8o clock queue moved to the other row which moved reallyy faster. After these people who moved from my row to the other row reached the officers in the front, they were asked to go stand in the 8clock row way behind me. Later i realized the queue that moved faster was the 7.30 queue and the one who had 8o clock appointment in that queue were asked to go back stand in the correct queue. So make sure you always stand in the correct queue even if its not moving. Our row entry was open and the queue moved really fast. We crossed that queue and stood in another queue at around 8.30. We were allowed into the building at 8.;45 and had the security check and was seated. we were then redirected to another building inside that and officers in the reception checked my passport and my wife's.

We were given the token number and was asked to seat. We were waiting for our number to display on the screen. We were not a lil scared and nervous. Our number appeared on the screen.

We went to our counter together.

He: Good Morning.
he: Can i see your passports.
He:Which company are you in?
He: What type of job do you do.
He: Who is the client
He: Where are you going to stay in the US
He:How long are you working with this company.
He: (To my wife) What is your qualification.
He (to my wife) Are you both married?
He: (To my wife) Are you working anywhere? YES
He: (To my wife) So, are you going to quit?
He: Your visas are approved. Have a pleasant stay in the US.

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Available Dates At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: HYD On 09 Sep 2014


I'm new to this forum...

Can any once share (If you have recent information) the visa interview available date at Hyderabad consulate for Sep last week / Oct 1st week.
And also, share your visa interview experience at Hyderabad consulate.


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H4 Visa Approved

Posted by: Sruthi On 08 Sep 2014

H4 Visa Approved..!!

Hello All...

My H4 visa got approved today. I had 8:00 AM appointment and it was too simple.

ME: Good Morning
VO: GoodM orning

VO: Passport plz
ME: Gave Passport

VO: Left hand four fingers (for finger prints)
ME: Provided finger prints

VO: what is your spouse's work location?
ME: xyz

VO: you are all done
ME: Thank You

I was prepared for different questions and carried all necessary documents too.

Be prepared for everything.

Wish you good luck :)

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Please Share Your H1 Interview Exp In Kolkata Consulate

Posted by: Mohit Bansal On 07 Sep 2014


My H1B interview is scheduled on 16 September in Kolkata consulate. Please share your exp so that I can prepare well.

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H1B And H4 Approved

Posted by: Jeremias On 04 Sep 2014

Visa approved!

Hi guys, I just wanted to share my experience as well as a way of gratitude to those that shared them and helped calm my nerves a bit..

The waiting was killer because you usually keep watching people leaving and wondering what questions were asked, what situation that person was in, etc..

Anyway, my turn…

I went with my wife, she is Thai so we were sent to a VO that could speak some thai… as soon as he saw her passport he started trying to speak thai and making fun of how many words he already forgot since he’s been to Thailand. That made us definitely feel more comfortable since we were all laughing and talking about it. In the meanwhile he was checking stuff on his computer and asking for our documents (passports, I-797, wedding certificate and DS-160 confirmation page).

Basically the questions he asked were:

VO: What is the name of the company?
VO: Where are you going?
VO: This is a renewal right? (I think that’s what he thought initially, but it’s actually a new petition)
VO: What is your current job?

I think that was it. no questions were asked to my wife regarding the H1b. just questions about how to speak “left hand” and “right hand” in Thai, etc…

He then printed something and gave it so we could pay a tax (by this time I read “Visa Issuance” on the paper and I already knew the visa was approved) and told us to pay it at the cashier and come back with the receipt.

After the payment, he gave me my receipt back and said I was good to go.

I honestly was always dreaming for the “Your visa is approved” word but that didn’t come out =P, no other documents were asked and I have been practicing H1b and H4 questions like CRAZY for the past days.. moral of the story: always be over prepared but things USUALLY go better than expected, just have faith and be confident.

Thanks! I’m out of this forum (maybe for now =))

Just FYI: The Embassy was in Brazil (because I’m brazilian)

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Successful Visa Stampnig Experience In KL

Posted by: XYZ On 03 Sep 2014

Been to US embassy for H1 and H4 last Friday and got the visa approved. Thanks to all who have shared their experiences on various forums which helped us to prepare for the stamping.

Though it was very quick and direct in my case the visa officer looks already convinced when I get in to the glass door room.

Here are the questions asked by him:

VO - Good Morning
Me - Good Morning Sir

VO - Why are you going to US
Me - Employment

VO - What is the name of your employer and How do you know about this Company
ME - explained briefly about the employer and business

VO - When did u started looking for a job, you got job in India or after coming to Malaysia
Me - After coming to Malaysia

VO - Are you doing the same job here
Me - Yes

VO - Can I see your payslips
Me - handed over the payslips

VO to my wife : Are you going to Work in US
My wife - No

VO - Your visa will be approved, it is taking long time in the system, you can collect the passport day after tomorrow.
Me - Thanks a lot

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H1B And H4 Experience US Consulate Mumbai

Posted by: vmongs On 01 Sep 2014

Hello all,

First of all I would like to say thanks PATH2USA forum which was of great help during my H1B interview preparations.

I am sharing my H1B visa interview experience of 27th & 28th Aug 2014 @ Mumbai Consulate.

DAY 1 - 27th Aug 2014 - OFC Appointment @ 12:30 PM

This went very smooth. I reached there with my family ( my dependants; wife and kid) around 11:40 AM , and there was a queue for all those who have their

appointment slot for 12:30 PM.

-Docs checked for OFC
1. DS 160 confirmation
2. Appointment confirmation page
3. Original passport for all ( including dependants applied for H4)
If all above 3 docs are ok, VFS staff will mark STAR on your document , to indicate that documents have been verified and correct.

Once verified and you enter the premise, at the first counter they will put BARCODE sticker behind your passport.

Whole process took 20 mins in total. Remember they will stamp your DS160 confirmation page once you are done with fingerprinting and photo.

They did not took any fingerprints for my kid as he is still below 14 yrs. They did fingerprinting for myself and my wife. Photographs clicked for all.

We completed this all around 12:40 PM and it was very smooth.

DAY 2 - 28th Aug 2014 - Consulate interview; Appointment @ 11:00 AM

Reached US consulate @ 9:45 AM. 1 hour and 15 mins earlier than my appointment slot .

As soon as we reached I left all electronic stuff in the car. Mobiles/ TABS/ Laptops , if you are carrying any. Just carry all docs (in folder) with original


Entered the consulate 9:50 AM. And they allowed us inside 1 hour earlier. At the entrance they checked our DS160 ( which was stamped during biometrics) and

also the appointment confirmation page.

Then we headed towards security check counter which is very much similar to securty check at airport. You have to keep all your stuff in tray and they will

scan everything . Once completed security you can proceed to an open waiting area. Here you can sit down in queue and they will let you know your queue as

per your interview slot. Waiting in queue (sitting) for 10 mins and our turn came for finger print validation.

At the counter lady asked for my photo graphs, possibly my photo they click earlier was not good or not uploaded. But she asked photograph of my kid and

myself. I handed over 2 photographs 1 for my self and 1 for kid. She confirmed that she will upload the same and we have to wait for a while.(Better to carry

photographs , good that I carried photgraphs for me, wife and kid).

We were again waiting at bench for like 10 mins. Then they called me again to check my fingerprints. All set and clear now they give a go ahead and told me

to stand in visa interview queue.

While in queue some VFS staff were telling again and again , to just keep original passport (for all applicants) + original I-797 approval in hand. No

documents outside please.
Take out the documents only if Visa Officer (VO) asks for document during interview.

Then after 5 mins we were assigned to window 34.

My turn came finally

Me : Good Morning officer...
VO : Good Morning...

VO : Give me your Passport and I-797
Me : Hand it over him all 3 passports along with original I-797

VO : Who is your employer ?
Me : ( here they are asking about ur employer in US, not ur current employer in INDIA, incase they are not same)

VO : What are you going to do for them ?
Me : I will be working as Programmer Analyst for them , and also added my roles and responsibilities . Answered this question acccordingly in like 40

seconds. (VO is entering some details in computer screen as I am answering this question )

VO : How much experience you have as a Programmer Analyst
Me : >

VO : Are your working on client side ?
Me : Yes . > ( told him my client name )

VO : What is your highest degree of qualifications ?
Me : Masters of computer application. MCA

Then VO asks question to my wife
VO : Ma'am, what is your highest degree of qualification ?
Wife : >

After every question VO will enter some details in his system . So there is a pause of like 5-10 secs after every question.

Finally he pulled out the while phamplet and told golden words " Sir your visas are approved ".

Before leaving the counter I also greeted "Thank you officer, have a nice day" . He returned my original I797 and kept all the 3 passports with himself.

Some Tips.

Try to reach at 30-40 mins prior to consulate , if it is really not a busy day for them , may be you can enter early as I did.

Please go through you Client Letter and Company supporting letter and try to remember your client name. Your US employer type of business.

I was out by 10:20 AM. It was a very easy process and I was set to go home even before my interview slot time ( which was 11:00 AM).

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