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Query On H1B Visa

Posted by: Rams On 18 Sep 2015

Hi all,

This year i have applied for H1B with 2 employers and both are approved. Next week i am going to attend H1 Interview with Company A, What possible questions will get on this case also do i need to mention this in my DS160 form.

Thanks in Advance!

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H1B And H4 Experience On 14Sep2015 At Kuala Lumpur

Posted by: suren On 16 Sep 2015

Sharing my experience here.

Appointment Date: 14 sep 2015
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Visa:H1B and H4

We have booked 8.15 slot and reached embassy by 7.45.

There was a big queue(which is usual) and security ppl asked 'People with 7.45' appointment to stand in Q and rest all can sit for sometime.

After 45mn, got our turn at security gate.

we have given our appointment confirmation and ID proof and got security pass and stickers back on passports with our names.

Scanned all our bags and all items we were carrying.. Then got inside embassy building.Scanning again of our items and then entered into one of the halls.

There the employee on duty asked to stand in one queue. There at one of the counters,they verified passports and given a white booklet with US rights to go thru. Then we were asked to go to next counter for finger print scanning. Once done with finger printing got token for interview.

Our token number, displayed in 15mins.

Interview with VO:

Greetings exchanged.

VO: can I see ur petition.
Me: yes. Given my I797 approval.

VO: how do you got this job?
Me: Explained.

VO is going thru petition n checking few things on system.

VO: where do you live.
Me: Explained.

VO: How long have you been staying here?

Me: Explained. .

VO checking back something on system.

VO: Have you gone thru this booklet showing "white booklet which has US rights" info.
Me: yes..going through.

VO: what is it about?
Me: There are US rights for all types of Visas.

VO: Can you Explain
Me: Explained couple of from booklet which I have glanced while waiting.

VO: Can your employer surrender your passport?
Me: No.

VO: carry this booklet with you while going to US,and call helpline incase of any issues if you face.

"Your Visa is Approved. We will send your passports".

Came out of interview booth and asked the employee on duty in the hall regarding next step. He informed us to check status next day and collect passports after 430pm at Aramex as ours is pickup.

Next day morning 15 sep 2015:

11am : CEAC status updated to "issued".
2pm: passport tracker also updated as processing for delivery
5pm: Gone to Aramex,PJ and collected passports.

Fast & Nice experience.

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H1b Visa Interview Experience In KL Malaysia

Posted by: ITGuy On 15 Sep 2015

Hi All,

I have attended H1B visa interview in Malaysia in the 1st week of September 2015,i was given yellow slip.

My interview was at 8:15Am i reached the place 1Hr in advance.Finished the security checks, then done with finger prints scanning.Waiting for my number to be called.

me:- Good morning officer.(Gave my passport and I797 )
VO:- Looked at me. how long are you working for this company.

me:- This is a new company i will be working for in the US.
VO:- how long are you in Malaysia.
me:- Last 6+Yrs.

VO:- How do u know this company(US).
me:- They have contacted me by seeing my profile online.

VO:- what are you going to do for this company XXX.
me:- Answered (in a single line).

--- I was waiting while VO was away for a while
VO:- How do u know this company. (SAME question)
me:- They have contacted me seeing my profile online. (again i answered)

VO:- how it happened online.
me:- detailed.

VO:- do u know anyone in US.
me:- no.

i am actually waiting with lot of documents like education certs, experience certs and many others, none of which was asked.Even i had a sealed cover sent by my petitioner in US.

VO gave me a yellow slip. its written.
"How was the position granted.
what are the responsibilities.
we will contact you" on it".

i thought the case is rejected and was disappointed. one guy in the embassy smiled at me seeing the slip. he said if a white slip is given petition rejected. Your yellow slip means still admin working in process.

Even today it shows admin work in process.

Any advice please.


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Query On H1 Visa

Posted by: Sarayu On 10 Sep 2015

Hello Friends,

I will be attending the visa interview in the next month. My employer who filed my H1 petition is very small company and has revenue of 150000$ and they have only 2 employees in their organization. Will there be any issue in giving visa on such a small company? Kindly post your suggestions.


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Posted by: Naga On 10 Sep 2015


Am working Company A in INDIA. Company B from US applied my H1B and got petition approval but visa was refused. Now Company A applied H1B Transfer in premium process. Generaly third party handles immigration process in COMPANY A. But somehow, they did mistake instead of applying LCA to client location they applied for company USA base location. They did not double check it and applied mentioning as IN-HOUSE Development. USCIS sent RFE on it asking to submit MSA/Sow for the project. In MSA/SoW it is very clearly mentioned onsite work location for project should be client location only. Now they dont have option to change the LCA. As company have budget issue,they can not withdraw application and send new applocation which required additional cost. So they are planning to proceed with available documents. I don't have confidence in approval.

Only my worry is, if newly filled petetion rejects by USCIS, will my original petion from Company B also will become invalid ? Please guide.


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Transfer Of H1 Visa

Posted by: Sajeed On 03 Sep 2015

We are looking for candidates whose has a valid H1b for a transfer for consultants working on any platforms with a minimum of 4 + years relevant experience

Desired Profile

**Excellent communication Skills
**Minimum Experience 4 to 10 years

Company Profile

INSPIRA INC is a Software Development company that prides itself with innovative thinking and delivering high end solutions on budget and on time. It is one of the fastest growing, world-class and reputed providers of Information Technology services and solutions. Inspira! partners with fortune 1000 organizations to solve complex IT problems and improve performance of organizations through comprehensive IT solutions across their divisions based on in-depth knowledge.Inspira Technologies supports the world leading fortune companies and governments across the globe. Our industry practices are into Logistics and Transportation, Utilities, Manufacturing, Banking & Insurance, Finance, Retail and Healthcare.

If interested, do send your updated profiles to with the following information.

Total IT Experience
Specialization (java/.net)
Contact Phone Number/Email ID
Current Location
Current company

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Transfer Of H1 Visa

Posted by: Sajeed On 03 Sep 2015

Hi Friends,

The candidates those who have Valid H1 with valid Expiry,with Stamping and those who not traveled to US.They can approach us on 040-23740400.

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Posted by: Chakris On 03 Sep 2015

Hi All,

First off, I appreciate for maintaining this online forum. This very useful for us.

On 2nd SEP 2015, We went to VISA Interview in Hyderabad consulate. Two days prior, we have completed our Bio metrics at OFC center.

On the Big day, I went to consulate 1 hour before with all my family members(2 kids and my wife). Even though my kids are 5 and 2.5years old and their presence is not required for the VISA Interview, I took them because, my younger one does not stay away from his mother for longer time. Anyways coming back to my experience...

Our appointment is at 11 AM and they allowed us inside just 10 mins before. Because, I am with my family, the executive & Security person allowed us to get inside the campus.

We were asked to take our seats(there are 6 rows ) and wait for about 25mins to proceed further for regular security checks.

After that, we were asked to wait for some more time. Mean while another executive(Indian) enquired about our VISA type then I said its H1B. Then he gave me US-RIGHT's pamphlet.

Next we wait for another 25-30 mins and then they asked to stand in another line to verify our biometrics. Stood in the line for 15 mins. Bio metrics are verified by an officer inside the counter(For Kids it's not applicable).

Next, we have entered to the Interview line... Here, they are issuing token numbers for applicant( For family also only one Token number is issued. Token number represents the counter number for VISA Interview).

Finally, we entered in the line corresponding to my token number. There are about 6 members before our turn. When our turn arrived it is 12.40-12.45PM ... (Just before we step in, some executive took our passports and hand over them to our VO).

ME: Good Afternoon
VO: Good Afternoon.

VO: Who is your Pititoner ?
ME: XYZ Company located at AA City, BB State.

VO: Who is your client.
ME: In my case there is no client so, I explained the same.

VO: Since how long you are working for this company.
ME: At first I did not get the question, so requested her to repeat it once again.
Later, I answered it according to my case.

VO: She asked did you gone through the US-Rights pamphlet?
ME: I said, I have received this but not gone through it.

VO: Okay, your VISA is APPROVED.
ME: I asked her again and she said ... Your VISA IS APPROVED.
MySelf & My Wife thanked her and returned.

They did not asked for any single document nor any questions to my wife.
We are holding a bunch of documents in two transparent folders.

BTW, VO is very cool and young officer.

I noticed, some times they are taking very quick short breaks(2 mins).

Waiting for our passports.

Hope this will help others.

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H1b Visa Stamping At Tijuana On Sep 1st 2015

Posted by: Raj On 02 Sep 2015

Hi Guys,

I have attended the H1b Visa stamping at tijuana on Sep 1st 2015.It went fine and asked below questions.

1)Are you from the same company -Yes
2)how long you are working -- X years(easy if you are with same employer)
3)Had they filed your perm( Greencard processing) -Yes
4)What stage you are in your perm- I said my I-140 got approved
5)can you please provide the document (I have submitted the I-140 copy,Please make sure to have copy of I-140 when you are trying to go for stamping on extension using I-140

final status: Congrats your visa is approved and you can collect the passport by the following day.

Note: $5 for finger printing trip(oneway) and $10(for visa invertivew location)(oneway).You can negotiate if you have talent :)


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Query H1B Old Petition

Posted by: jayashri On 13 Aug 2015

My husband had H1B Visa/petition in 2006 from employer A. He travelled to USA from Nov 2006 to Oct 2008. In 2010 he joined employer B. Employer B filed new H1B under cap for 2013 and He had petition in 2013 which expired on Sept 2014.But He did not travel on this petition. So can he use his old petition(2006-2008) which was valid till 2010 to file H1B under cap exempt??

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