Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

Query On H1B Visa Expiry

Posted by: monika agarwal On 23 Jun 2014

My husband has got his Visa filed from some XYZ company in the year 2012 it came in the lottery and then he got his visa stamped on 14th March 2014,its expiry date is 30th sept 2014.The employer convinced him to give the resignation from his last company stating that sooner they will get the client and will make his visa extended and now when his notice period is also finished the XYZ company is dragging his joining date every another week.I wanted to know what are the possibilities that he could apply for H1B transfer from some other company and what are the pros and cons.What are the risks.He is currently jobless.What is the best he could do for the visa transfer and extension,what is the process.Sorry my questions are too much,but my husband is currently having no job and I am too much worried.Also I and my kid is also holding H4 visa which will expire on 30th sep 2014.Please reply me as its very urgent on the career part of my husband.

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H4 Visa Stamping Through Interview Waiver Programme

Posted by: Ashmita On 17 Jun 2014

Experience of H4 stamping through dropbox:

9th june-Dropped documents
10th june-Status showed ready
12th june-Status showed administrative processing
13th june-status showed issued
16th june-passport ready for pick up
17th june- got stamped passport.

Hassle free stamping within 7 days.Really pleased with the new interview waiver programme.

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H1B Blue Slip

Posted by: KK On 16 Jun 2014

My appointment was at 8 am @ Chennai.
VO:Passport pls
Me: I gave
VO:I797 and LCA
Me: I gave
VO: Employer name?
Vo:Project Name?
VO: How u got the offer?
Me: through employee referral
Me: One of my ex-college working for same employer
Vo: Employees count is very less in that company. How mush u pay for H1b.
Me: I didnt pay any fee.Employer took care of everything.
Vo:again same question.
Me:same ans
Vo: I need some to process:He gave blue slip.

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H4 VisaQuery

Posted by: Swati On 16 Jun 2014

I am currently in India but my husband currently in US. On my behalf he had applied for h1b through consultant for FY 2014. My name didn't come in Lottery.Now i am applying for H4. Will it impact my h4 approval process?

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Posted by: ask On 14 Jun 2014

if you are applying first time , most likely get pink slip . I also has a similar experiences twice . During B1 Stamping in chennai and H1 Stamping at new Delhi . After providing answer to questioner, should be in detail most likely you get approved with the remark " approved on date #".

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H1B Visa Extension

Posted by: Kamal On 13 Jun 2014

Appointment time :9:00 AM on 12th June 2014
Reached Consulate by :8:45 AM as there is lot of traffic

VO: passports please.
Me: Good Morning Sir. Then gave my passport

VO:Checked few items from the passport in the computer and after sometime asked , "will you be working at your employer location or client location".
Me: I will be working at my employer location.

VO: Your visa is approved. Take the white pamphlet which has the details of rights of Temporary works in US.
Me: Thank you Sir.

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Urgent Query Regarding H1 And F1

Posted by: Srinivas On 30 May 2014

H1 visa for me was raised in office but the status of it is not updated yet. I heard from many people that as its not updated yet my application is not picked. Parallelly i started my F1 proccess unknowing about the h1 raised on my behalf.

i)Can i go ahead and attend F1 visa interview,will there be any problem?

ii)If i get an F1 student visa and later on if my h1 is picked will there be any problem?

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F1 Visa

Posted by: sushma_k On 21 May 2014

hi ,
i am in u.s from last four months on dependent visa , i am interested in learning beautician course. i have searched many websites but i am not getting exact information regarding these course. so please can any one can help me out on these. i want to know whether i can do these course on f1 visa or not , if so let me know process to convert from h4 to f1 visa.

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H1 And H4 Visa At Chennai Consulate BEP Category

Posted by: Dinesh On 08 May 2014

Consulate Interview(Chennai, 5-May-2014 @ 8.00am).

I reached venue 45 min early & stood in queue
(Raining badly in chennai from midnight, had taken umberalla and went in cab as roads are full of water).

Me - Good Morning
VO - Good Morning

VO - give me Passport
Me - sure. He just scanned barcodes

VO - Who is your petitioner
Me - XXX

VO - Who is your client
Me - XXX

VO - From how many years you are with your current employer
Me - X.X years

VO- What is your highest degree
Me - Masters

VO - What will be your salary in US

VO - GM Mam
H4- Good Morning Sir

VO - How long have you been married
H4 - X Years

VO - Did you traveled to US before
H4- NO

VO - Did you traveled to any country before?
H4 - Yes.Small explanation.

VO - Thank You. Your Visa is Approved
Me and H4- Thank you sir.


1 . He did not ask me any documents except passport. May be because i come under BEP category.

2. When i was in queue i was looking at other counters also.
One Tamil family came for Visitor Visa, American VO is completely taking to them TAMIL.

3. I had a visa rejection in 2010 for h1b through other petitioner. That did not impact me.

4. All the answers i gave him is mostly one word answers, as i was fully prepared interview questions from immihelp,path2usa

I wish everyone who is going for interview to be confident and prepare for interview questions.

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H1B Visa Experience At Chennai Consulate

Posted by: Sunil On 28 Apr 2014

1 Biometry
Carry DS160 confirmation, Visa appointment letter & Passport.
Everything was self explanatory & employees help each & every step.

Consulate Interview.
Carried all the required documents mentioned in path2 usa site.
I reached venue 30 min early & stood in q.
Everything was self explanatory & employees help each & every step.

Me - GM

VO - give me Passport
Me - sure

VO - Your nature of work
Me - I am Structural Engineer in the field of Oil & Gas

VO - What is the purpose of ur trip to USA
Me - Employment

VO- Why are you going to US
Me - Global Exposure & Career betterment

VO - Can I see I 797 & I129
Me - Furnished

VO - Nature of your work
Me - Analysis & design of steel structures, foundations xxxxxxxxxxxxx etc..

VO - took some time & finally approved my VISA
Me - Thank you

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