Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

Query To Convert H1 To L1

Posted by: Malar On 04 Mar 2014


I'm currently in US on a H1 and my husband is working out of India. I want to bring him to the US along with my kid.
However my company only sponsors a H4 for him which is obvious.

I need to get a work status for my husband so i thought i could convert my H1 to L1 so that i could apply L2 for my husband fo rhim to work in US.

I had also tried to apply the H1 for my husband but no employers are ready to sponsor a h1 for my husband when he is in India.

could you please let me know if there is a possbility to convert ny h1 to L1 so that i could process a L2 for my husband.

Any info would be appreciated !!

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H1 And H4 Visa At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: Indian On 20 Feb 2014

I have attend for my H1 visa along with my wife. My visa got approved today (20 Feb 2014).

VO: Good morning..
Me: Good morning .. How are you.?

VO: Give me Passports and I-129 / I-797

VO: Who is your client..?
Me: I'm the full time employee at xxx

VO: How much salary you earn per year..?

Me: $xxxx per year

VO: What do you for your company..?
Me: answered

VO: your visa is approved.

Me: Thanks.

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Re Applying Of H1B Visa After Five Years

Posted by: Chakri On 18 Feb 2014

Hi ,

I came back to India from USA in 2009 and now in 2014 I want to apply for a fresh H1B and My son is a USA citizen.

Can somebody suggest me that can I go ahead and apply for it or not.

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H1B Visa Experience In Mumbai Consulate

Posted by: Kishan On 17 Feb 2014

I went for bio metrics on 13th Feb @ 9.00 AM, the person at OFC verified my DS-160 confirmation page and told that my name in the confirmation page and the passport is not the same (one extra space) , asked me to correct the form and bring the fresh one.

There is a computer center beside the OFC and they have corrected the details in the form and charged Rs.200/- , then again i went to OFC and completed the formalities in just 15 mins.

Next day 14th Feb visa interview @ 7.45 AM, i have reached there by 6.15 and waited for around 45 Mins then they allowed inside. Completed all the formalities in another 30 to 40 mins then i was called for interview. Below is the conversation...

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning

VO: Howlong you are working for this company (new company)
Me: answered accordingly

VO: Working for any client?
Me: Answered

VO: What is the employer location in USA?
Me: answered

VO: What is the salary?
Me: answered

VO: planning to take your family?
Me: answered

VO: where are you from in India?
Me: answered

then finally VO said your visa is approved and you will receive in another 3 days, he returned my I797B form.

Be cool and confident you will get the visa.

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Recommend Me A Company Who Can Process H1B From India

Posted by: Vijay On 17 Feb 2014


Let me thank in Advance..!

I am Vijay from India, have 7+ Years of IT Experience.
My current company said they will be filing MY H1B for this year 2014 quota.

But now, they said they are not.! as they got enough applicants.

can any one help me in finding a best & genuine company to file H1B for 2014 quota.

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Can Our Parents Pay Visa Fees In Indian Bank

Posted by: anagol On 12 Feb 2014

I want to go for H1 visa stamping. I am elegible for Drop-Box option. But can I have my parents pay the visa fees in Axis or CitiBank if I send the required documents to them?

Any one done that?

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221g White Slip Issued On H1B Please Help

Posted by: Adarsh Vishnoi On 12 Feb 2014

Hi ,

The Consulate took my interview for more than 15 min.
After some general questions, She asked me that where i am going to work?, I told her that I will be working in the ABC company office only. Then she looked into her screen for 5 mins and then told ABC company is a IT staffing company. I told her that yes it is IT Staffing company but also does the software development work too. Then She asked for project description, offer letter and employment verification letter which i showed to her. Even after she did not sound very convinced. When I tried her show I129, LCA and my educational documents, But she refused to look on them. After a long typing on her computer, She handed over my all passport with 221(g) white slip, with following documents required.
1. Company Tax documents from 2009 - 2012.
2. Also require a letter regarding in house software development from company.

She did not asked anything from my wife.

Please advice me that what should be my next step to go ahead with this. Will it be cleared or not.

Thank you,
Adarsh Vishnoi

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H1 And H4 Visa Experience At Chennai Feb 2014

Posted by: Raghu On 11 Feb 2014

Finger print on previous day, They put stickers on the back of passport.

Interview was at 9:30am. Was in line at 8:45am, After scanning back of passport sticker, Serial number will be given. After security check, family joined me inside after some time. We were there inside waiting our number called little late 10:30am (Your serial number will be displayed on the screen) .

All family were in front of window we gave all the passport to the officer.

Officer: Hello how are doing.
Me: I am doing good how are you sir?

Officer: I am doing good too. How long were you there in USA.
Me. From Past 7 years.

Officer: Is your green card process in the final stage?
Me: Yes sir.

Officer: When did you apply for GC?
Me: 2011 feb.

Officer: Are your kids Indian citizens?
Me: Yes sir both are Indian citizens.

Officer: What is your employer name?

Officer: How long are you with this employer?
Me: 3 years.

Officer: Where were you before XXX company?
Me: I was working in YYY company.

Officer: Are you working in house project or client project?
Me: Working in Clients project.

Officer: Who is your client?

Officer: Is XXX company paying you with out gap?
Me: Sorry sir Could you please repeat.

Officer: Is your employer paying salary always ?
Me: Yes sir I was paying always.

Officer went to other computer and did some check.
Then came back to the window and asked me...

Officer: What is your client name?

Officer: No not your employer name, Your client name.
Me: Sorry sir, It is XXX company.

After checking few things in Computer..

Officer: Your visa is approved. If you are not getting paid properly, we will help you out. Take this card it has all the information. You are all set.

Me and my family: Thank you sir.

All the best for all of you guys. Be true to your self, Everything will be alright.

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Experience In H1B Stamping In The EVC Model At Delhi

Posted by: Mansi On 30 Jan 2014


Can anyone please share their experience of H1 B stamping at the Delhi Consulate?
Specifically if you are working in the EVC model.


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Attending H1B Visa Interview At Different Consulate

Posted by: Kishan On 29 Jan 2014

I am planning to attend H1B visa interview next week , as per my work location i need to attend the interview in Hyd.

But 2 people received 221g at Hyd consulate in the past 2 days from the same employer. So i am planning to attend interview in Mumbai consulate.

Could somebody suggest me whether i can go to Mumbai consulate instead of Hyd?

Any body has any experience in the past?

What kind of questions i can expect if i attend the interview in Mumbai?

Please do the needful at the earliest.

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