Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

Imapct Of US Visas Since India Reaction Of US Embassy

Posted by: Satish On 17 Dec 2013

Is US will slow down the VISA clearances to those wishing to visit that country, Since India reaction about US embassy.

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Please Help

Posted by: fei fei On 16 Dec 2013

hi i am h4 holder from china my husband has h1b visa we applied to green card together . we did our fingerprint process together but we fight and argue every time and he cheated on me .how long it takes to get green card and do i have to stay married to get my green card or will we get our green card induvidual??? pls help

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H1B Visa Denied At Delhi Consulate

Posted by: A Vijay On 16 Dec 2013

I work for a big software company with over 50000 people world wide. I am running into seventh month of H1-B with petition valid for another two months. I had an emergency and hence rushed to India last week leaving my family in US. I took visa interview appointment for the next day itself. To my shock my visa was denied flatly. The VO was a very young Indian lady ~21years of age. She was probably there for Hindi speaking applicants only as she was mostly taking interviews for elderly people in Hindi only. She was very rude.Just asked me few questions as
1. When did u first enter in US on H visa?
2. You are in seventh year and your GC isn't pending. I can't give you visa.
3. Didn't give me chance to explain anything and said I need to talk to next candidate. When I tried to persist she said I should talk to my employer and find out my options.
4. Didn't even return my passport and I797.
5. Dejected when I was going I recalled it and asked for these docs.
6. Returned these to me.
7. When I contacted my attorney they said she should have given you a letter for denial stating why they denied it.

I am very disappointed. I never imagined this. At the most I thought I'll be given a 221g. Don't know what to do. Most of my contacts in US are on vacation and I really don't know what to do. Someone at consulate who had got stamped successfully suggested me to take another appointment and reappear next day itself. Not sure if I can do that. Is there any mandatory wait time before we can take next interview?

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Wan To Apply For H1B Visa

Posted by: Padmanabha Reddy On 11 Dec 2013

H There,

I am from INDIA and working now in Australia from last one year.
If I want to apply for H1B, What is the process? and IF applied for that , where will be the VIsa Interview, in Australia or INDIA?
I am going to stay one more year in Australia.

Please post your valuable suggestions..

Thanks in Advance..
Padmanabha Reddy

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Spelling Error On Approval Notice

Posted by: hellos On 04 Dec 2013


Has anyone experience similar problem? I have a typo in my last name on the I-797 receipt. My attorney contacted USCIS 40 days ago and they said they are digging out my file and will send a new receipt with correction on it. Has anyone ever gone for Visa interview with error on the receipt and got the Visa approved? Please help.

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Posted by: joyce On 24 Nov 2013

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Work Visa

Posted by: Narayanasingh On 22 Nov 2013

my qulifications M A English 2005Kakatiya univercity B ED Nagarjunaunivercity right now part time lectrer

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Bought Home In US On H1B Visa

Posted by: Pan On 18 Nov 2013

Does anyone have any experience in this.. Does the interviewer raise question why you could possibly buy home when you are intending to come back to your home country.

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H1B Transfer

Posted by: Nathji On 15 Nov 2013


I was laid off from a very big software company A and was considered out of status since the day I was laid off. I came back to India after 4 months of my lay off as I could not get right consultant to sponsor for my h1b transfer. Also, as I didnt like to face any immigration issues in future and so came back to India.
I hold valid H1B petition from employer A unti Nov 2014 but my stamped visa got expired in Sept 2013.
Can I get my H1B transfer to another employer and fly back to USA after visa stamping ?
Please share your opinions...

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H1b Stamping At Singapore Consultate

Posted by: Rah On 13 Nov 2013


I attended the H1b Interview in Singapore on 3rd October with my wife, I reached there by 9:30 am. I submitted my documents when my number was called. After one hour I have my finger printing done. After that one lady called me and asked for cover letter sent to USCIS for stamping. I did not have that letter, she then asked about my project, reporting manager and how did i get the job. She noted all the things and asked me to wait.
After that VO called me and asked about projects and other details. Then finally he gave me pink slip and asked for tax documents and other stuff. I submitted them on 23rd october and I am still waiting for decision. Everything is genuine from my side

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