Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

Looking For H1 Work Permit Visa

Posted by: Badelal Yadav On 29 Nov 2014

With more than 9.5 years of hand on experience in MSSQL Database administration. Worked for many challenging assignments task involves installation, configuration, upgrading, administration, monitoring, maintenance, Migration, development, Database security, Database performance tuning, capacity palling for servers & database with planning for future expansion requirements & consolidation. SQL Server components support for SQL DB Engine, SSRS, SSIS and SSAS BI support & setups. Backup strategy planning, Disaster recovery Setups, troubleshooting. Strong knowledge in Database distribution technology Replication, Log shipping, Mirroring, AlwaysOn with high availability clustered support with active involvement in DB design & integration for application.

Total IT Experience : 9.5 Years.
MS SQL Server DBA : 8.5 Years (SQL 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000, 7.0)
MS SQL & Oracle PLSQL development : 2 years
Software Development : 2 Years.

Emails contacts :,
Mobile contacts : +917666866188, +918425962607

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H1b Visa Experience At Chennai Consulate

Posted by: Uday On 24 Nov 2014

Hi All

My H1b Visa approved in Chennai
My student visa was rejected twice in 2010

Question asked;
Will you be working for Employer or Client?- Client
Client Name? -XYZ
You visa was refused twice, Ok ……your visa is approved Sir

I said thanks and left…
Thanks to every one who share their experiences.
Attended on 25th @9:30am

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VISA Issued After Getting 221g Sept 2014

Posted by: Rahul Sharma On 23 Nov 2014

Faced visa interview in Chennai. Sept 2014

Visa counselor ask very standard questions.
Q: Why are you going to US?
Q: Who is your employer in US?
Q: What will be your salary there?
Q: Who is your current employer? (And because my current employer is well known US product company, he double checked with me and said “And your are leaving XYZ company for ABC company in US?” in surprising manner)

Q: Who is my client? (Here thing got weird)
A: Told I will be working directly for ABC company, not for client.

Q: What is your project?
A: Explained about project.

Q: Then he asked for detailed project description.
A: Gave him written project description, which was in two pages.

Q: Not satisfied with two pages he asked for more detailed description.
A: Project is new and in initial stage as mentioned in description, thats all is high level requirement.

Q: Counselor asked for complete petition document and went inside. Came out with 221g sheet (blue) with all the document required from client check marked and said he will hold on the decision for now. In case client is not involved they need detailed project description. Else petitioner can present client letter. Asked me to email document and need not visit Consulate again.

After 15 day my US employer mailed required documents directly to Chennai Consulate.
Around 1 month later I got response from Chennai consulate to submit my passport with additional document and attached 221g sheet. After looking at attached 221g sheet I found its a new 221g sheet, not same what I got during my interview at Chennai Consulate. On new 221g sheet no document was marked checked and at the bottom it was hand written to submit passport for visa issuance. Submitted only my passport at VFS Bengaluru, got it back after four working days with Visa.

Suggestion: After getting 221g I googled for similar experiences, I found there are lot of similar cases but very few had success in getting visa later or may be they have not shared their complete experience (Forgot to write after getting visa). Most of 221g were because of client letter and US petitioner hardly gives client letter.
So my advice is to be very confident with project description.
If case is similar to mine where your US employer has client project, answer like, “Your US employer has project from XYZ company but you will report to your US employer not to anyone in XYZ”.

Hope this helps and stay positive even after getting 221g.

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H1B Visa At Chennai US Embassy

Posted by: Santy On 16 Nov 2014

My date of biometrics & Interview was 6th & 7th Nov 2014. As I know, I don't want to prepare anything for day one (Biometrics),
I arrived to venue 1 hour prior to the scheduled time, which is of no use.

Make sure that you are there at venue half an hour prior to the scheduled time.

Over all processing time taken was hardly 10 minutes as they take one photography and your finger prints. Day one over :) :)

Much awaited Day 2 came. Again I reached the venue 1 hour prior which is of no use.

To my surprise, a pink shirt guy (US Embassy staff) came and asked for photo, since their server went down, the photo taken day before became void.

Cleverly i shown a photo of US standard size but they rejected since I was wearing spectacles :(.

Then I ran here and there for photo studio, Auto walas taken advantage and they charged 100 rs for auto, 300 rs for Photo. There is a good understanding between autowala and photographer. I think they got enough money to fly to USA as the whole crowd was dependent on only one photo studio. Irritated and annoyed.

Finally I got my photo went inside embassy. Gotta token and waiting for my turn.

A big white guy called me for discussion, i got scared a bit as he was looking very strict. here is the super conversation :p
Interviewer : Who is your client sir ?
Me: Answered accordingly.
Interviewer: Ok sir your visa approved. :) :)

Thats it, all my preparation is waste But ya felt great tat GOT MY VISA :)

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Successful H1B Experience At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: Venkat On 13 Nov 2014

Thanks to and it is a helpful sight

My H1B Visa got Approved on 13th November 2014

Me: Good Morning
VO : Good Morning Please pass on your passport and I797

VO: Which Company you are going :
Me : xxxxx told the company name in USA

VO : Wher it is
Me : told the location / state in US

VO : Put your 4 fingrers on on the finger print panel
Me : Did the Same

VO : What you are going to do in your company
Me : XXXX Told about my designation

VO : Can I see you Project Documents Sir and again she asked End Client.....
Me : Sure i have passed the documents and told her that we have esteemed clients like xx xx xx

VO : Is It Internal Project
Me : Yes

VO: What is about your Project

Me : Told about project briefly

VO: Do you have previously h1b is it the same company your are going
Me : No this is different company

VO : Since how long you are working for this company
Me : This is the first time i am going to work for this company

VO : How did you come across this company sir
Me : Through Some job portals

VO : What is your Salary Sir
Me : $$$$$ - per year

VO : is your wife coming travelling with you (
Me : She is busy with her kids
VO : Oh may be after a year she may join..

VO : You Visa is Approved
Me : Thank You

The above questions may not be in sequential order here and there sequence got changed.

It was cool i was confident enough in replying to her questions,

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H1b Visa Interview At Chennai On 5th Nov 2014 221g Blue

Posted by: Suresh On 06 Nov 2014

Bio-metrics on 4th Nov. Nothing much to tell about that. Went into Q and waited for my turn and did what they asked.

Consular Interview on 5th Nov, 10:30.
I joined the Q at 10AM, but able to reach the consular at 12PM.

Me: Good Morning Officer.
VO: Good Morning.

VO: Your client.

VO: Your salary.
Me: XXX.

VO: Your Client Letter please?
Me: I haven't given as per client's policy. But I have given the supporting document. I have showed him the Employer's Affidavit which says
My Onsite Mgr. handling client's projects worth of XX Million dollar and 100+ team size.

I tried to convince him saying "my employer going to control and authorize my work and handles the part of client's business"

VO: We need Client letter and SOW on client letter head. Unless your application is incomplete. Given the 221(g) blue ship marked with pen for SOW and Client letter.

VO: Given me the passport back, said drop us the passport once you mail the SOW and client letter to Chennai consulate official e-mail and we approve them. Thank You.

Me: Alright and thank you.

Conclusion: I strongly believed that their systems shown that blank for SOW and Client letter. It doesn't depend on my interview performance there, since he hasn't given much chance to perform there.

All the best future visa aspires and my review will help somebody at least.

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H1B Approved At Hyd Consulate On 3rd Nov

Posted by: Kumar4Ever On 04 Nov 2014

Hi All,

It’s my turn now to write my Visa stamping experience with Hyderabad Consulate. It’s been so exciting to wait for the time and it’s really went good beyond my expectations.

*** 2-Nov: Bio-Metrics ***
Bio-Metrics is so simple and it won’t consume much of your time. My slot is at 4pm on Sunday and I reached the OFC at 2.45pm. Security people allowed us into the queue at 3.45pm only and they asked me to enter OFC at 4pm after checking the Appointment Letter. Once in, Greeters will come to you and check the DS-160 confirmation page and Appointment. Letter against our Passport. If everything is fine, they ask us to proceed further. If they find anything wrong in DS160, there is one unofficial guy sitting beside to the building to correct the DS-160. So, don’t get panic if something went wrong with your DS-160. Later to this check point, we’ll be allowed to another security check where someone sitting with a tab to ensure our slot and details. Then, we’ll be entered into a physical security area and followed by another point where our Passport get attached with a barcode for the purpose of PAI interview along with a seal on the DS-160.

Now we can collect a token from another security guard just next to the door. I entered into a medium space hall where around 10 counters are there with fingerprints machines and cameras. Once we get our turn (TV will show & announce the token numbers), we need to proceed to the respective counters. Officer at the counter asked the below questions:
Who is your employer?
For how long you are going to stay in US?
Then, officer captured my photo along with fingerprints. He then asked me to read a notice of regulations on the wall. Then, he asked me to leave and requested to provide the feedback in a tab located at the exit door. That’s it!

Please make sure to have the below documents for OFC:

DS-160 Confirmation Page
Interview appointment letter
One Photograph

*** 3-Nov: PAI ***
A Big Day! My slot is at 11am and I reached Consulate at 9.40am. Security people allowed me into the queue directly. Before entrance/gate, there is one guy sitting with a tab and checking our slot details. Then we’re allowed into a waiting area. Greeters will assist us to move further to collect the interview token. Token would be affixed backside of the Passport. Then we need to go through a physical security keeping all our belongings in a tray.

Once done, we can collect our items back and we need to proceed to the central waiting lobby. It’s a nice location with a good ambience. A greeter came to me and verified my token and asked me to sit at a place. She has given US rights pamphlet as well. TVs around us show & announce the running token numbers. It took around 35 minutes to get my turn. There are 16 counters in three segments and 2-3 applicants are there in a queue at every counter. I got my chance, here is the conversation:

Officer: Good Morning, Can I have your Passport?
Me: Good Morning. I passed my passport along with I797.
Officer: Who is your petitioner?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: Who is your Client?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: What your client do?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: What you do?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: Why you?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: How much you earn there?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: In which city you’ll be staying?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: Are you married?
Me: Answered appropriately
Office: Highest Education?
Me: Answered appropriately
Officer: Place your right hand fingers on the scanner.
Me: Did accordingly.
Officer: Do you’ve US rights pamphlet.?
Me: Yes, I hold it and shown.
Officer: That’s Nice. Please Go through.
Me: Sure!
Officer: “Your Visa is approved… Thanks and have a good stay in US.”
Me: Thank you! Good Day!!

Officer is so friendly and she is with a smile on her face while asking questions. So, just respond with a cool smile and give the answers for the questions in a simple manner. They’re taking not more than 3-4 minutes for an applicant, especially for H1B, it’s so fast. So, it’s a matter of friendly chat!!

Just have all the documents and below are the documents that I carried:

DS-160 (Sealed on the OFC day)
Interview Appointment Letter
I797B (If applicable)
One Photo (Just for safety)

**Supporting Documents:
I-129 Document
Supporting Manager Letter
Company Appointment Letter Original
Latest Revision Letter
Last 2-3 month pay slips
All Original Educational Documents
Last 6 month bank statement
Last 2-3 year Tax filing slips (Form-16)
Manager Letter
Additional Project Information (If you’ve)
Experience Letter describing the roles and responsibilities
DS-160 Screens
Company ID card (Of course I wear it while in Interview)

If you’ve any additional documents with you, please have them in a transparent folder for easy access. Have the checklist so that you won’t miss anything on last minute. Have a professional dressing so that nothing looks like odd. I don’t have any dependents; there would be few more documents required for dependents which I’m unaware of. Please have a check list if you’ve dependents.

Plan to reach the consulate bit early to avoid any tensions due to traffic or in any other manner. Smile and Confidence are the only weapons to get success.

Any Questions, please drop me a mail to **

All the Best!!

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H1 And H4 Visa Exp At Chennai Consulate

Posted by: Gopichand Mallavarapu On 04 Nov 2014

Some Back Ground:
My B1 Visa Rejected in 2010 at Chennai Consulate
My L1B Visa Rejected in 2011 at Chennai Consulate
I was not prepared well for the above 2 interviews. I accept my fault here.
Today my H1B, 2 H4 Visas approved with a single question at the same Chennai Consulate. I expected a lot of questions from the Visa Officer based on my earlier rejections. I had one thing in my mind i.e Get the thing where you lost…
Interview was scheduled at 10-30am
Me: Hello, Good Morning (Visa Officer looks like an Indian but I am not sure of it, age was approx 45+)
VO: Good Morning
VO: Give me your Passports
Me: said Okay and given them
VO: Who is your Client
Me: Told the Client Name xxxxx
VO: Can you spell the Client Name
Me: Spelled once, he was not clear
VO: Can you spell again
Me: Spelled, he got it.
VO: Your L1B was refused earlier right?
Me: Yes
VO: Your VISA is approved
Me: Thanks

That’s all. I stayed maximum about a minute, with a single question he approved my H1B Visa.
My Thought process analysis:
I feel the Visa was granted purely based on the data given in the DS-160 forms of all of us. I honestly mentioned about my earlier Visa refusals, my wife’s duration of stay on B1 Visa earlier, etc. If I am not wrong, the decision was already taken before I come for the interview. I don’t disagree if someone says no to my analysis.
All the best.

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H1b Experience In Chennai Consultant

Posted by: jay On 03 Nov 2014

VO: good morning
me : good morning
VO: passport pls.
me: give..
VO: your employer name?
me : XXX
VO : which project your are travelling?
me: YYYY
VO: (they working parallel). asked about employer businesses...
me : I explained..
VO : he looking somewhere and say that ur visa are approved
me : thank you

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H1B Visa Interviews At Mumbai Consulate

Posted by: mondal On 31 Oct 2014

Question Asked:

After greeting exchange

VO: you work for the XXXX company?
Me: yes

VO: how long you have been working with this company?
Me: Answered

VO: Your Highest Degree?
Me : XXX

VO: Project Description?
ME: said

VO: Your Highest Qualification? (asked again)

Finally, the Golden words "Your visa is approved". Read the white pamphlet.

Good Luck :)

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