Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

Am Scheduling Appointment In Singapore

Posted by: S464 On 26 Dec 2014

Hi All,

After went through all your experiences i am very scary to schedule my appointment in Singapore .am an EP holder and working in SG for past 4 years.Could you suggest me how to make it success. I mailed my employer about the documents that are posted in this forum. awaiting their reply..Cons and pros are much welcome

Thank you

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H1b Interview At Malaysia

Posted by: venkat On 22 Dec 2014

counter 1 :

a. security check

Counter 2:
They will give us token
submit the Ds160,appointment letter,photo background white, token
They also asked me to original certificates on same counter and given them

Counter 3:

Finger print scan:

Counter 4:

VO asked questions:

VO: Are your working for XXX
venkat: Yes sir

VO: are you working at Malayasia.
venkat: Yes Sir. Working at XXX telecom

Vo: Is it malaysian company
venkat: No. Its Irish based company

VO: what do u do?

venkat: working as design engg.(still looking more info). invoved in design and development of telecom application

VO: how much they pay to u
venkat: responsed

VO: how big ur XXX
venkat: said the no of employees

VO: what do u do?

venkat:computer programmer analyst and design devlopment of web portal, and telecom applications

VO: he asked to give petition letter

venkat: given

VO: he glance for 2 min and checked in system

VO: what is ur qualification

venkat:Master in engg

VO: asked me XXX financial docs?
venkat:Given glance for 2 min and checked in system

Vo: prior to XXX where do u worked?
Venkat: XXX

Vo: How long u have worked?

venkat:3 years

Vo: WHat do you do?

Venkat: application consultant

Vo: He glance all original certicates and pettition letter?

VO: where is your XXX?

venkat: gahanna & Ohio state

Vo: whats you employer do?

Venkat: IT consulting and computer services

Vo: return my docs and says good review of your docs and we will send ur password couple of buisiness days?

venkat: I asked him, is it 2 days?

VO: couple of buisiness days

Then I came and checked visa status and showing administrator processing
Really i was disappointed and at 4:15 PM again the status. Shocked status has been changed to "ISSUED".

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MBA On F1 Graduating In May And Planning To Apply H1

Posted by: Akhila On 20 Dec 2014

Hi. I am currently pursuing MBA in USA and planning to graduate in May 2015. As an MBA graduate, I would have just 12 months of OPT which means I will have to apply the coming April for H1. I would be happy if anyone can tell if I will be out of status during the time April and October when my OPT expires.

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Sri H1b Visa Experience In Singapore

Posted by: Sri On 17 Dec 2014

I have attend the visa interview and got 221g pink slip where they were expecting Project info, w3 and w2 wages and all working employes details.. Please can you share me, if any one of you experienced this.. if yes, were there any inverview at the time of submiting the docs.. How about the approval probability.. Please post your experience and it will help to us ..

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H1 Visa At Chennai Consulate

Posted by: suman On 17 Dec 2014

Thanks its my time to share;

i was attended on Dec 9th for bio metrics/finger prints (in chennai bio metrics (tenampet near apollo cancer hospatal)and visa interview (gemini flyover)both are in diff locations ) its very smooth i stand at que around 10:30 my appointment time is 11 (15 min prior is enough)
->he checked the appoint ment letter, passport and DS-160 and allowed me to inside
-> went to first floor there one more guy checked passport ,ds 160 & appointment latter and gave a no
-> next counter they given me the printed document of the receipt no
->entered in side there the no displayed at counter no 7
->he ask me to see the camera properly and took my photo,
*my right hand fingers
*my left hand fingers
and my both thumbs

thats it for the day and he stamped on my ds 160 that he was attended like and he ask me to carry same document(u can carry u r mobiles(better keep it outside/home) but need to switch off , bags they won't allow).

2nd day the mainday:
visa interview:
it was heavy rain outside when i reach there at gemini flyover
auto drivers are selling umberillas (they sold more than 1000 @150 per each)
-> i entered at q around 8:30 my appointment time 9:30
->then one guy checked the time and allowed me into the original line(u can keep u r luggage here at the counter but better come without luggage)
-> there they checked the passport and ds160 and appointment time and allowed me to inside
->then small q after that the guy told counter no 15 there the officer checked my passport and gave the unique no "e-.."
->after some time my no displayed against counter no 17
->good mrng mam(she is smiling , she rejected the guy before me and approved for a family)
->who is your employer? i told my employer name
->where is your office? texas
->how was the interview happen? i said through skype last year
->where you are working now? i said in hcl
->what are you doing? i said i will create bi reports
-> is this is the first time you r going to america? abroad? isaid yes
->do u have any relatives over there? isaid once my brother in us ..... she asked next question
->where are you working now? i said in chennai
->is it internal project? no i need work for client
->do you have client letter with you? s i showed to her client letter and offer letter
-> we are approving your VISA she told --> thanks a lot mam good day to you she replied you tooo she kept my passport with her

after two days i got a message that u can collect your passport
i collect it from tenampet

Mnadatory documents:
*appointment letter which comes through mail
*appointment/offer letter
*recomended letter from employee/any letter from the company who recomends you for the job
*client letter
*tax returns of your company
*your company detail rules booklet &photos;(if posbl)
*project discription(if posbl)

better go with good document folder and hold the papers with hooks not with stapler pins, dress and looks also works.

all the best good luck

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H1B And H4 Visa Experience In Chennai Consulate

Posted by: deepthi On 16 Dec 2014

Me and my husband went to the chennai consulate last september for H1B and H4 visa stamping. He was the first employer from his company to be sent to US. We are thinking of a smooth process, but things did nt go so well in the beginning. We were given a yellow Slip and were asked to wait. After one hour, we were called and interviewed for almost an hour. The questions were about the company mostly. My husband anwered everything confidently. After about two hours of wait, we finally listened to the golden words " Visa approved,I m taking your passports". It was a huge sign of relief.
TIPS: Please confident while answering the officer's questions. We are just for a visa, and its not a sin. Any inconfident reply may create doubts and lead to further issues. Be prepared and reply with utmost confidence. All the very best.

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H1B Visa Approved At Hyderabad Consulate 11122014

Posted by: Reddy K On 12 Dec 2014

Faced visa interview in Hyderabad. Nov11th 2014

Visa counselor ask very standard questions.
Q: Who is your employer in US?
A : XXX Company
Q: What will be your salary there?
Q: Who is your client?
A: XXX Company
Q: What is your project?
A: XXXX Project
Q: What you will do for Client (Roles & Responsibilities)
A: Explained
Q: are you from Bachelor degree or Master Degree?
A: Master
Q: This is Norway country Visa right (shown my password having stamping for Norway, Denmark & Sweden)
A: Yes
Q: What you did in Europe Countries?
A: Worked for ABC client
Q: Do you know how many employees are working with your employeer in USA.?
A: Yes, X emp
Q: all are working for the same project?
A: No, I am the only person will be working for this project.

It took only 30 to 45secs to complete conversation for above Q&A.

Thanks to Path2USA.

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Visa Approved

Posted by: Rose On 10 Dec 2014


I attended h1 interview in Hyderabad consulate on December 3rd 2014 8:30 slot. My visa was approved but the status was changed to issued on
on December 10 th 2014. It took a week to update and stamp passport for some reason.The status said that my passport is still with US Embassy/Consulate and after a week it changed to passport is ready for pickup. I thought it went to admin processing and waiting for the updates. I was not issued any slip and VO said my visa was approved. I thought my experience might be helpful to ones who are on same boat.
No need to panic once your visa is approved and you are not given any slips. I was not asked even a single document including I797.VO just took passport.Below are the questions I was asked.

1) date of birth ( I think it did not show up on screen)
2) whom do you work for?
3) Who is the client?
4) what do you do for the client?

VO said my visa is approved.

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Looking For H1 Work Permit Visa

Posted by: Badelal Yadav On 29 Nov 2014

With more than 9.5 years of hand on experience in MSSQL Database administration. Worked for many challenging assignments task involves installation, configuration, upgrading, administration, monitoring, maintenance, Migration, development, Database security, Database performance tuning, capacity palling for servers & database with planning for future expansion requirements & consolidation. SQL Server components support for SQL DB Engine, SSRS, SSIS and SSAS BI support & setups. Backup strategy planning, Disaster recovery Setups, troubleshooting. Strong knowledge in Database distribution technology Replication, Log shipping, Mirroring, AlwaysOn with high availability clustered support with active involvement in DB design & integration for application.

Total IT Experience : 9.5 Years.
MS SQL Server DBA : 8.5 Years (SQL 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000, 7.0)
MS SQL & Oracle PLSQL development : 2 years
Software Development : 2 Years.

Emails contacts :,
Mobile contacts : +917666866188, +918425962607

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H1b Visa Experience At Chennai Consulate

Posted by: Uday On 24 Nov 2014

Hi All

My H1b Visa approved in Chennai
My student visa was rejected twice in 2010

Question asked;
Will you be working for Employer or Client?- Client
Client Name? -XYZ
You visa was refused twice, Ok ……your visa is approved Sir

I said thanks and left…
Thanks to every one who share their experiences.
Attended on 25th @9:30am

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