Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

H4 Visa Renewel At HYD Consulate

Posted by: Guest On 04 May 2013

I attended H4 visa interview at HYD consulate on 29 & 30th april.
OFC was straight forward
Interview also done cool
VO:for which company your husband is working.
.VO:how long you have been married.
VO said I am issuing your visa
He didn't take I-797, took only my passport and they didn't collect vfs courier fee also. I am worried about that and my passport tracking status showing still your "passport is still with post". How long it will take get the passport

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Looking For Work Visa

Posted by: Narinder Singh On 30 Apr 2013


I have query regarding work visa. I am book designer, currently i am working full time as senior book compositor publishing vendor firm in India. Now i am trying to move abroad. I am looking for jobs into abroad in same track. But i don't know how find right jobs in abroad and they can provide me sponsorship and work permit. Can anyone me right way to get work visa and sponsorship?


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H1 H4 Appt Name Mismatch In Appt Conf And DS160 Passpt

Posted by: ritzrulz On 24 Apr 2013


I have a query. I did not put my middle name while creating a profile for scheduling the appointment. Now my appointment confirmation has my first and last name whereas my Ds160/passport had First Middle and Last name. will this create any issues. I called up the US traveldocs guys and they said that it is upto the discretion of biometrics officer and they cannot correct it now. Has anyone faced this kind of issue recently. i am going at delhi consulate

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H4 Visa For My Wife

Posted by: Babu On 23 Apr 2013

My Wife Attended her H4 Stamping on April 16th 2013 and got a 221g Blue slip and it was written like asking for my I9 & Payslip which she submitted to the OFC office on the same day. But till now there is no response and they have send the Passport back. Do any one have faced this issue. Please post your experience

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H1B Visa New Delhi Consulate

Posted by: Manish Rawat On 10 Apr 2013

The brief of the case is as under:-
1. First H1b visa interview at New Delhi consulate on 4th March 2011 and issued 221(g) slip
2. Submitted required documents on 5th April 2011.
3. H1b Visa denied on 1st Nov.2011 .
4. Case was reviewed and approval reaffired on 23rd April 2012.
5, Second H1b visa interview at New Delhi consulate on 1st June 2012, passport retained and again 221(g) slip issued.
6. Required doucments submitted on 26th June 2012.

Passport No.G3081900, Receipt No.EAC1017551048 dated June 14, 2010.

Validity of I-797 01/21/2011 to 09/30/2013

Category of employment: Management Analyst on regular basis on company role.

While tracking passport, it is always indicated, your passport is under process at US Embassy/Consulate.

Passport still pending and not yet received. What are chances?

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H4 VISA Interview At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: suresh kumar d On 05 Apr 2013

OFC on 4th April 2013

My wife went to OFC for fingerprinting on 4th april 2013 at around 9:15 AM even though the appointment is at 10:00 AM. She was allowed inside and with in few minutes, the finger printing is done and new digital photograph was taken by the personnel. My kid's photograph(paper) was taken and again took as a digital photograph. The appointment letter, DS160 forms, and MRV fee receipts were checked and stamped that they were verified. Then kept all these documents long with i-797A copy in passports and given back.

VISA Interview on 5th April 2013.

My wife alone went in for interview with all the above verified documents and other copies like, 1) My company offer letter,2) Purpose of travel letter given by my employer (this is important),3) last 6 months bank statement, 4) verification letter from bank with some decent amount of 20K in savings(as a safer side i did sent this),5) i-797A copy,6) i-129 copy, 7)client letter,8) LCA, 9)SOW, and other docs provided by my company, 10)last 6 months paystubs,11) all years tax returns, 12)all years w2 in original, 13) my past experience and relieving letters,14) my education certificates, 15) my passports all 36 pages, 16) marriage certificate(original), 17) birth certificate of my kid (original),18) marriage wedding cards, 19) wedding photos and confidential docs given by my employer.

She was called by the consular officer and asked the passports along with the verified copies set at the time of OFC Finger Printing and now started interviewing.

Q1) Is he working for xxxx company
A1) Yes,

Q2) What is the type of company? is it a shoes manufacturing company? (Tricky and confused question, this is all part of their routine only)
A2) No, i am not sure. (Really, i forgot to tell my wife that it is a consulting company). Officer has insisted twice on this and my wife gave answer as no idea.

Q3) what is his designation?
A3) Software Design Engineer and works on SQL Server

Q4) Again posed Q2.(Tricky Question)
A4) No Idea

Q5) How much salary he gets
A6) She said the amount mentioned (as per salary mentioned in LCA)

Q6) .Where did you first met your husband
A6) During my wedding time

Q7) How long you both have been Married
A7) Seven Years

Q8) Do you have 2 kids right? (Tricky questions)
A8) No, only one kid

Q9) Is it love marriage or arranged marriage
A9) Arranged Marriage.

That's it, Consular gave some pamphlet and asked to read it. (It is about Do's and Dont's while travelling to USA)

Returned the documents kept in the passport and said to leave the counter. Consular officer kept the passports with her.

My wife said , Thank you Madam and consular officer gave a smile.

No single document was checked. Lucky here :)

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URGENT HELP NEEDED H1 For Me H4 For My Future Wife

Posted by: Ankur On 25 Mar 2013

I am planning to travel to India this May for 2 weeks. I will be getting married then. I am planning to get a registered marriage done on Day 1 so that I have the marriage certificate, then have the visa interview (for H1 stamping) on day 2/3 along with my future wife (who is currently in India and she will be applying for H4). Would that be a concern if the officer might ask when did you get married ( the answer to that will be yesterday!)? or should I give my visa interview first and then have my wife give the interview after the marriage? Any thoughts/ advice?

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Need Urgent Support H1B

Posted by: Sahil On 23 Mar 2013


Need your urgent support:

I appeared for my H1B last year , OCtober and the application was sent for further admin processing and i was asked to send the invitation letter.
I happened to travel to UK(asked for the passport back for a while) after that.
Now the application is still under process while my project has changed(Different than who initially sponsored me).

Can i submit the invitation letter of the new client while my sponsor remians the same?
If not, what is the best way to tacke this?

Your reply to this will be highly appreciated and valued.

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H1B Visa Experience At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: Sunil On 28 Feb 2013

Jan 28th (OFC) and 29th (Appearance).

OFC went cool. It is just to confirm your appointment and to take your picture for the Visa. All they need is your passport (check u have atleast 6months validity on it remaining), I-797 and Appointment Confirmation page.

Kids are not required, you can go with their passport and supporting docs. I took my kid, they told they are not required for the next day stamping, all i need to carry was his passport and a photograph for US Visa.

On stamping day, after verification at the gate, another security check we ended up inside the campus ... asked to sit before we go and take the token #.

Both me and my wife went for our H1-B stamping the same day, same time slot, so they clubbed both our appearance into the same token.

We were asked how many visa's we were applying for.
I said 3. Mentioned that i did not bring my 5yr old son.
He acknowledge "that's good".

next ... he asked me and my wife where we work. what we do.
so mentioned about our company names, position.

Asked if I work at a Client site, I don't since I work full-time, so said No.
He didn't ask the same thing to my wife.

Next he asked for our W2s. Looked if we are making above the prevailing wages.

Then the good news "Your visas are approved" ... asked to collect our documents and leave.

Know what your salary is. If you worked partially in a year, the W2 might have less amount, so explain the reason accordingly.

Good luck.

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Need Information And Details

Posted by: Teenu On 27 Feb 2013

Hi ,
Need help and information from the people who went for stamping in HYD consulate.

I have my Visa interview on 7th march. When I am preparing for it with all my docs , ‘
I found I lost my latest last companies releaving letter missing.
I have searched for the same many many times.
I have all the original docs required for stamping except the immidiate last companies releaving letter. But I have form 16 , gratuity letter , 5 yrs completion letter and pay slips which are like supporting docs.
Currently I am working in other IT company.

My q’s is wud this will cause any problem for my stamping.
Will the VO asks for the original letter ? If yes what shd I say.

Pl let me know. or help me.
Thanks to all in advance.

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