Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

H1b Stamping At Singapore Consultate

Posted by: Rah On 13 Nov 2013


I attended the H1b Interview in Singapore on 3rd October with my wife, I reached there by 9:30 am. I submitted my documents when my number was called. After one hour I have my finger printing done. After that one lady called me and asked for cover letter sent to USCIS for stamping. I did not have that letter, she then asked about my project, reporting manager and how did i get the job. She noted all the things and asked me to wait.
After that VO called me and asked about projects and other details. Then finally he gave me pink slip and asked for tax documents and other stuff. I submitted them on 23rd october and I am still waiting for decision. Everything is genuine from my side

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Qn Regarding H1 Stamping

Posted by: Oatmeal On 10 Nov 2013

I am from Karnataka and i am living in US from last 6 years on h1b. Planning to visit india in the month of december and plan to go for stmaping. I have few qns.

My current i797 is valid upto APril 2014. i have applied for my extn and is in progress.

1. Can you suggest me is it safe to get stamped with my current i797 in case if i dont get my h1 ext on time ?

2. can i goto hyderabad or any other consulate for stamping? or i need to go only to chennai ?

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H1 Need Suggestion

Posted by: ramkrishna vaddadi On 24 Oct 2013

Hello All

I am planning to attend/process my H1B, for the period 2010 (my old H1 visa) i had, which i never used got expired on 2010 itself.

What is the possibility for success (on old visa)
Or should i go for new visa process in FY 2014.

pls. suggest.

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H1B Visa Approved At Chennai Consulate Oct 11

Posted by: Vamsi Bylapudi On 19 Oct 2013

Dear All,

I just wanted to clear all aspirants of H1-B and H4 that it is not only your answers to questions by VO but it is the genuinity of the documentation that plays a mojor role.

VO is highly professional and looks of genuinity and honesty.

In my case I was interviewed by VO and was quite sure about my answers and he to seem to be satisfies but still before approving my petition was verified for almost 2hrs. My complete set of documents were taken inside by VO and they checked each and every bit of the documentation and after 2hrs the golden words came"Sir, your VISA is approved".

So dear aspirants please show a genuine proof for every word you speak and every category you fill in DS-160.

All the best aspirants be honest along with confidence.Let the documents speak for you.

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H4 Visa For Kid Drop Box Experiance

Posted by: Magesh On 20 Sep 2013

Submited the documents : 16.Sep.2013
Received the passport : 20.Sep.2013

I have a valid H1B visa and I wanted to get H4 visa for Kid (7 months old).
I browse thru internet and found that I don't need to travel to consulate with the
kid for the interview.Children under 14 years can use the drop box facility available
across India ; no need for them to be interviewed. I confirmed this information with
the consulate by writing them an email.The rest of the procedures remain the same.

Fill up the DS 160 form - Pay the visa fee - walk in to the drop box center with the
required documents

I choose to drop my documents in Bangalore.The office is close to MG road and Shivaji
nagar bus stand.Popular landmark is the Empire hotel which is just opposite to the
building where you need to drop your documents.This particular office is in the 3rd
Level.There's a booth to take the photograph and photo copies at the same building
just in case you need it

Documents carried

1.DS 160
2.Visa fee receipt
3.I-797 original & copy of mine (principle applicant)
4.Visa copy (H1B) of mine and my wife's (H4)
5.Kid's passport
6.My offer letter
7.Pay slips
8.Form 16
9. Experience letters
10.Photos of the kid

Documents I was asked to submit

1.DS 160
2.Visa fee receipt
3.I-797 copy of mine (principle applicant)
4.Visa copy (H1B) of mine
5.Kid's passport
6.2 Photos of the kid

I insisted the guy at the counter to include the copy of my wife's visa and he said
its not required.That means you can only submit the documents which the guy ask you
to submit.

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H1B Stamping In Malaysia For Indian Working In Malaysia

Posted by: alexander On 19 Sep 2013

Hi Guys,

Kindly give guidance on my case,
I have got approved I797 form , Consulate Mentioned on it is New delhi as i am indian national. But i am working in malaysia for past 1 year , can i go and attend visa stamping interview in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Consulate, or i need to travel back to india for stamping.

Kindly help people gone with same experience.

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Posted by: sai On 16 Sep 2013

Hi all,

I had applied h1 petitions (2014 quota) from two different companies. Recently, I went to visa interview from one company and I got 221(g) blue. I don't have hopes on getting the visa stamped as 221g has no deadline. Now I wanted to attend visa interview from the second company. Following are my queries.

1) Is possible to attend for visa from another company when one is still 221g(administrative processing)? If yes, in what circumstances I can attend?
2) First of all, Is it OK to attend for second company? Will it a bad remark?
3) If the petition from the first company is revoked, can I attend for visa from second company?

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KL H1 Interview

Posted by: mona On 13 Sep 2013

Hi all
Did any one of you have
attended for h1 visa here in kl
in recent years please share your views

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Anyone From Cloudeeva Has Attended H1B Interview

Posted by: RK On 09 Sep 2013

Anyone from Cloudeeva has attended H1B interview?

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COS After H4 With Application In Initial Review

Posted by: Priya On 07 Sep 2013

Here is my case :-

I Got 221(g) for H1B app, all my documents along with my passport were taken at the time of interview .After an yr's long wait, I withdrew my passport and applied for H4.
Currently my Case in under Initial Review.Is my petition still valid? Can I apply for an COS once I reach USA.
My petitioner informed me that they have cancelled the application, but I am not sure as I still see it under Initial Review.
Kindly help.

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