Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

H1 And H4 Visa Experience At Chennai Feb 2014

Posted by: Raghu On 11 Feb 2014

Finger print on previous day, They put stickers on the back of passport.

Interview was at 9:30am. Was in line at 8:45am, After scanning back of passport sticker, Serial number will be given. After security check, family joined me inside after some time. We were there inside waiting our number called little late 10:30am (Your serial number will be displayed on the screen) .

All family were in front of window we gave all the passport to the officer.

Officer: Hello how are doing.
Me: I am doing good how are you sir?

Officer: I am doing good too. How long were you there in USA.
Me. From Past 7 years.

Officer: Is your green card process in the final stage?
Me: Yes sir.

Officer: When did you apply for GC?
Me: 2011 feb.

Officer: Are your kids Indian citizens?
Me: Yes sir both are Indian citizens.

Officer: What is your employer name?

Officer: How long are you with this employer?
Me: 3 years.

Officer: Where were you before XXX company?
Me: I was working in YYY company.

Officer: Are you working in house project or client project?
Me: Working in Clients project.

Officer: Who is your client?

Officer: Is XXX company paying you with out gap?
Me: Sorry sir Could you please repeat.

Officer: Is your employer paying salary always ?
Me: Yes sir I was paying always.

Officer went to other computer and did some check.
Then came back to the window and asked me...

Officer: What is your client name?

Officer: No not your employer name, Your client name.
Me: Sorry sir, It is XXX company.

After checking few things in Computer..

Officer: Your visa is approved. If you are not getting paid properly, we will help you out. Take this card it has all the information. You are all set.

Me and my family: Thank you sir.

All the best for all of you guys. Be true to your self, Everything will be alright.

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Experience In H1B Stamping In The EVC Model At Delhi

Posted by: Mansi On 30 Jan 2014


Can anyone please share their experience of H1 B stamping at the Delhi Consulate?
Specifically if you are working in the EVC model.


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Attending H1B Visa Interview At Different Consulate

Posted by: Kishan On 29 Jan 2014

I am planning to attend H1B visa interview next week , as per my work location i need to attend the interview in Hyd.

But 2 people received 221g at Hyd consulate in the past 2 days from the same employer. So i am planning to attend interview in Mumbai consulate.

Could somebody suggest me whether i can go to Mumbai consulate instead of Hyd?

Any body has any experience in the past?

What kind of questions i can expect if i attend the interview in Mumbai?

Please do the needful at the earliest.

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H1B Visa With My Kid

Posted by: Sujayakumar On 23 Jan 2014

Today i got a good experience with Hyderabad Visa Stamping.

I had taken along with my Kid to H1-B.

Just 5 mins its completed.

Questions sharing with you.

VO : Who is your employer?
me : Answered

VO: Who is Ur Client?
me : Answered

VO: Which state your going to USA?
Me: Answered

VO to my Wife: what is ur qualification?
my wife: Answered

Thats it Completed

VO: Your Visa is approved received in next 3 days.

So my experience was Please book the slots on early hours. Today i went at 8:00am IST.

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H1B Visa Experience At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: sujay On 21 Jan 2014

Hi Mates,

I have an interview of h1-b and h4 to my wife & kid having the same day on 24rth. I am so tense about to face the interview. Please share any body who were attending on 23rd Jan in Hyderabad consulate.

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H1B Visa Interview At Chennai

Posted by: Punit On 21 Jan 2014

I went for H1B today with my wife for H4. My appointment time was 11:30 AM. we reached the consulate at 10:30 AM and they let us in. We passed all the usual formality like security check and finger print validation and reached to the final window with in no time. it hardly took 5 min with the VO. below are the question VO asked.
1. Employer
2. client
3. salary in US

to my wife VO asked below questions
1. how long you have been married?
2.Highest qualification.

It went smooth and visa was approved. We were out at 11:00.

Thanks everyone

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H1 B Visa Interview Experience

Posted by: Happy On 11 Jan 2014

Date:10th Jan 2014

Self: Good Morning Officer.
OF: Good Morning

OF: How are you doing ?
Self: I am good. How are you?

OF: Good. Good. So where will u be trvaling to US.
Self: Answered

OF: Who is your client?
Self: Answered.

OF: Oh. It's my favorite.How long have you been working with the company?
Self: Anwered

OF:What will your salary be in US?

OF: Are you single or married ?
Self: Answered

OF:I am approving your Visa.
Self:Thank You Officer

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Successful H1B Visa Stamping On 31st Dec Delhi

Posted by: Saurabh On 05 Jan 2014

Successful H1B Visa Stamping on 31st Dec@ Delhi!!!
The below question asked:

VO: Good Morning
ME: Good Morning! How r u doing today?

VO: Good! How About you?
ME: I am doing Good!

VO: Your Passport and I797?
ME: Given Passport and Xerox copy of I797 with DS160

VO: How is your Employer?
ME: Answered

VO: How is your Client?
ME: Answered

VO: Working client side?
ME: Answered

VO: How do you come to know the Employer?
ME: Through Reference

VO: Currently working with XXX Company?
ME: Yes

VO: Your Visa Approved! Have a safe trip
ME: Thanks and have great new year ahead

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Posted by: Shechan Caroline On 22 Dec 2013

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H1B Visa Interview Experience With Chennai Consulate

Posted by: Sushma On 18 Dec 2013

Myself & my husband applied for H1-B Visa; H4 for my kid as my dependent, with the same petitioner & the intw dates were 11th, 12th of Dec 2013.
And in US we both are going to work for the same comapny & Same project.
On 11th my husband was given with 221-g asking for more information from the petitioner. We were disappointed little bit.
And all our well wishers suggested me to be confident & not to worry abt my hubby's case.
Finally i attended intw on 12th dec.
After the casual talk the 1st qn from the counselor was
Qn: Is ur hubby happy with u taking the kid to U.S
(Counselor doesn't know that my hubby also applied for H1B)
Ans: Even he applied for H1B (one liner)
Qn: Wht happed? Was he refused?
Ans: Given with 221-g
(Left out with no choice except Saying the Truth; I was very much worried to say that)
Qn: Why, for wht reason, Wht was asked in 221-g?
Ans: Asked for more details from Petitioner

Then he started inquiring abt the company, Project etc......
He said "Wait, u will called for another round of interview"

Waited for half-an-hour, Then my token was called.

I reached the 2nd counselor, She inquired many things (my education, past exp, abt petitioner, abt the project i am going to work in US etc.....)

I was like blank what may happen becoz my hubbys 221g is asking for more info from Petitioner & i am also going to work for same project with same petitioner.

Its really an easy job for the counselor to give me also a 221-g form as was done for my hubby.

Luckily after couple of hours, i got a blasting good news saying that for me & my husband they approved the Visa by cross verifying the project docs & Petitioner docs submitted by me.

I was damn happy & very much thankful to those two counselors.

Finally we received Visa stamped Passport on 18th Dec 2013.

Actually all the documents what i had & my hubby had was same.
Unfortunately the counselor who interviewed him dint check the docs properly & the counselor was irritated by the person who attended the intw before my hubby.


thanks for path2usa for providing good guidance on tricky questions.

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