Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

H1 B Visa Experience In Malaysia

Posted by: Guest On 01 Aug 2013

Hi ,
Can you please share,did anyone go to h1b visa stamping in Malaysia.
My application also got approved and may be next month planning to go to interview.


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Anyone Got H1b Visa Stamping In Kaula Lumpur Malaysia

Posted by: sath123 On 27 Jul 2013


Did anyone go for H1b Visa (2013-2014) stamping in KL,Malaysia ?
If so it would be of great help to know ur experiences/questions/process, importantly VISA approval rate etc.
I searched hard in many forums but cud'nt find any.
I am going for H1 and H4 stamping this week.Little tensed.

Help is greatly appreaciated.


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Error In DS 160 After Interview

Posted by: ks On 23 Jul 2013

My wife went for H4 category Visa (Dependent Visa) interview on May 13th 2013 & since then it’s been in admin processing (More than 11 weeks without any update w) ).

After the interview is done i came to know that i have filed a wrong infromation in DS-160 (Instead of answering “YES” for a question which talks about any refusal of visa in past, I answered “NO”, which is wrong, as my wife did got rejected previously for H3 visa.).

Does this cause delay in Admin processing????
Shall i apply for new one?
is here any specials thing which we need to take care while filing a new visa for same category?

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Visa Approved

Posted by: Guest On 23 Jul 2013

Interview appointment date : 17th July @10: am. We reached at 8:00 am (too early), actual interview happened at 8:15 am.

VO (to my daughter) : Whats your name?
VO : How old are you?
VO : Is that your sister?
VO: Whats her name?
VO (to me) : Which company do you work for?
VO : Whats your annual salary?
VO : How long with current company?
VO : Whats your experience prior to you visiting US?
VO : When did you last entered US?
VO Paused for few mins and then
VO : Your visas are approved

Got the passport in hand the very next day (surprised!)

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H1 And H4 Visa At Delhi Consulate

Posted by: UNKNOWN On 19 Jul 2013

Today me and my husband got our visa approved,and the interview was not short but certainly sweet.

my husband-Namaste Sir!
VO-Apna passport dijiye
we handed over our passport
VO-You working withxxxx
my husband-No,I will be working for it.
VO-Where u will be working in us
my husband-xxxx city
VO-What will be ur responsibilities there.
my husband-he answered
VO-Will u be working for a client or direct
my husband-i'll be working directly for my company
VO-how did u get recruit for the job
my husband-I was interviewed in person in India itself.
VO-how many employees are working for the company.
my husband-####
VO-how many years have u been married(to me)
me-1.5 years
VO-was it ur love marriage or arranged
me -love marriage
VO-wow!!!!how many people attended ur marriage
VO-can i see ur wedding album
me-i showed my album
VO-could u recognize these people
me-this is my mother in law,and these are his(my huband's)friends
VO-can u name them(to my husband)
my husband-my husband named all his friends in the picture
VO-(pointing towards my sister in law)who is she(to me)
me i answered
VO-he again asked the same question to my husband
my husband-he answered

Then the golden words with a big smile on his face"AAPKA VISA MANZOOR KIYA JATA HAI"

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Need Help H1 And H4 Visa Interview Together

Posted by: Guest On 17 Jul 2013

My company scheduled visa interview for me (H1) and for my dependents (h4) together. As there is no option to select separate visa interview language for dependents, they selected "English" as a interview language. But my wife doesn't speak English.

Can someone help on how to proceed with this case

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H1b Visa

Posted by: Ritu On 29 Jun 2013


Thanks to all the experiences posted by many people I got more confidence when I went for my interview.

I got my h1b visa approved last week.

Process was :
Entered got a token and waited.
Once token number was called went in and stood in line.
Got my papers checked and then was sent to hallway to wait for the interview.

During the interview :
All standard questions were asked around job, why am going, my salary, my family, my previous us trips.

Points to note :
Dress well - formal preferred
Be confident and polite
Have all your papers ready and sorted so that its easy to take them out
Make sure you have all your originals you never know what can be asked
Have an excellent understanding of your job and role


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Posted by: tomsamuel On 25 Jun 2013

I will be having my H1B visa interview in coming month.When I applied for the same,I was working in a company,but now I switched my job 2 months back.So if anyone has any idea,in the interview,when i'll be asked about my current company,what should I tell them.Should I take name of my previous company(where I was working while filling the petition) or should I tell them that I have changed my company.

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H4 Intervew For My Wife In Chennai Consulate

Posted by: Shashi Rao On 18 Jun 2013

H4 Interview scheduled at Chennai consulate on 17th July 2013. She submitted my passport copy and I797. VO asked only two questions how long you had been married? and which company your spouse works?. She had all documents handy but VO did not asked for any document. Finally he said "some documents are missing and it will resolve soon" and they did not issued any 221 slips and VO did not returned her passport.
Not sure what docs are missing? she had all docs but not sure why VO did not asked?
Is that mean Visa is approved? or any slips will be issued later over mail or email for asking us to submit any docs? Visa status is showing as "under Administrative process"

Please share if anyone had same experiance.

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H1 And H4 Visa At Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: surya On 14 Jun 2013

On 14th of June 2013 at 10AM we went to Hyderabad consulate for H1 and H4 visas stamping along with my wife….. I was tensed as there were many complications from my end… As I have got a 1) refused H1 petition in 2007 2) cancelled B1 visa at US airport in 2010 and was sent back to home country on my 2nd business travel 3) and I have lost my passport in 2012 and got new one ……. With all these things,, my interview went this way for around 25mins

VO: Hi How are you?
ME: I am good thank you and how are you sir?
VO: I am good.
VO: Can I get your passport and documents(I797)
ME : yes sir ( I gave documents and passport)
VO: Are you currently working for XXX company (my H1 employer)
ME : No Sir, I have got offer from XXX company
VO: With which client are you going to work ?
ME : Iam going to work In house project of my H1 employer
VO: k. Have you ever been to US
ME: yes sir .. I have been there for my B1 visa
VO: so how long have u been there ?
Me: around 3 mnths
VO: where were u in US ?
ME : xxx city
VO : Through which company you went on B1 to US
Me: YYY company name
VO was typing in the system and was looking in to the system as if he was searching about my previous travel and other details And he took around 4mins
And then he asked me again about my stay in US
VO: How long have you been in US ?
ME: around 3mnths sir
VO: what was the purpose of travel (B1) ?
Me: to attend business meetings and some training sessions
VO: Have you ever turned back from XXX city US airport itself? ((( Last time I have travelled on B1 visa and I was not allowed to enter into US at XXX city,US airport and cancelled my B1 visa at the airport and from there itself I had to return to my home country as they have not convinced about my purpose of B1 travel)))
ME : Yes sir,,I had to return from XXX city of US as the BSF(border security force) was not convinced about my purpose of travel and asked to withdraw my B1 visa.
((After my answer VO was silent for sometime and searched for something in his system))
VO : Do you have any project description of your H1 employer
ME : yes sir ((And I have submitted my project description documents ))
((He took my project documents and went inside and came back after few minutes and then gave back those documents to me))
NOW VO asked questions to my wife
VO: How long have you been married?
My WIFE : xxxx years
VO: Can I see your marriage photographs if any?
(( I have given 2 sample copies to VO))
VO: show me your marriage album
(( I have shown marriage album from my side at interview))
VO : how many members have attended your wedding?
My WIFE : xxxx membrs
VO: Have you ever lost your passport ?
((Actually I have lost my passport 2yrs back while I was travelling and then applied for new one …VO was asking about that ))
ME: Yes sir I lost my passport in travel and then applied for new one
VO : Okay
((VO took my passport and went inside to cross check for appropriate reason ))
((VO came back to us and again he was typing something in his system for few minutes))
VO : How many people are working in your H1 employer company
ME : XX members
VO : How much have they offered you?
Me: $ XX per annum
((VO was holding our passports in his hands and was checking them and was entering something in his system ))
VO: After all this u have even lost your passport and that left me with bad impression ………..You may take all of your documents((and he was holding our passports in his hands))
ME : okay sir ( I took the documents from the counter )
VO : Please put your right hand impressions for fingerprints
( we both gave our fingerprints)
((VO took my wife passport and returned my passport and asked me to go to another counter for cross verification on my lost passport))
((and I went to another counter))
COUNTER : Can I see your FIR copy of lost passport?
ME : sorry mam… I don’t have it right now…But I have submitted it while applying it for new passport
COUNTER : Okay …wait for sometime ..i will get back to you.
(( we were waiting in waiting there))
((After few minutes we got a call from counter))
COUNTER : take your passport and go to your previous counter i.e., VO
((We went to VO … He then took my passport))
VO : okay sir … I got clarification on your lost passport and I believe in it and iam approving your visas…Congrats and you can leave for the day..have a good day..
ME : thank you sir ,,, you too have a good day

And finally we got our visas approved.....So be confident from your end...and good luck

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