Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

Visa Approved CHENNAI

Posted by: Ravi On 08 Oct 2014

Hello friends,

I want to share my interview experience with you all folks, I was interview on 18th September, 2014 place Chennai.

Interview was around 5 min.

It was 11:00 AM

I : Good morning sir,

VO: Not replied

I: Good morning Sir (again)

VO: Good Morning


VO: Which company you are going to work for ?

I : XYZ (Wrong answer, I misunderstood the question thinking he is asking my current company. )

VO: No that’s not the company which has field the petition.

I : ABC (corrected my answer and replied politely).

VO: Are you going to work for client.

I : No sir, I am going to work on the product on the company named ***something***.

VO : what is the name of project

I : Answered ***something***

VO : Explain me the project on which you will be working.

I : I am going to work on….....Explained.

VO : Who will be using this software/who are the clients (Very Key question)

I: Since its a product there can be N no of clients

VO : Can I see your project Document.

I : I gave him (I was big bundle of papers which VO just looked at it and returned me after seeing it hardly for 5 sec)

VO : How may employees are in the Company ?

I : X and repeated once again with figures.

VO : What is your Highest Qualification?

I: BE Electronics

VO: what

I: Bachelor of engineering in Electronics.

VO: After typing for long. here comes the wonderful word – Your VISA is approved. Have a nice trip.

I : Thank you Sir.

VO gave me a 3 pager stating that please know your rights and go through it before you travel to US

All the best dear friends. Thanks it really helped me in preparation.

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I Need Clarification Regarding Consulate Location In In

Posted by: chandu On 07 Oct 2014

My 797B has mentioned with consulate as CHENNI but I would like to attend visa interview at Hyderabad
Is this create any issues?

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Any One Travelling To JAMAICA Please Let Me Know Some

Posted by: Shravani On 07 Oct 2014

I need information regarding the Place if any one already had stamping recently please share your experience regarding the place and VO .

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Visa Is Approved At Hyderabad Consulate On 1st Oct

Posted by: IBMHYD On 06 Oct 2014

I have attended visa interview on 1st Oct and it went fine (Visa got approved)….Attended interview with family (Wife and 2 kids (4yrs boy 1yr old girl))
Working for US based MNC from last 4 and half years and having total 8 and half years experience.
Visa Priority: BEP
Consulate Location: Hyderabad
Booked Appointment on 16th September
OFC : 18th September
Appointment time is 3:30PM, we reached there around 2:30 and they asked us to wait up to 3:00. As we have 2 small kids, they allowed us inside straight away by avoiding Q line.
One person at main door is checking passports, DS160 confirmation page and visa appointment confirmation.
Then, second person is entering our DS 160 application number in his tablet and checking, and then they allowed us inside.
While generating bar code, person at counter asked couple of questions.
1. “Have you ever modified DS-160”: I told “NO”, then he repeated same question, they I said, ‘Yes, while filling the form we need to get some details from employer, those details I have updated’.
2. “What is purpose of visit”? I said, it’s “Work Assignment”. Then he said, ‘OK’ and asked to proceed inside.
3. At photo taking & Finger printing counter, there is no Q and I’m first person, lady asked for my finger prints and taken photo. They send my wife to separate counter. For our kids they scanned the photos, which we have carried.
That’s all over, and we came out in 10-15 mins.

For visa interview, I got very long gap and I gone through all different user experience in this forum.
Visa Interview:
Time is at 9:30, we reached consulate office by 8:00 and we waited 20 mins (Thought they may not allow 1 and half hour early) and started in the line at around 8:40
Initially (At main gate) they manually checked for the visa interview confirmation and passport and allowed inside.
In the first counter scanned bar code (pasted at OFC) and given token number and asked to proceed further.
Next is security check (similar to airport final security check), and they asked put all the belongings in a tray (Including wallet, Belt, lady ornaments, etc.).
We entered to a common area, one lady assisting there and she asked me to put my passport and Original I797 together and asked us to wait in the common area.
Then, I observed already so many people are waiting over there. My token number is 200+ and that time running token number is 100+, thought we may get our number faster as we have infant baby. Waited 15-20 mins (By that by kids started making big noise), then checked with that lady is there any faster processing possibility as we have kids, she told ‘no’, we have to wait.
Finally we waited for around 1and half hour, by that all the preparation and enthusiasm is gone in the interest of covering 2 kids.
Finally our turn came after 10:00, no one is there at counter, and we went straight away.
Me: Good morning, how are you doing today?
VO: smile and fine
VO: Passport please
Me: Given passport
VO: Which company you are going to work for?
VO: Who is your client?
VO: What is your salary?
VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: Master of Computer Applications, M.C.A
VO: To My wife: scan your left hand four fingers
She has done
VO: TO ME: Scan your right hand four fingers.
Me: Done
Now golden words came: “Your visa is approved”, I said than you and came out.
He has not asked any other document like: I797, etc.
After came back to office, I checked status by using DS-160 APP ID, it is showing….
Application ID or Case Number: XXXXXXXXXX
Case Creation Date: 30-Sep-2014
Status Updated Date: 01-Oct-2014
Interview is less than a min and I thought VO make me to engage for a while, when he is typing (Copy/Paste) something on his system.
My suggestion is: Proceed in the line at main gate to go inside as early as possible and plan to maintain your kids properly.

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H1b Visa Stamping At Canada

Posted by: Pritesh On 04 Oct 2014

Hello ! There.
I was so nervous before starting this procedure to get H1b visa stamping at US Embassy - Ottawa, Canada. Recently, I got my H1b visa renewal within USA. I never had H1b visa stamping before after I first come on F1 visa. I changed my status from F1 > work on OPT for about 1 year > H1b visa 2011 with no stamping > revelry renewed H1b visa in 9/2014. I got my appointment on 2nd Oct 2014 in Canada.

It was very surprising for me as very easy and quick. Less then 15 seconds with VO. Please bring latest Visa Photo which does not match with photo in passport. It's gonna be big issue otherwise. However, they did not ask me for photo as I have uploaded recent one online while filling DS 160 form.

Steps for going inside the U.S. embassy :

1. Outside security guard checking
2. Pass by security like airport - allowed me documents bag which I was using for laptop. Only documents nothing els. Not even a pen or pin. Make sure.
3. Checking passport / i797/ and photo for some people. She just compare my photo with passport and DS 160 conformation page. And said if inside they want they will ask. And asked me to go to window 7 for tocken.
4. At window 7, gave passport + DS 160 conformation page + I797 = she put all these in one yellow folder and gave me just a tocken and asked me to wait for my call.
5. My tocken number was called to come at window 6 for finger printing. Then after finish all 10 fingers printing gave me that yello folder and kept that tocken as on folder also written same tocken number and asked me to wait for interview call.

These all took from 9:20 am enterace inside the embassy to 10:30 am waiting for interview call. Finally being called at window 2.

Me: Good Morning !
VO: Good Morning ! Why do you want to go US?

Me: I want to resume my work.
VO: where do you work?

Me: I work at a skilled Nursing Facility called XXX.
VO: what do you work?

Me: I am a physical Therapist at XXX
VO: (with surprise) oh Physical therapist. Where did you go to school for PT?

Me: I have completed my Undergraduation from India. Then I completed my Master and Doctorate from US.
VO: great. (Was pointing something in computer and marked on paper) go to this link to track your passport.

Me: thanks so much Sir. You made my day. Have a great day ahead.
VO: you too.

And all set. Step out of VO with being on 7th sky.

Next day early morning I got email for counselet regarding way bill number. And I will have my passport in hand on Monday most probably.

So Thursday interview. Approved and Friday got status for passport and still waiting to get status for pick up at Loomis Branch.

Good Luck.


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VISA Interview Experience Hyderabad Consulate

Posted by: kskkm On 30 Sep 2014

My OFC date was on 9/25/2014 at 08:30 AM.
My Consular date was on 09/26/2014 at 08:30 AM. I attended interview with myself,my spouse and my kids.

The Process as follows.
1. I reached consulate by 07:45 AM and was wating in queue.
2. After 15 minutes, One guy came and verified our passport numbers in a tab and sent us inside
3. We collected token number and went through security check. they checked all my belongings.
4. After security check(Similar to airport), before waiting area, they asked our passport and I-797 and they kept them together and given to me back. They asked us to sit until my token comes on screen.
5. Once token comes on screen, we went to the window as displayed on screen and waited there to complete three more interviews before us.

Our turn came, as like others i was bit tensed and below was the conversation

ME: Good Morning Sir
VO: Good Morning After some time.
VO :Passports Please.
ME : Gave them to him. Also,passed I-797 after sometime though it was not asked.
VO : Asked to provide finger prints of my spouse
My spouse: done
VO: Asked my spouse and kids to wait aside as they were not needed after finger prints.
Me: They were standing aside(besides to me).
VO : Who is your employer
ME : Answered
VO : Who is your client
ME : Answered
VO : Where is your client location?
ME : Answered
VO : What is your client business
ME : Answered
VO : What are going to do at client location?
ME : Explained my responsibilities
VO : What does your client do?
ME : Answered.
VO : What is project name again?
Me : Answered
VO : Show me your client letter
ME : Given
VO : What is your highest qualification
ME : Master of computer applications, MCA
VO : What is your salary?
ME : Mentioned as per LCA
VO : He started typing in computer and did for long time.
Me : I was just kept quite and was seeing him while he was typing
VO : After three minutes, he asked to provide my finger prints
Me : done
VO : Given I-797 and client to me back.
Me : I have taken documents back
VO : Collect your passports in 2 to 3 days(It was not clear to me)
Me : I did not confirm again and just said thank you, sir and left the window.

We came to home and checked our VISA applications status as per DS-160 application numbers. My status was showing as "Administrative processing" while my spouse and kids were shown as "issued". Again i was bit tensed, started checking the status for every one hour and at 4 PM my status was changed to "Issued". Then got much relief.

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H1 And H4 Intervview Experience At Hyd Consulate

Posted by: Srini On 27 Sep 2014

I have attended visa interview at Hyd consulate on 26 sep,2014 along with my wife and baby

Our appoinment was at 10AM ,we have reached consulate only at 10 due to traffic

there were already many people in the waiting area ,we joined the queue and waited for about 45 min then we were sent to security check and then given token number. we have waited for an hour aprox..and then our turn came

there was an Indian VO at the window and i was bit relaxed as i was tensed about accent

he smiled at my baby and he asked about her age

Me:Good Morning

VO:how are you?

Me:fine sir

VO: give me your passports

Me:sure and gave all 3 passports

VO:keep your left hand fingers on scanner


he said same to my wife

VO: who is your employer


VO: explian about your employer


VO:who is your client


VO: what would be your salary


All the while he was typing something in his system

and then he said the golden words : "Your visas are approved"

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Having Valid H1B Looking For Telecom Job In USA

Posted by: Girish Mehta On 24 Sep 2014

Girish Chandra Singh Mehta

Address: Flat No. C-101, B1 Compound, New Town Heights, DLF Garden City,
Sector-86, Gurgaon, 122004 Haryana, India
Home Tel#: +91-99535-59608
Work Tel#: +91-99537-26763
Date of birth: May 18, 1982
Country of birth: India
Having Valid H1B
Number of dependents: 2
1999-2003 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications.
S.R.M.S. College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly – India
? Technical
Diploma in Wireless Technology from “Telecom Network Solution” Pvt. Ltd. India
GPRS/EDGE Optimization Workshop
GSM Cell Planning Principles
GSM OSS-RC Radio Network Optimization
GSM BSS 07 Radio Network Features.
Mastering UMTS (WCDMA) Radio Networks
GSM Radio network Tuning.
GSM Radio Network Static’s.
GSM RNO (Radio Network Optimizer)
LTE on field (POC) training
2 weeks training program on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) from “Industrial Automation Training Centre”, Delhi India
? Non-Technical
First Aid Emergency And Preparedness Training Conducted by GLOBAL 5 Health Care and NSN.
? Honor and Awards

Ericsson CLUB ACE FALCON award for Q3 2008- For Vodafone network Swap from Motorola to Ericsson.
Ericsson AMBASSADOR ACE AWARD for Q1 2010- For Clearing of MRO of Etisalat Network
Best Technology Award in Management Conference 2013 by Vodafone India.
Participant Certificate as “Convener” in Control room and prize distribution at national level technical fest TECHVYOM-2002 during collage time
? Industry knowledge

2G Voice Network Planning and Optimization
2G Data Network Planning and Optimization
High speed users network optimization eg. High speed trains, Cars etc.
Hands-on experience of metro tunnels route coverage planning and optimization
In-building network solution in Delhi and Mumbai Vodafone Network
WCDMA Data and Voice Planning and Optimization
LTE initial planning and Optimization
Introduction to WLAN (WiFi)
Initial deployment of FAMTO CELL Concept in India

• Hardware Ericsson BTS 2000 series, NSN Ultra, Flexi BTS, NSN WCDMA,
• Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2007 MS office 2003/2007
• Telecommunication GSM, WCDMA, WiFi, LTE planning and optimization

05/2011-Present Nokia Networks Pvt. Ltd, India
Manager-Network Planning and Optimization

Major Responsibilities;
Accountable for 2G/3G Quality optimization and planning for Vodafone Haryana Network

3G & 2G Optimization Activities
• Site Functionality Test (SFT) of sites performed using Actix tool WCDMA-GSM with HSDPA to check Scrambling code, RSCP. Ec/Io, reselection from 2G to 3G/ 3G to 2G network, Voice calls, Video calls,384 RAB UL & DL,HSDPA DL max throughput and Outgoing and Incoming Handovers for IRAT, Inter and Intra Frequency CS voice and PS data
• Optimizing IRAT handovers for BSNL (India)
• Post processing of the drive test data using Actix to troubleshoot & recommend parameter changes related to UMTS Call setup, Levels, Quality, and Mobility, congestion, admission control and HSDPA Data Throughput.
• Optimization of the 3G to 2G, 3G to 3G neighbor relations, consistently check on UTRAN cell parameters, 2G to 3G cell reselection and handover parameters and Pilot Pollution & 3G-2G Border cells analysis.
• During my last 1 year we achieved number 1 position from 7th position in terms of 2G network KPIs.

06/2010-04/2011 Bharti Airtel Ltd. India
Manager- RF planning and Economics

Major Contributions;
Accountable for 2G/3G planning and LTE trials with different vendors in India

“Done a detailed POC (Proof of concept) of LTE in Chandigarh for Bharti on ZTE and Huwai equipment”

The POC having130 detailed test cases of 3GPP Rel-8 includes Coverage, Capacity, Handover and Quality.

Below some more responsibilities I was having in Airtel
• Link budgeting.
• Model Tuning.
• Site count validation with the help of simulation (prediction).
• KPI's Finalization.
• Involved in AOP (Annual operating plan) finalization.
• LTE cluster Site finalization.
• Handshaking with multiple vendors and providing logistic support to them.
• Closely working with vendors while installing and commissioning of LTE nodes.
• Working on data off-loading project from 2G/3G network to WiFi/FEMTO solution.

09/2008 – 06/2010 Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. India
Senior Engineer NPI

Major Contributions;
Tools: Ericsson Based Tools (RNO) MRR, NCS, CTR, MTR, BO, TCP, PCTel etc.

2G Optimization Activities
• Major contribution given in VODAFONE DELHI MULTI BAND NETWORK SWAP and optimization of various BSCs as per the SLAs.
• Optimize BHARTI J&K network individually.
• Lead role in SCHEMA AFP pilot project in BHARTI Jaipur, and test the tool capabilities in different scenarios.
• Team Lead for ETISALAT Delhi rollout project.
• Done a 2 month overseas project being in Ericsson for XL telecom Indonesia.

04/2008-09/2008 ADA Cellworks India
Optimization Team Lead

Major Contributions;
Title: To oversee the Network quality performance over entire Bharti Circles Managed by NSN.
Tools: Nokia Based Tools, Net Act and Map Info, MCOM, Asset, GIS Tool, report builder,

• Handled VPO (Virtual Planning and Optimization) project of BHARTI Airtel network managed by NSN.
• Customer interface.
• Done cell level as well as network level optimization.
• Done parameter level optimization and recommend to operation team for necessary changes.
• Create and Document process for optimization and monitoring the network performance.
• Groomed new engineers by giving technical trainings.

07/2006-04/2008 Vodafone India.
Senior Engineer Network Operations

Major Contributions;
Title: To oversee the Network quality performance over entire RAJASTHAN. And coordination with Nokia Quality team.
Tools: Nokia Based Tools, Net Act and Map Info, MCOM, Asset, GIS Tool

• Close look on Network quality performance.
• New sites planning with Nokia team and show the importance of site to marketing persons.
• Lots of reports validation prepared by Nokia.
• Counter level KPI’s validation from RAW data.
• Close look on New town utilization as well as new sites performance.
• Daily KPI’s Validation and optimization of DATA (EDGE & GPRS) like Max load send and Max load receive, sent frames, discarded frames.
• Optimize the data capacity and quality as per data uses.
• GB link optimization and planning for new GB links for new cell sites.

07/2005-07/2006 Metro Wireless Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd India.
2G RF Planner

Major Contributions;
Title: Handled the Project titled GSM Network Swap (Siemens to Nokia), Optimization and Planning for Bharti MP.
Tools: Nokia Based Tools, Net Act and Map Info

• Parameter planning and optimization.
• OSS Report analysis, Dump verification and KPI analysis.
• SWAP/NEW Sites database creation.
• Pre-Swap planning, swap database handling, Site Re-homing,
• GPRS Planning.
• Coordination with team, working in field & give online support in Nominal survey and Drive Test.
• RF Team Lead for Bharti Orissa

07/2003-07/2005 Telecom Network Solution pvt. Ltd. India.
RF Engineer/Trainee

Major Contribution;
Title: Involved in GSM network optimization and planning for BSNL Rajasthan and Airtel UPE
Tools: Ericsson based tools, TEMS.

• Handled Drive test of new sites.
• Done field optimization.
• Handled customer complaints.
• Site survey and nominal planning.

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H4 Visa

Posted by: Shifa On 22 Sep 2014

Hi every 1

I have a query on h4 visa i have refusals before on f2 visa
Do my refusals affect my h4 visa? and my husband h1b
Visa is not stamped.Vll it b a problm?

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Posted by: Query4visa On 22 Sep 2014

Hi ,

Actually I am new to this forum and I am going to attend the visa interview in next month. Can anyone please share experience about the us ascent and whether we will be able understan/ hear the voice of VO.? As VO will speak thru a speaker.
I am bit tensed one of my friend visa was denied because he was unable to hear the voice of VO clearly and asked him to repeat the ques.

Did anybody face the same prob ???

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