Visa - H1 and H4 Experiences

H1B Expired

Posted by: steven On 04 Aug 2015


I have granted a H1B visa in october 2011 for a period of three years which was expired on april 05 2014. Before expiry, my company did extension of my visa within US and it was approved for another year which was valid till april 05 2015. I still have 2 years left in my six years quota and have atleast 2.5 years of non stay period.

Now I am in India and changed my employer. I am looking for a renewal of my expired visa through another employer. Can you please let me know if it is possible? If so, what should the new employer do? How long the process would take?

Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help.

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H1B Transfered From India

Posted by: usha On 26 May 2015


I have Valid H1B visa till Aug. 22, 2016 from employer A . I have worked in Chicago for 1 year (2014) after coming back to India I have changed my employer to B now my new employer is from san jose (CA) my start date with new employer ( san Jose) is June 29th 2015.

My Question is, Is it mandatory to going for H1b stamping in India as I have changed my employer? Or is it fine with get my stamping done before my current visa expires?

Few ppl told me that as long I have valid petition from my new employer that should be fine there won’t be any issues at port of entry. I am really worried about this as my earlier port of entry was in Chicago a nd now it will be san Jose.

Appreciate your reply.

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Visa Interview Scheduled On 29th May

Posted by: Karthik On 17 May 2015


I have question here.

Currently an amendment process for my H1B petition is in progress. I got the new LCA, I129 form and I797 receipt notice of the new petition. However as per my employer with old petition + new LCA i can attend visa interview.

Please share your thoughts on this scenario if any one had faced it earlier and let me know the questions I can expect.

Note: The amendment petition not only has the location change but also my H1B role change.

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H1b H4 Mumbai Consulate On April 23 2015

Posted by: Satish On 27 Apr 2015

I had done my finger prints at New Delhi VAC on 19th April 2015 and interview location as Mumbai. I Had attend the Interview with my wife , Son and infant son of 6 month.

The main area of interview Question from VO was Role and Responsibility with US company and It will be great if you have client Letter.

I had carry all document and VO does not ask for any document.

All the best for other who has Interview Dates Near future.

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H1 Visa Experience At Kolkata Consulate

Posted by: Santosh On 15 Apr 2015

I just came back from a Visa interview at Kolkata Consulate on 14th Apr. I had my Biometrics on 13th April. I travelled with my wife and baby.

My interview was scheduled at 8 am, so I reached with my family at 7:25 at the consulate. Some of the candidates were already in queue by that time. The security guard called everyone near to the gate and briefed about the security screening process. Then he asked us to stay at the front of the queue as we were with baby.

We were security screened and went inside where a Bengali lady checked my documents and asked me to provide a bundle of document without checking what I had given her. I gave her a bundle which was given to me by my company after the Change of Status.

Then we went to the interview room. Obviously some of the smarty pants crossed us and came in front of us by the time we reached the Visa interview room. First an Indian officer called us and checked the documents again and typed something on his computer. And he gave our passports and documents back.

Then we proceeded to the actual Visa interview.

VO: Good morning. How are you?
Me: Fine, Thank you. How are you?
VO: Good. Give me your documents.
Me: I gave him the documents.
VO: (Went through the documents and said) I see only 2 passports but 3 people.
Me: The baby is a US passport holder. Doesn't need Visa.
VO: Okay...Which company do you work for and do you have a end client?
Me: I work for ****** and my end client is ***
VO:Where are you going in the US.
Me: I will be travelling to ******
VO: What do you do for them?
Me: I am a *****. (In the mean time my son got impatient and started making noise and crying)
VO: (Smiles..) That wasn't too bad. (Returns my documents). You can collect you passport after 48 hours.
Me Thank you. (and Leave)

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H4 Dependant Visa Stamping

Posted by: Kavitha Dabikar On 14 Apr 2015

My spouse attended visa interview on 4/14/2015 IST in Hyderabad consulate.

1) Where does he work ?
Answer : Mention company name

2) who is filed the visa ?
Answer : XYZ company.

3) Where do you live in usa ?
Answer : Sacromento, CA

4)Where did you do when you where in usa ?
Answer : Home maker

5) You like it their ?
Answer : Yes

6) Do you have children ?
Answer : answer appropriately based on your situation

7) What is the salary ?
Answer : 90 K

8) Have you ever been to Universal studios ? (as we live in California)
Answer : Yes

9) You like Universal studios ? and how many times you visited ?
Answer : yes & 3 times

10) what will you do after going to usa ?
Answer : I am a home maker

11) How long have you been married ?
Answer : Mention how yr and month you are together ( ex : 3 yrs and 2 months)

Interviewer smiled back at me and told your visa is been approved. :)

Please educate your better halves on what you do in office and location where you live and salary you make and please be truthful. Be confident while answering those questions they make it little tricky.

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H1B And H4 Visa Stamping Experience At Mumbai March2015

Posted by: Sanjay On 22 Mar 2015

H1B and H4 Visa Stamping Experience at Mumbai � 2015

PA Date � 18/03/2015
US Consulate Location � Mumbai
OFC � 17/03/2013
Type of VISA � H1B

OFC Appointment Experience in Mumbai �

OFC � It was Wednesday. Process was very fast. Before entrance only they will verify your PA confirmation page and DS160 Confirmation page along with your passport.
Once entered, they will verify the same on computer and will put white sticker behind your passport. Once done you will be assigned a token number and you have to wait for your token number. LCD screen will display that on which window you should go.
On assigned window they will ask your Birth-date and will take your finger prints and Photo. same goes for my wife as well. That�s it you are done !!

Documents for OFC �
1. Passports
2. DS 160 Confirmation
3. Appointment letter confirmation

Note : There is no place where you can relax and time-pass in case you reach early there but its always better to reach at least one hour early than your appointment time. You can get down near Citibank in BKC, there is Starbucks, you can relax and spend your time there in case you reach early.

US Consulate Process at Mumbai Before H1B Visa Interview

There was a long queue and it was too hot. They scan my passport and then I entered the consulate, there was a security check. There were many people sitting inside for interview. So I was sure that it will take more time for my turn.

H1B Visa Interview Questions at Mumbai Consulate by Visa officer

Greetings exchanged.
VO: Asked for Passport and I 797 Petition approval notice
me: Passed on the docs

VO: Looking at my I-797 and asked me highest qualification degree
me: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer.

VO : for which Client you are going to work ?
Me : XXXXXX XXXX Client name (He said Cool as my client was famous :) )

VO: What are your roles?
me: Explain the role in the project

VO: Salary?
Me: XX K $/PA

H4 Visa Interview Questions at Mumbai Consulate by Visa officer (My wife was along with me)

VO: what is your highest qualification degree
wife: Bachelor of Technology in Computer.

VO : do you have love marriage or arrange marriage ?
wife: arranged

VO : how long you have been married ?
wife: XX years

VO : which color your husband likes most ?
wife: color name

That�s it and then diamond words for which we were waiting !!

VO: He checked few information in computer and told me with a smile �Your visa is approved. You will get your passport within 5 days� We thanked VO and got out of the consulate within a minute.

Note : Near Consulate you wont get any tea/water/washroom so be prepared accordingly in advance. Only Inside the consulate you will get water and washroom :)

Thanks to the process that Consulate has put in place. Also, this forum/blogs/previous experiences posted by other members helped a lot.

Wishing all the best to other folks!!

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221g White Slip Issued

Posted by: Reddy On 19 Mar 2015

Hi all,

I attended the interview on march12th and issued 221g.As Iam going to work on in-house project (product development) so they asked documents like emp list,office lease agreement,prospective clients.
And my employer was submitted all these docs by 18th march.
how much time will take to resolve the issue.
and whom to followup about this case any mailid from us consulate.
kindly share the information if any body has ..

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H1B 221g Case Am I Eligible For Petition Amendment

Posted by: navya On 15 Mar 2015

My employer had initiated H1B for me from Client 1 on 2014 and my Petition was approved & valid till September 30,2015.

I went for PA on Jan 15 and got 221g form. asking to submit client letter and contract. Client1 won't give those documents.

My employer is ready for petition amendment for Client 2 in another location.
So, I have following queries.

1. Can we go for petition amendment when initial petition is under 221g processing?
2. Is it possible to do petition amendment from same employer for a different client?
3. My current petition will expire on Sep 30,2015 .The new petition which is going to raise for client2 will also have same expiry date,once approved?
4. How long will it take for petition amendment?

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Non Immigrant Work Visa At New Delhi Counslate

Posted by: Tarun On 09 Mar 2015

Hi today (9.3.15) i went for my H1 B visa interview my slot was 8:00 a.m we were asked to gather in line at around 7.45 a.m and after that one of the employee asked me for my type of visa and then Stapled My I-797 form with my passport,after that i got entry in the office where there were these guards along with scanning machine they asked me to take off my coat and keep all document in basket and did the frisking thoroughly,then i entered the actual consulate office my finger prints were taken and was asked to follow the yellow line made on floor,then i came to the front of VO,questations aked were as below

Vo hello
Me Hi Good morning how are you

Vo Fine Passport please
Me given

Vo since how long have u been working with ur u.s employer
Me i m just been appointed for this employer

vo what is ur qualification
me answered appropriately

vo what will be ur designation there
me answered appropriately

vo what is ur exprience after graduation
me answered appropriately

vo what will be ur job responsibility there in us
me answered

vo pointing a finger to the pamphlet blue one for non immigrant rights
me yes i do and smiled ,by this time i knew that i am through and was feeling exited already

then came the words i wanted to hear ur visa is approved and will received a message from us with in couple of days

thanks to path2us it helped me alot and best of luck to all

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