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Cloudeeva Bankruptcy Effect On H1B Visa Fee Refund

Posted by: SaiShikha On 09 Aug 2014

Hello All,

I applied for H1B through Cloudeeva on 1st April 2014 for which I paid $3500 .Although I did not get selected in lottery so they told beforehand if my case did not get selected in lottery then they will refund me $3000 while keep $500 as visa processing fee.I was waiting from last 3-4 months for my $3000 and today got schoked when got a legal notice for Cloudeeva bankruptcy .I could not understand what I have to do as after reading this document it seems I need to consult some attorney to get my money back.

So please help me or advise me if there is anyone out here with similar situation or help me what I can do.

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Chennai Embassy

Posted by: sonam nag On 01 Aug 2014

hii i have attend h4 visa interview on 23 july..the vo asked few question then told..your visa has been aproved now you can go..still i didnt get my passport alredy its been 8 dayz..i cheked status it is still in embassy office..can please anyone tell me why its taking too mch time .as i heard its take only 2 days for stamping..

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221g For Drop Box Submission For H4

Posted by: Manasi On 27 Jul 2014

My husbands H1B expired last Sept when he was in USA. His co. applied for his extension and forgot to apply mine. His visa got extended in march 2014. When we realized his co. forgot to do my (H4) visa, i came to india in Jan 2014 and as i was qualified for drop box i applied for the same. But i got my passport back with 221(g) form calling me for interview. I have not yet appeared for the interview. Does anyone have an idea why was i given 221(g) and now what kind of imp questions to expect from VO?i will b appearing for visa interview at Bombay consulate .

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Posted by: SAYMO On 23 Jul 2014

My son was selected in the lottery for H1B and the visa has been approved and intending to go USA beginningof october

His fiancee is already working in USA on L1-b visa

My question is whether she can resign and join my son on H4 without coming to India of
can she convert L1-b to H1b in USA itself (wihout coming to India) with the help of my sons employer

Please comment

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Visa Interview At Hyderabad Consulate On July 21st 2014

Posted by: Hemant On 21 Jul 2014

Me and my wife went for bio metrics on Jul;y 20th, 2014 @ 1:30 PM (Yes, they are open for bio metrics on Sunday as well and the crowd is much lesser), the person at OFC verified our DS-160 confirmation page and told that my wife's name in the confirmation page and the passport are not identical (extra space in her name in passport), asked us to correct the form and bring the fresh one. DO not panic, there is a jobber within the premises itself who charges INR 250.00 and will fill DS-160 for you. It took us 30 minutes to get the necessary corrections done and get back to the OFC officer. This time he verified the details and let us in.

Bio Metrics were completed in 15 minutes.(Note: They as you not to smile while taking your picture, they do not want you to show your teeth)

The next day on July 21st, 2014 our Visa interview was scheduled for 8:00 AM. We reached the place by 7:30 AM and were immediately asked to stand in line along with rest of the 8:00 AM ppl then we were allowed inside. Completed all the formalities in another 30 minutes and we were in the waiting area in the next 30 minutes (@ 8:00 AM sharp) with our token number. We were called for the interview at 8:45 AM, Below is the conversation...

Me: Good Morning Officer, How are you doing today.
VO: Good Morning, am doing well, how about yourself?

Me: Very good, thank you. .

VO: Who is your petitioning company? (looking into the computer)
Me: Answered appropriately. (Gave them my employer name)

VO: How long have you been with this company?
Me: Answered accordingly.

VO: What is your salary?
Me: Answered very precisely.
VO: I like being precise. (With a smile on his face, at this point I knew that my visa got approved)

VO: (Asked my wife for fingerprints) Ma'am please place your left hand on the scanner. While she was doing that, VO: Who is your client?
Me: There is no client. This is an internal project.

VO: Please tell me about this project?
Me: Answered accordingly in 2-3 sentences.

VO: Please place your left hand on the scanner. (Asked me for my fingerprints)
Me: Did accordingly.

then finally the golden words. VO: You are all set, your visa's have been approved. We will intimate you when your passport is ready for pick-up. He returned my I797B form.

I know this is better said than done but please be cool and very confident. It is only your confidence that will get you your visa. Hyderabad consulate is very streamlined and the experience is pleasant. So give it your best shot. Cheers!

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H1B And H4 Experience At Kuala Lumpur USA Consulate

Posted by: Vinay Pradhan On 16 Jul 2014

Hi all,
Thought, I will share my experience of going for the VISA interview at the Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia USA consulate for my H1B and my wife and daughter's H4 stamping. This could prove helpful for others who are planning to get it stamped here.

I am an Indian national, and am working in Kuala Lumpur since March 2014.

My appointment with the consulate was at 7.40AM on Monday, 14th of July 2014

I reached the consulate building at 7.25AM. There was 2 queues already. A small queue was with people who were having the 7.40AM appointment. A slightly longer queue was with people with other appointment slots.

7.35 - counter check done and we went inside
7.40 - security check done and proceeded to waiting room
8.00 - my nunber was called - submitted passports, appointment confirmation letter and DS 160 confirmation pages.
8.05 - back to the waiting room
8.25 - My number was called again - this time for finger printing. Mine and my wife's finger printing done. Back to the waiting room,
9.00 - My number was called for the interview.

VO: Hello, good morning.
Me: hello Officer, good morning.

VO: So you are applying for yourself, your wife and your princess here (looking at my 18 months old daughter). Thats it - anybody else ?
Me: Thats it officer, 3 of us.

VO: Can i get your I797 please?
Me: Sure, here you go.

VO: So your petition has been filled by XXX. You will be working for them? Is that right?
Me: Thats right officer. I will be working for XXX

VO: Tell me more about XXX. What do they do?
Me: I gave a brief about the company.

VO: Hmm interesting. Thier website talks about outsourcing. Had a discussion with another male colleague standing behind her. Then started downloading some stuff, and was waiting for the download to complete.
Me: Just waited for the next question. My daughter was singing.

VO to my wife: Maam, I dont think you and your princess will have to stand and wait. I think you can go back to the waiting room and be seated, while I finish the interview with your husband.
My wife: Ok officer, thank you. She left.

VO: So you are in Malaysia for less than 6 months, why are you laready switching your employer?
Me: Well, I have been working with this employer in India from past 2.5 years and I was transferred to this location on a work assignment. I am switching over because of a better global oppurtunity and a better pay.

VO: How much are you paid here in Malaysia per month ?
Me: I told my salary

VO: How much will you be paid in the USA ? Which state and city in USA will you be working?
Me: Told my pay and told about the city I will be working in.

VO: Please give me any client letter you have.
Me: I do not have any client letter officer. I will be working directly to my employer at the employer's location as stated in the petition. I will not be working for any other client.

VO: How many employees work in this company?

VO: Out of these, how many work at this location and how many work for clients elsewhere?
Me: I told about the ratio.

VO: Can you give me the petition letter?
Me: I gave the petition letter that was typed by my employer and sent to USICS

VO: Not this, the original petition.
Me; You mean, the I 129?

Me: Ok, here you go.

VO: Started grouping and piling all the documents she had taken from me. Then passed it back to me. Then passed the I797 back to me and said - you will require this when you land in the USA. Please keep this safely. Your VISA is approved.
Me: Sure, thanks much officer.

VO: Your passport will be ready in 2 days. Depending on what mode you have choosen, it will be either delivered or you need to collect it
Me: Thanks officer, I have choosen delivery.

VO: Ok, thank you, You may leave now.
Me: Thanks officer, have a nice day.

And I left the embassy building with my wife and daughter. Got my passports today (16th - Wednesday) afternoon via courier.

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H4 Dropbox Passport Status

Posted by: idqinfa On 06 Jul 2014

Hi Guys,

My spouse was eligible to use to drop box for H4 Visa so we used drop box facility and submitted the documents.

We have submitted around May last week and till now there is no status . When we checked with Consulate we got the below email

We got the below response:

Your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for administrative processing. There is no definite time frame for this processing as it depends on the individual circumstances of each case. The Department of State is continuously working to expedite visas. We appreciate your patience. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as the processing in your case is complete.

Can any one suggest what is that mean . I heard that when we use Dropbox it may take 3 to 10 business days .

Has anyone faced this issue

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H1b Visa Stamping At Mumbai Consulate During April 2014

Posted by: Tabho On 02 Jul 2014

Hi All,
I want to share my H1b visa stamping experience at Mumbai Consulate. Most of you know the visa interview process is now a 2 day process. I had my fingerprinting on Wednesday 9th April and Visa interview on Thursday morning 10th April at 9:00 AM. I had my new I-797 valid till Nov month end 2014.

I arrived at Bandra Kurla Complex around 8:30 AM. There were queues, security guards will tell you to form queue for the given time slot.

Later you will taken inside the building where you show your documents and go for a security check. Next inside the building there a lot of counters. Those applying for H1b visa/work visa were taken to counter faster while those for green card where made to wait inside the building for sometime.

You will be told to stand for a particular counter in a queue and take out your basic documents handy esp passport and I-797 document.

My Interview.

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning, Hi How are you.
VO: Doing good.

VO: Gave my passport and i-797 (I am not sure whether he asked first or I gave him first)
VO: What is the name of your employer
Me: ABCD incorporation

VO: Where are they located
ME: New Jersey

VO: Goes through his computer and reads my details(makes some strange face expression while reading somestuff)
and asks Are you married ?
ME: No.

VO:- Do you plan to get married ?
Me:- I slightly smiling yes, that's the reason I have came to India to find a suitable match.

VO:- Give me your old passport, he does something with my old passport and computer. Your visa is approved, please collect it from where you have mentioned in your form.
Me:- Thank You, you have a good day.

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Suggest Me Best And Genuine Company In USA Or Hyderabad

Posted by: pruthviraj On 02 Jul 2014

I have 5 years of experience in QA with mortgage and banking domain can any one suggest me the best & genuine company to file H1B for 2014 quota.
and please tell me how much charge for the H1 b Processing

Thanks in advance!!!!


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No Information About My Visa Status

Posted by: Susy On 30 Jun 2014

This is my first time acquiring a US Visa. My employer is processing my H1B visa. We submitted the papers before April 1st, but they haven't gave me much information. On May 15th, they wrote me an email asking for more papers regarding my education.

Now, its already July and I don't know what is happening, they haven't give me the process number.

- Does the fact that they ask for more documents means that I'm already part of the 65000 selected randomly?
- Is it normal that I don't have any other information about the processing?
- How long does it take the process of reviewing the documents, going to the interview and getting the passport stamped?
I'm really worry because is really uncertain what is going to happen and I need to take decisions.


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