Visitor Medical Insurance Experiences

Thanks Murali!!!!

Posted by: AJay Phadnis On 21 Apr 2006

I know this is late but a bunch of thanks from my side.

It so happened that in Dec my mom got heart attack and she was admitted to the hospital for emergency.

She did have medical insurance but I was not sure what to do.

I posted a message on this forum for the senior user Murali.

Not only did he returned my call but comforted me and told me the things i needed to do.

I was really relieved after I talked to him.

I know this might sound cliche but I really appreciate Murali for doing this even though when I did not knew him.

Thanks Murali and keep up the good work

Ajay Phadnis
Atlanta , GA

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Icicilombard Is The Best

Posted by: naveen rawat On 21 Apr 2006

hai, I was going to san fransisco for a project. I have to take an insurance policy which I took from icicilombard. On the third day I have an acute pain in my stomach and had to admitted. Icicilombard took care of all the expences and I had to pay a very littel amount as deductibles.

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Insurace Companies

Posted by: Anil On 29 Mar 2006

Hi ,
After going thru all the posts here I am totally confused . My in-laws are coming withinn 2 weeks . He is a diabetic patient. After going thru all experiences posted here I summed it up as follows.

1.If you take visitors insurance from India then co-ordinating with India is difficult and many claims were rejected.
2.If u take from US companies ,all most all claims where turned down saynig Pre-existing condition-even though it's not.In my case my in-law is a diabetic for past many years.

If u got reimbursement for pre-existing condition ,can u pls let me know which insurance u took. Please let me know the insurace company names for which u have good n bad feedbacks. Either post here or mail me at
Appreciate ur help.


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Insurance --help

Posted by: wisher On 10 Mar 2006

I am on H1B and I wanted to take a temperory insurance for around 2 months could somebody let me know which is the best insurance option to take for a short period.

Thanks in Advance

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Visitor Insurance - Why Can't We Get The Student Health Insurance By Claiming They Are Taking Univ. Of Phoenix Class Online?

Posted by: Mahesh On 16 Jan 2006

My parents have pre-existing conditions like Diabetes and Heart problems. What if I find a student health insurance for them, if they take online classes etc. These insurance companies are fraud. Also, if some one has a heart attack, how the hell they can tell it was a pre-exisiting condition? Bull! They are scamming every one!

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Posted by: samrat On 19 Nov 2005

Costs range from $50,000 for simple surgery to a high of $300,000 for a highly complicated case.

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Open Heart Surgery

Posted by: Samrat On 19 Nov 2005

Ajay ,
I have no idea bout cost in USA ,but I have exp in India and i advice you if it is not "urgent" U do in India .Also Avoid Appollo Hospital I know personally about 6 negative results .In most cases Open heart surgery is not urgency ,it can be controlled by proper medicines .My very close relative was adviced for surgery in 1994 and he gone thru surgery in 2002 .Doctors push for surgery many times to make money ,try second opinion and if you can go India thats best Hospitals in Pune/Mumbai Delhi and many other cities are great ,,and you wont be charged more then 2-3 lakhs (6000 USD ) .

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Open Heart Surgery In US

Posted by: Ajay Phadnis On 18 Nov 2005

Hi ,

I have my mother who is diagnosed with Heart Attack. The doctors are saying that they need to perform a open-heart surgery (bypass surgery) .............

Anybody have any idea what does it cost?. I have insurance from Tata Aig but since my mom is between 56-70 they are only going to cover for 10000 $.

If anyone had any similiar experience, please call 916 595 2682.........

ITs urgent and will really apppreciate your help.


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Inbound USA Is OK

Posted by: sriniG On 05 Jan 2005

I took Inbound USA for my mother who is over 70 years of age last year. As the coverage itself says "limited", we cannot except much from this insurance. I had to take her to doctor few times as outpatient and they re-imbursed all the money according to the coverage.

I could not find any insurance in US which covers pre-existing conditions. She had high blood pressure and luckily she did not had any major problems when she was here. It is always better to get all the medications from India for complete stay for the conditions already exists.

Good luck..

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Coris America Horrible!!!

Posted by: LR On 17 Nov 2004

Hi,My Father-in law was visiting us when he got diagnosed of cancer.We had to take him to physician couple of times and get some tests done on him.Inspite of getting preauthorization from coris and sending them all required papers and bills they have not yet paid the hospital bills.Its been 4 months now.We have called coris numerous times and they say that payment is still being processed.I think this company is fraud and will never pay the bills.They said that payment has to come from India so we tried contacting people in India and they said that all claims were accepted long time back. From all this atleast we have learnt a lesson that next time never buy medical insurance from New India.

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