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Thread: Visa Granted. Physically Handicapped Help given

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    Smile Visa Granted. Physically Handicapped Help given


    I'm delighted to state that my father got the Visitor Visa for 10 Years in Chennai Consulate. He couldn't walk on his own, so I've got help from the conuslate. They provided a wheel chair and there was no waiting period. He was taken to the VO immediately unlike others who had to wait in queue.
    Here are the details

    1) My mother had the visa 2 years back itself
    2) I've applied the Visa for my father
    3) Since he couldnt walk on his own, I emailed Chennai Consulate to provide assisstance.
    4) They said wheel chair will be provided and anyoen having a passport can accompany him
    5) But we need to provide the person's passport number and name details to Chennai 4 days before the interview by e-mail
    6) They will reply back with the permission and ask us to carry a copy of that email
    7) Since my mother had a passport & visa as well I gave her details
    8) They allowed both of them on seeing & verifying the passports
    9) They asked if we needed wheel chair after entering the consulate
    10) We said ye and they brought the wheel chair and the consulate person pushed it all the way into the bldg
    11) He took them directly to the VO counter. The VO took the finger prints and pointed to a different counter, b'cos there was no telugu translator with her in the coutner.
    12) The VO asked questions and my fatehr replied. But my father's voice was very faint. So instead they asked my mom and she replied to everything

    a) Why do u want to go to US?
    b) Why my mother who had a visa 2 yrs back didn't go to US yet?
    c) How many children? what are they doing?
    d) Show the docs your sent?
    e) Show Ration Card.. (may be to confirm how many children we have etc..)
    f) Returned the docs & ration card

    They said Visa granted. Will arrive home in a week.

    My father attended the interview on 14-DEC(Thursday) but the Visa grant date was 16-DEC(Saturday) in the passport. So may be they had done some background verification for 2 days based on I-134 I guess.

    They also escorted my father outside the consulate with the wheel chair and they even told that they will wait until we get a taxi/auto.
    But we managed ourselves as we were very excited on getting the visa.
    The treatment was excellent as narrated by my father.He was very apprehensive and was always worried if physicalled challenged people would be granted visa or not. I told him not to worry. He was very much happy for the treatment received.

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    Default Letter to Consulate for physically handicapped

    My parents are deaf and dumb and I am planning to send them to U.S consulate. Can you please send me a format of letter which you have sent to U.S consulate for the assistance?

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    Lightbulb handicapped visitor visa & challenges

    Hey Sudarshan,

    That was great to know of the visa for your dad.
    Hope your parents have visited you and enjoyed their stay.
    I have a simmilar situation and wanted some pointers.
    My dad is effected by rhematoid arthritis, i walks but with a cane..
    still they are worried about being here... and i was a little clueless so went on a search..
    Can you suggest, like do we get any special assistance here in US for them?
    Like do we get a handicapped placard for them from dmv? and wheelchairs here?
    What arrangements did u make for their comfortable stay here?
    Hope i find some solution and my parents do visit me here...


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    Default handicapped visitor visa & challenges

    Happy to hear that your parents got visa stamping. Could you please send me the format of the letter that you send to consulate. Iam trying for my mom she is a galcoma patient her eye nerves are weak so she cannot see properly outside in bright light and also please let me know the procedure i mean here are my question

    1. Did you took visa date appointment and then wrote mail to consulate?
    2. Could you please email me the format of the letter.
    3. what are the supporting documents that you sent for visa stamping.

    If you could help me in this that would be great help.

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