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Visitor Insurance > Health insurance for H1B visa
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Health Insurance for H1B visa holders

A H1B holder coming to USA must secure a health insurance for USA. Medical insurance for H1B can cover for any medical emergencies, hospitalization etc. It can be very stressful and inconvenient for without a proper medical insurance in USA, where the health care cost is outrageously expensive.

A H1B holder temporary worker to USA, may need immediate health insurance coverage in any of the following situation.

  • You will need coverage, during your trip to USA. This will provide coverage for any medical or travel emergencies.
  • You must have coverage right from the first day you land in America, since the health care cost is very expensive in USA.
  • Employer health insurance waiting period : Your employer may offer health insurance however, it is very common that the health insurance may not start immediately , and depending on which US state your employer is located, you health insurance may have waiting period before the employer provides coverage. You certainly need coverage to cover you during this period.
  • No family coverage: Your employer may provide health insurance for you as H1B employee but may not provide insurance for your dependent /spouse and children who are on H4 Visa.
  • Employer provided medical insurance can be expensive: Even tough employer may provide insurance. However, you may have to contribute a big portion for it, or it gets deducted from your paycheck. In this case it makes sense to buy your insurance your own from private provider and save money.
  • No insurance in bench period: Many H1B workers may be on bench and do not get any benefits including Health insurance.
  • Between the jobs: You may be in between the job change and lose your health insurance.

Where to get insurance for H1B visa?

If you are visiting USA, you should buy a temporary travel health insurance that covers your travel and initial stay in USA. A visitor travel insurance is a good and preferred choice for this purpose.

Buy a health insurance for H1B visa holder online here: Get Health Insurance Quote for H1B holder

A policy like Liaison International insurance can be a good choice to make. You will need name, passport number and date of birth to make the purchase online. You can immediately get the insurance confirmation that you can print and carry when you travel to USA.

Cost for insurance for H1B ?

Cost may depend on many factors like your age, your resident state, your medical history, and type of benefits. Discuss it with the agent or customer support to get better understanding on this.

If you need assistance or have questions about health insurance for H1B visa send an email to ""

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