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Travel Insurance for Visa to Schengen Countries: Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

The Schengen Visa is a tourist visa for Europe that allows travelers to visit 26 European countries with one single visa, eliminating the need to acquire multiple visas to travel throughout Europe. For those traveling to multiple Schengen countries, Schengen visas make the process of visiting many countries in Europe much easier. With this single visa you can travel to any of these countries without the need of separate visas for each one. You can apply for this visa at any embassy or consulate in your country.

Whether travelers are staying in multiple European countries or only transiting, many foreigners are required to obtain a adequate travel insurance for Schengen visa. Once they have a Schengen visa, their travel between Schengen countries is treated as domestic travel. Schengen visa applicants must purchase adequate travel health insurance to cover the duration of their time spent in the Schengen countries. Health insurance must meet certain requirements to ensure travelers are protected during their trip.

Schengen Visa Countries

The following countries fall under Schengen Visa regulations:

Austria Belgium Denmark Finland
France Germany Greece Iceland
Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway
Portugal Spain Sweden Hungary
Poland Slovak Republic Malta Slovenia
Czech Republic Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Switzerland Liechtenstein    

Before the visa can be issued, applicants must show proof that they have adequate health insurance coverage that will meet the requirements of the Schengen Visa.

Schengen Visa Health Insurance Requirements

Before applicants are issued a Schengen Visa, they must show proof that they have adequate health insurance coverage that will meet certain requirements. Schengen Visa travel insurance must:

  • Cover the period of the traveler’s stay or transit in the Schengen Area (up to 90 days within a 180-day period);
  • Be valid in all Schengen countries; and
  • Have a minimum coverage amount of EUR 30,000
  • Cover the following:
    • Repatriation for medical reasons
    • Emergency medical evacuation
    • Urgent medical attention
    • Emergency hospital treatment or death.

There are several medical and travel insurance plans available that satisfy the Schengen Visa insurance requirements. As you purchase your insurance, you can request a letter serving as proof of adequate Schengen Visa insurance. The letter should state that your policy covers the necessary insurance requirements. This is one of the requirement while applying for your Schengen Visa.

Purchase Schengen Visa Insurance Online

You can compare and purchase these schehgen visa health insurance plans online at Schengen Visa insurance plans; A letter of proof of insurance can be provided once you buy the plan.
You can compare, Quote and Purchase Schengen Visa insurance online at, one of the leading provider of Travel Medical Insurance for International visitors. You can make instant purchase and print the Letter needed to show at consulate as a proof of insurance as a requirement set by the consulates.

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