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Visitor Insurance > Insurance for Parents visiting USA

Visitor Insurance for Parents

Out of the several thousands of people who travel to the United States every year, parents visiting USA to meet their children from countries like India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, South-Asia and all over Europe make up quite a significant amount of that number. It is essential to consider purchasing a suitable visitors insurance for parents visiting USA. Because medical costs in the US are sky-high, it is important to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of if any accidents or illnesses should occur during their visits. If your parents are taking the long, exhausting journey to visit you, then make the decision to protect their health—and your financial security—by purchasing visitor insurance.

The medical insurance that you have for yourself will not cover for your parents when they are visiting you. Most typically, you can only include immediate family, like spouse and children in your own medical plans. So, you may not be able to include them in your existing plan. Depending on the plan you select, a visitors insurance plan will provide coverage for new, unexpected sicknesses and injuries, as well as providing some coverage for dental, vision, baggage loss and trip interruption. A plan can be available for use as early as 24 hours after purchase, and can even be purchased after your parents have arrived if you neglected to do so before their arrival. However, visitors insurance is good to have while you are traveling in case of any accidents that occur on the plane, or during a layover.

There are several reasons to purchase a good visitor insurance policy. As we age, everyday activities may become more difficult for us. If you tack on the significant differences in the weather, living conditions, food, transportation system, and the surroundings between the US and your parent's home country, you can only imagine how vulnerable a new visitor can be to accidents and illnesses.

While it is good to provide your parents with a good travel medical insurance policy simply because you care about their well-being; from a financial perspective, it is important to note that a person who is inviting parents of relatives to the US, may be liable for any medical expenses incurred by the visitors.

It is advisable to insure your parents or relatives, under a good travel insurance policy that not only covers them for medical or travel emergencies but also provides you a peace of mind while they visit America. You can purchase the policy for your parents online from; all you’ll need is name, passport number and date of birth of your parents. If you need assistance or have questions please call toll free on 866-384-9104 and speak to a travel health insurance expert.