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Visitor Insurance from India or USA

Is it better to buy visitor health insurance from India or from USA? Read on for some key points that unravel some pertinent facts about the Indian Visitor Insurance Plans.

Some facts about insurance from Indian travel insurance companies.

No ID cards - USA hospitals or doctors may not recognize your insurance. This means that you may have to pay up front and then file the claim with the Indian Insurance company for reimbursement.

Claim processing in India - This can lead to delay and administrative hassle in dealing with the insurance agency in a timely and effective manner.

Type and choice of plan - At this point in time, all Indian visitor insurance offer limited coverage plans with limited choice on plan selection.

Customer Support - Most Indian Insurance plans, do not have dedicated customer support and support may not be available in US time zone.

Regulation and Legal Matter - Reliability is often an issue. In case of any dispute, it is often unclear where you need to go in order to register a complaint. Indian insurance regulations may not protect your rights since the policy you will be using, will be within the US jurisdiction.
A USA based insurance company can be a better choice, since it is regulated by the U.S. insurance regulations.

History of the Service - Most Indian insurance companies are relatively new and may not be able to provide you level of service/support when you need it, as compared to a US-based company.

Renewal or Extension - Most of the Indian insurance policies are not renewable. So, even though you may extend your trip, you cannot extend your plan. This can leave you insured for the rest period of your trip.

Non-Refundable - Most Indian plans are not cancelable or refundable. In case, you have to return to India early, you don't get a refund.

Cost - An Indian insurance policy may cost you less at first glance, but if you compare apples to apples you won’t find much of a difference for the price you pay, versus the benefits offered by a US-based Insurance plan.


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