An L-2 visa is a non-immigrant US visa that allows immediate family members of L-1 visa holders to enter the United States. L-2 visa holders are considered to be dependents of L-1 visa holders.

L-2 Visa Eligibility

Individuals who wish to enter the US to join a family member with an L-1 visa are eligible to apply for L2 visa. Eligible L-2 visa applicants include:

  • Dependent Spouse of L-1 visa holder
  • Dependent, unmarried children (under 21 years of age) of L-1 visa holder

Benefits of the L-2 Visa

The L-2 visa carries the following benefits.

  • L-2 visa holder may live legally in the US.
  • L-2 visa holders are permitted to attend school in the US.
  • L-2 spouses are permitted to work either part-time or full-time after obtaining an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • L-2 visa holders may apply for other non-immigrant status including H-1, F-1, B-1, B-2, and L-1 visas.
  • L-2 visa holders are eligible to apply for immigrant visas.
  • L-2 visa holders may travel in and out of the US on short trips and return.

L-2 Visa Validity

L-2 visa holders are authorized to stay in the US based on the status of the L-1 visa holders on which they are dependent.

Documents Required for L2 visa

  • CEAC Barcode printout. This is the application confirmation page, you will get once you complete the US Visa application form DS160 online. See a sample DS160 form.
  • US visa application fee.
  • US Visa Interview appointment letter that you get at the time of taking appointment for US visa interview.
  • Valid passport of each applicant.
  • One photograph : 2 and 2 inches square (50 mm square) for each applicant, showing full face, without head covering, against a light background. To be used in the application Form.
  • US consulates are very particular about the Photographs specifications. You must follow these guidelines for photographs required for US visa.
  • Demand draft for visa issuance fee.
  • For current visa fees rate and payment details, please visit Current US Visa Fee.
  • If the applicant is below 14 yrs of age, Original Birth Certificate of this applicant (child) is required.
  • Your original marriage certificate.
  • Entire wedding photo album.
  • A copy of of each sides marriage invitation card.
  • All 36 pages of the principal applicant's(L1 holder's) passport (if not applying with principal applicant). If a copy of the passport is submitted, it should be a GOOD copy and the photo must be clearly identifiable
  • Copy of spouse's L1 approved petition. Form I-129 (if Form I-797 is a blanket permit, copy of Form I-797 and I-129) of the Principal Applicant, and letter from employer that describes the relationship with the Principal Applicant and the purpose of travel.
  • Spouse's(L1 holder's), employment verification letter.
  • Pay stubs from principal applicant's L1's current place of work.
  • Copy of L1 holder;s income tax return.
  • Demand draft for visa issuance Fee.


  • (Note: While providing the information to take visa interview and filing online application form visa applicants should indicate clearly in their Last Name and Given Name. Its often seen in the case of South Indian names that passport issuing authorities write the whole name in the Last Name field.
    Applicants should check their passport and if the whole name is given in one line, they should get the same changed from passport office before applying for a visa.)
  • If you are applying for your visa along with your spouse, who is applying for L1 simultaneously, then submit both your applications together.
  • It is advisable to get your spouse's name endorsed on your passport beforehand.
  • If after marriage your last name has changed, then it's better to endorse the change in your passport beforehand. Otherwise you will have to continue your maiden name here.
  • Make sure that the wedding album has sufficient marriage photographs. All the snaps must be very clear and easy to identify both the bride, and the bridegroom. Photographs showing some marriage rituals are must.
    **Example: Few photographs around the agni ceremony, if your marriage is hindu marriage.
  • Upon receiving your visa, carefully check for any kind of mistakes like name, date of birth, type of visa, validity date, etc.


What if consulate hold my case under Section 221(g)?

If your visa was not issued under Section 221(g) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, it means that your case requires further administrative action. It is not a pure refusal it means that it is on hold.

The consular officer will return you your passport. You may return to the Consulate on any working day with the required additional documents. Please follow the instructions that were given to you at the time your case was put on hold. The application fee paid to schedule the initial interview remains valid for the subsequent interview up to one year from date of payment.

Can a L2 visa holder work in USA?

Yes, once you are physically present in USA, you need to apply for work authorization card known as EAD with USCIS. EAD for L2 visa.