About Path2usa

In 2000, path2usa.com made a quiet but powerful arrival onto the global internet scene as jarabachke.com. The response from the readers and their positive feedback was overwhelming. So we decided to expand to meet the needs of everyone who wanted a one-stop site to access information about the United States of America. Thus, jarabachke.com was re-born as path2usa.com.

path2usa.com strives to answer your every query about any thing that's relevant to the USA. From immigration information to finding a travel companion, phone cards to visitor's insurance, classifieds to travel, we cover the whole gambit. The goal is to provide answers to your questions in a clear and concise manner, without you having to search through oodles of sites on the web. We do that job for you.

Apart from the above mentioned services path2usa.com is constantly adding on new services and features and re-invents itself almost on a daily basis. Our goal is to be the only site you are going to visit for your informational needs. The buck truly stops here.

Path2usa.com Inc is a California registered corporation. More information about path2usa.com can be obtained by writing to info@path2usa.com.

Corporate office :
Path2usa.com Inc
2350, Mission College Blvd.,Suite 1140
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Visitor medical products and services are provided by its sister concern, Maxn Insurance Services. For all inquiries about our Visitors Medical Insurance Services, contact :

Maxn Insurance Services
2350, Mission College Blvd.,Suite 1140
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Toll Free 866-384-9104 (inside the US & Canada)
+1 (408) 454 6525 (outside the US & Canada)

FAX: +1 (408) 496-1090