April 2023 Visa Bulletin Predictions: Is an EB2 Retrogression Coming?

The April 2023 Visa Bulletin is soon to be released, likely on the 14th or 15th of March, and among many shared predictions is the possibility of another retrogression is on the horizon, specifically for the second employment-based category. 

The results of the March 2023 Visa Bulletin were uneventful, with little to no major movement among categories and retrogression across the board for the fourth employment-based category. The demand in the employment-based category continues to grow, having an effect on nearly all priority dates. 

March 2023 Visa Bulletin Recap

In the March 2023 Visa Bulletin, no movement was made for key categories and preferences, including in both EB2 and EB3. The only advancements were for smaller categories under China. Additionally, information was shared by the USCIS that further indicated that the backlog is continuing to grow and that movement is not likely in the near future.

April 2023 Visa Bulletin Predictions

Based on the March 2023 Visa Bulletin comments made by the USCIS, we can expect the following in the April 2023 Visa Bulletin: 

  • Retrogression for all countries in the EB2 category, with the biggest hit to India
  • The establishment of a worldwide action date in the EB3 categories for all countries
  • Retrogression for India in the EB3 category
  • No forward movement for any preference/country

The USCIS has been straightforward with the fact that the demand in the employment-based category is off the charts. Considering that only 197,000 employment-based green cards are available in FY 2023 as opposed to over 280,000 in FY 2022, retrogressions for most employment-based categories will not be a surprise in the upcoming bulletin.

While we don’t see the best news coming in the April 2023 Visa Bulletin, it’s important not to get discouraged and to continue to monitor priority dates and backlog conditions if you’re patiently waiting to file for your green card. The USCIS has mentioned that it is working to decrease their backlog and improve processes, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay positive, patient, and if you have the means to, contact an immigration lawyer to understand what other options you may have to streamline the process.

Check back when the April 2023 Visa Bulletin is released for our full results overview and analysis! 


These predictions are completely made up based on our own thoughts, research, and comments made by the USCIS. They are not to be taken as an official statement of what is to come in the upcoming bulletin.