Green Card Renewal and Replacement Process Made Easy

Form I-90, applications to replace and renew green cards, can now be submitted to USCIS directly online by simply creating an account, submitting the necessary supporting documents, and paying the filing fee. The steps to submitting your online application are as follows:

Should you still still wish to submit a paper Form I-90 application, you can also create a USCIS account to track and manage your case online with the following advantages:

Upon submitting your paper form I-90 application, you will receive a USCIS account acceptance notice by mail with instruction on how to create an online account. From there you will be able to manage your case information.

Should you choose not to utilize the online account option at all, USCIS will still continue to process your application and you will continue to receive notifications and updates about your case by regular paper mail. Please note that this could be a much lengthier process.

For more information on how the online portal can make your filing experience more convenient, check out USCIS’s tips for filing the form I-90 online.

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