House Passes Bill to Fully Fund Department of Homeland Security

In a historic vote, Congress passed the Department of Homeland Security funding bill with a 257 to 167 win on Tuesday afternoon, ramifying all speculations of DHS shutdown. The bill will be sent to President Obama for his signature. It stipulates a $40 billion spending that will not derail Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The vote marks a big win for Democrats, who have been demanding that Congress pass a “clean” bill to fund DHS free of any immigration norms.

While supporters of the bill are overjoyed at the news, immigration hard-liners are angry that the bill does not contain provisions to bar funding to carry out Obama’s executive orders. The executive order will protect about 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. The House passed a bill in mid-January that would have defunded those orders, which also allows certain undocumented immigrants to apply for work permits.