Immigrant Fee Payment Process Simplified for Applicants

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration fee payment process has been simplified. In the new payment system, applicants do not have to provide as much information to USCIS as what was previously required, and the fee may now be paid by anyone on behalf of the applicant.

Note to Applicants

Anyone who has paid their USCIS immigration fee before August 31, 2015 will no longer have access to their online account. Applicants can visit Case Status Online to view status updates on their immigration cases.

Changes to the Payment Process

The changes to the immigration fee payment process in the USCIS electronic immigration system include the following.

  • The amount of information that the applicant must provide while using the system has been reduced.
  • Anyone designated by the applicant can now pay the immigrant fee, where previously only the applicant could make the payment. For example, an accredited representative or attorney, family member, friend, or employer of the applicant may now make the payment, as long as they have the applicant’s Alien Registration Number, or A-number, and Department of State (DOS) Case ID.

Is the Immigration Fee Mandatory?

Anyone immigrating to the United States and applying for permanent residency must pay the USCIS immigration fee, which covers the processing, production, and delivery of the applicant’s Permanent Resident Card (green card). The USCIS immigrant fee is $165 USD.

Fee Payment

To pay your immigration fee or learn more about payment system, visit the USCIS Electronic Immigration System home page and log in to make your payment.

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