India Issues Record 90,000 US Student Visas in Summer ’23

The U.S. Mission in India has announced that they issued a record number of student visas in just three months over the Summer of 2023 – June, July, and August – reaching over 90,000 student visas issued in total. Additionally, the US Embassy in India reports that they were able to help all of these students reach their approved programs in time for their scheduled studies.

This surge in student visas issued represents an ever growing demand in India, and in countries worldwide, to study in the United States. The US Embassy in India reports that India received more than twice the applications as the next largest country sending students to the U.S. This milestone brings India to represent 30% of all U.S. student visas issued worldwide, making India the largest source of student visas to the U.S., surpassing China.

In order to support the increase in demand for U.S. student visas in India, the U.S. Mission in India reports that they devoted half of all appointments to student visa applications to ensure that every qualified applicant was able to start their programs on time. The ability to process a record number of U.S. student visas can likely also be contributed to other improvements by the U.S. Mission in India including increasing staff, implementing new visa waiver eligibility, and the new Hyderabad Consulate location which promised to triple daily visa processing from the old location.

Current Student Visa Appointment Wait Times

The current student visa appointment wait times per location are as follows (as of October 11, 2023):

  • Mumbai – 41 days
  • New Delhi – 3 days
  • Chennai – 23 days
  • Hyderabad – 34 days
  • Kolkata – 95 days

Visit the Department of State Website for real-time visa appointment wait times for each of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate locations in India.

More Information About Student Visas

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