Indian Embassies to Hold Visa Grievance Sessions in 2017

In recognition of the number of difficulties visa applicants from India face, Indian Embassies in the United States will begin holding open houses to address such grievances.

Beginning January 2017, sessions are said to be held every two weeks to assist individuals who are experiencing difficulties related to visas, passports, and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cards. In announcing the initiative, Indian Ambassador to the United States, Navtej Sarna expressed the fact that problems do persist no matter how much effort is put into improving the system and hopefully these sessions will allow those who fall victim to these issues to meet with senior officials in person to address them.

In making the announcement, Ambassador Sarna advised that they will be communicating the dates and times for the grievance sessions through the Embassy Website. Arrangements for these grievance sessions have presently been made in Washington, as well as at the 5 consulates in New York, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Francisco.

In his closing remarks, Sandhu highlighted the role of the Indian American community in strengthening the India-US relationship. Among other things, he stressed on the need to involve second-generation Indian Americans in community activities in strengthening India-US ties.