Indian Government Changes Name of Visa-on-Arrival Scheme to e-Tourist Visa

The Indian government has changed the name of the visa-on-arrival scheme to e-tourist visa. It has decided to rename its Tourist Visa on Arrival-Electronic Travel Authorization (TVoA-ETA) scheme, to e-Tourist Visa to clarify that it is not an on-arrival scheme. The government made this step in order to avoid inconvenience and confusion among foreign tourists who often mistakenly presumed that they would be granted a visa on arrival upon landing in India.

In the travel industry, the jargon, “Visa on Arrival,” means that the visa is granted at airport immigration after landing in the new country, presuming that no pre-authorization is required. However, according to the “Tourist Visa on Arrival Enabled-Electronic Travel Authorization (TVoA-ETA)” scheme, the Indian government requires that tourists notify at least 4 days in advance and complete an online application form, and pre-authorization of visa must be given prior to arrival which otherwise is not stated elsewhere.

The Tourist Visa on Arrival-Electronic Travel Authorization (TVoA-ETA) scheme was introduced last year to facilitate short duration visits by travelers from as many as 44 countries. We strongly recommend travelers to go to e-Tourist Visa Application to obtain their visa pre-authorization at least 4 days before travel to avoid any hassles at Indian airports.

To learn more about who is eligible and the fees and documents required, visit Indian Tourist Visa On Arrival.