USCIS Announces H1B Cap Reached For 2023 – No Second Lottery

UPDATE: On August 23, 2022, the USCIS announced that they have reached the H1B cap for FY2023, which means there will be no more lotteries this year. They have completed sending out non-selection notifications to registrants.

It has been reported by immigration attorneys and petitioners that the USCIS has begun issuing H1B cap non-selection notices, which is an indication that there will not be a second H1B lottery for FY2023. 

H1B FY2023 Lottery Results

The USCIS reported that they received 483,927 H1B cap registrations and selected 127,600 of them to meet their annual cap quota of 85,000, taking into account the possibility of denied or abandoned visa applications. This means that the USCIS accepted way more applications than their quota. The total number of registrations received during the first lottery of FY2023 was an increase of over 56% compared to FY2022, which also explains the lack of a second lottery when compared to last year’s numbers. 

Will There Be No Second 2023 H1B Lottery?

It does appear that the USCIS has reached their quota, meaning that a second lottery will not be held. However, the USCIS has not made an official announcement regarding this as of yet.

For those accepted for FY2023, applications were required to be filed by June 30, 2022. To check your status, have your petitioner visit the USCIS website. If you previously had a status of “submitted”, likely this will now say ‘not selected’. 

We will update our news as soon as an official announcement is made by USCIS. 

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