July 2024 Visa Bulletin Predictions

The June 2024 Visa Bulletin, much like its predecessors, brought a string of positive shifts in priority dates. Typically, when we see a significant amount of shifts in priority dates, we don’t see the following announcement bringing a large volume of shifts in priority dates as well. Much to our continued surprise, the number of positive shifts in June 2024’s Visa Bulletin rivaled that of the previous months. The June 2024 Visa Bulletin brought a significant number of shifts both in the Family-Based and Employment-Based categories.

Since we have been seeing so many unprecedented positive shifts in priority dates this year, is it reasonable for us to hope that the July 2024 Visa Bulletin announcement will continue to bring large amounts of positive shifts, even in categories that have serially seen positive shifts this year? Well, let’s see.

Given the substantial positive shifts in June 2024, it is reasonable to be skeptical about how this will impact the July 2024 Visa Bulletin. Historically, after several months of positive changes, we might expect a period of stabilization or even a slowdown in shifts. However, 2024 has been a unique year with consistent positive changes each month. This could mean that the USCIS is continuing to push for more efficient processing and clearing backlogs.

If this trend continues, we could see more positive shifts in July 2024. The commitment shown by the USCIS to streamline visa processing and handle high volumes of applications efficiently suggests that the momentum of positive changes might not slow down just yet. However, it’s important to stay cautious and prepared for any adjustments.

Impact of the New USCIS Guidance for Family-Based Immigrant Visas

On May 22, 2024, the USCIS released new guidances for Family-Based Immigrant Visas, which could affect the results of the July 2024 Visa Bulletin. This new policy specifically addresses how the USCIS handles family-based immigrant visa petitions, such as Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) and, in some cases, family-based Form I-360 (Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant).

One of the major updates requires petitioners to provide the beneficiary’s current address and state their preference for either consular processing or adjustment of status. Additionally, the USCIS now has a clearer procedure for handling errors in approval notices. If there is a mistake in your approval notice, you can contact the USCIS to correct it.

These changes are designed to make the process more efficient and clarify procedures for applicants and their beneficiaries. By reducing delays and making procedures more straightforward, the processing of family-based petitions could speed up. This might influence the cut-off dates and availability of visas in the July 2024 Visa Bulletin, potentially resulting in more positive shifts.

Predictions for the July 2024 Visa Bulletin

As we look forward to the July 2024 Visa Bulletin, we remain hopeful for more positive shifts in priority dates. The consistent positive changes we’ve seen this year give us reason to be optimistic. However, it’s essential to stay cautious due to the high demand for visas.

The new USCIS guidance for family-based visas could mean faster processing and fewer delays, which might lead to more positive shifts in the Family-Based categories. However, the Employment-Based categories may not see as much movement, as June did not show shifts in these categories.

Overall, while we can’t rule out the possibility of stagnant priority dates or even slight retrogression, the proactive steps taken by USCIS suggest that more positive shifts could be on the horizon. Let us stay hopeful and watch for the July 2024 Visa Bulletin with optimistic anticipation.

July 2024 Visa Bulletin Release Date

Based on recent trends, we expect the July 2024 Visa Bulletin to be released anywhere between June 10, 2024, and June 14, 2024.

Check back as soon as the bulletin is released for our complete breakdown of priority date changes and updates.

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