June Visa Bulletin: EB-1 Retrogresses Extensively

US State Department just released the Visa Bulletin for June and the severe EB-1 retrogression stands out conspicuously. This category of employment based visas has final action dates going back by over two years. While Path2usa had predicted this after seeing last month’s movement, this category is still severely hit. There is little movement in the remaining categories.

EB-1 India stood at Feb 22, 2017 in last month’s bulletin but went down to January 1, 2015 this time. This doesn’t look like it will move forward too much for another three months or so. This is a reflection of how many EB-1 petitions are coming in from India that are waiting for a visa number. In order to take advantage of the little time that is left in May, potential EB-1 applicants who have a priority date between February 22, 2017 and January 1, 2015 should plan on filing for I-485 adjustment of status before this extreme retrogression becomes effective on June 1st. Moreover, it is important to note that in June, USCIS plans to focus on and accept employment-based adjustment of status applications from foreign nationals with a priority date that is current for final action.

As for the other categories, there has been little movement. EB-2 has moved by three days. EB-3 filing dates continue to remain static at July 1, 2009. Having said that, and like outlined in last month’s bulletin news, EB-3 continues to be ahead of EB-2 which will instigate EB-2 petitioners to downgrade to EB-3 in order to expedite their own cases. This is evident under the “Final Action Dates” where EB-2 India is at April 19, 2009 while the cutoff date for EB-3 India is over two months later, at July 1, 2009. Also, for “Filing Dates” EB-2 India is at June 1, 2009 while EB-3 India is favorable at April 1, 2010.

Where do you stand with your case based on these dates for June? If your priority dates are current, and the beneficiary is in the US, then they can file for I-485. Else, the petition will be sent out to NVC.
Stay tuned for more updates coming your way.