Need For Mandatory Health Insurance For US Immigrants Temporarily Halted By US Courts

In October 2019, The Trump administration had imposed a rule that all foreign visitors applying for immigrant visas to the US should have an approved health insurance to qualify for a visa or else be deemed a public charge.

Similar to the recent dissolution of the Public Charge ruling, a federal judge from the District courts in New York has ruled that the mandatory requirement for health insurance to get an immigrant visa to the US is temporarily halted.

This temporary hold on immigrants requiring to mandatorily purchase a limited or temporary insurance plan is effective until the national emergency has been called off in the US.

Having said that, traveling to the US during the pandemic is a risky proposition. Given how expensive medical treatments are in the US, it is highly recommended that you get travel medical insurance that can give you peace of mind when traveling. 

Covid Travel: Get Travel Medical Insurance Covering Coronavirus

Need For Mandatory Health Insurance For US Immigrants Temporarily Halted By US Courts

Exorbitant medical costs in the US is a well known fact. Immigrants to the US making a short term visit to the US should be followed by purchasing a short term heath insurance. Not having visitors insurance can not only expose you to tremendous financial risks but also put your healthcare in jeopardy in an emergency situation wherein you might need immediate medical attention.

Today it is easy to purchase visitors medical insurance for the USA in under 5 minutes. Be it elderly parents visiting their families or visitors traveling to the US for a short period on a temporary non-immigrant visa, it is always advisable to travel with a visitors travel and medical insurance and a trip insurance.

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