New Airport Rule: TSA Implements Strict Measure On Uncharged Electronic Devices For Better Security

You will not be able to fly to the USA, if your mobile does not turn on!

Some direct flights to the USA from foreign airports will require their passengers to turn on their electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players etc before they can board the flights. The Department of Homeland Security has implemented this enhanced security, in immediately effect, as the authorities encounter threat of explosives hidden on such devices. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials also said that these measures have been taken to detect new generation explosives which can escape the security screen under the present protocol.

During the security screening at the airport, the security officers may ask passengers to power up some of their electronic devices to prove that they are real and are in no way potential terror threat of disguised explosives. Passengers boarding flights to USA, will not be allowed to board the flight if their electronic devices do not power-up and the traveler might have to go through additional screening.

Certain airlines like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, has already communicated to its US-bound passengers that they will not be allowed to board the flight if their electronics devices do not turn on. British Airways also added that it will be happy to cover the cost of shipping dead electronic devices till the passenger get accustomed to the new rule.

Measures To Take Before You Travel Under This New Law –

  • Charge your electronic devices before you board the flight, possibly at home, at the airport or at the waiting lounge.
  • Make sure you have all your electronic devices in your hand-bag/carry-on baggage to avoid any threat inspection on check-in bags.
  • Make sure you arrive atleast 3 hours before the departure time, in order to facilitate any inspection, if any, to avoid missing your flight.
  • Be prepared for extra security screening.