New Indian Immigration Forms: Arrival, Departure Forms And Customs Forms

Discontinuation of filling up of Departure (Embarkation) Card by foreign nationals and Arrival (Disembarkation) Card by Indians and Implementation of new Departure/Arrival cards

Effective March 2014, the Indian Immigration system has made changes to arrival, departure, and custom forms. The immigration department of India has taken a smart move to provide travelers with small and to-the-point forms at the airport. These forms are now less extensive and straight-to-the-point, making your trip to the airport a bit less of a hassle.

Foreign nationals including PIO / OCI card holders will continue to fill in the Disembarkation Card upon arrival; However,
Foreign nationals are no longer required to fill out the Embarkation Card – also known as the Departure Form – when traveling out of India.

Indian citizens traveling abroad are, however required to fill out the Embarkation Card (Departure form) and submit it to the immigration authorities. While they are returning back to India, upon arrival, Indian citizens are no longer required to fill in Disembarkation Card (Arrival Form).

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Arrival Form / Disembarkation Card
Departure Form / Embarkation Card
Indian Customs Declaration Form
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