New Insurance Product Provides Protection Against U.S. Port of Entry Denials

While the U.S. is an extremely popular travel destination, recent administrative orders resulting in port of entry denials for some travelers have created a great deal of confusion and worry among many international tourists. With the amount of money spent on an international trip abroad, many travelers fear the risk of financial burden, should any issues arise when trying to enter the country. ChoiceAmerica, a new travel insurance policy that was recently launched is said to remedy many of these fears, as it’s the first in its class to provide coverage for border entry denials.

ChoiceAmerica Insurance can provide financial protection for individuals traveling for tourism, leisure, or family related purposes, should their entry into the U.S. be denied by the CBP. Port of entry denials can be extremely stressful situations to navigate and lack of protection for such an incident could easily result in various unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses. The plan provides coverage for the cost of one economy class common carrier airline ticket and any airline change fees as long as the policy was purchased prior to embarking on the trip.

In addition to coverage for border entry denials, ChoiceAmerica has many other unique benefit options such as:

  • coverage for adventure sports and amusement park injuries
  • limited pre-existing condition coverage
  • coverage for loss of passport and essential travel documents, and more.

ChoiceAmerica Insurance, launched by VisitorsCoverage Inc., is an insurance policy that meets the needs of international travelers to the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. With the present administrative conditions in the U.S., this plan is especially good for elderly travelers like parents, traveling from the Indian sub-continent and Asia. For more information on this one-of-kind travel insurance policy, visit ChoiceAmerica Insurance.