New Online US Visa Appointment Scheduling System – A Success or Struggle?

As of July 29, 2023, the log in, profile, and appointment scheduling pages for US visas have a new look and URL. This new system was a migration of USTravelDocs and VFS Global into one new online platform to make US visa appointment scheduling in India, as well as customer service inquiries, streamlined. However, recent online comments and posts have painted a picture of frustration and confusion for those trying to navigate the new system.

New Online US Visa Appointment Scheduling System Details

The new applicant portal is specifically for those in India who are applying for US visas. This portal allows you to log in, view your dashboard, pay your visa fees, and schedule your visa interview appointment. You can also contact customer service if you need assistance. 

How to Log In to the New US Visa Scheduling System

First, navigate to the new URL for the login page, which is If you had an account on the old visa appointment scheduling system, you can use your existing email ID to sign-up and recreate your account in the new system, or you can create a new account if it’s your first time.


There is also a new customer service email for the new platform:  [email protected].

Will Confirmed Appointments in the Old System Be Migrated Over?

Applicants who already have confirmed appointments from the previous platform may proceed with their appointments as scheduled. However, you still need to sign-up and recreate your account on the new system after July 29.

Do I Have to Re-pay My Visa Fee in the New System?

If you paid your visa fee already in the previous system, but have not scheduled an appointment yet, sign-up and recreate your profile on the new system and proceed with appointment scheduling. You do not need to pay the visa fee again if you have a valid payment receipt to schedule your appointment.

If you paid your visa fee on the old platform before July 29, but didn’t associate the payment with your profile, sign-up and recreate your profile on the new system and claim your receipt by entering in your payment receipt number into the new system.

Reported Bugs and Issues With New US Visa Scheduling System

Unfortunately, it appears that many users are experiencing issues since the migration to the new US visa appointment scheduling platform. These reported issues range from not seeing paid fees registered in the new system to bugs while filling out forms, preventing users from completing their scheduling process. There has also been talk that the customer service team is unresponsive and not helpful when reporting issues.

These reported issues are surely frustrating for those who are trying to complete their scheduling process for their visa and are unable to. It seems that changes and updates need to be made to the new platform to eliminate bugs and clear up confusion around migrating old accounts to the new system. 

Tips for Setting Up Your Account on New US Visa Scheduling System

If you are setting up your account on the new US visa scheduling website, follow these tips and tricks to help ensure you do so correctly and can access your old information:

  • Make sure your email matches the email you used in your previous account.
  • Use the exact same login credentials as the previous portal.
  • Contact customer service if you have trouble logging into your account.

Even with documented issues with the new system, neither officials from US or India have publicly acknowledged or commented on the matter. It could be that they are working behind the scenes to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible and are waiting to give an update until they can offer a solution.

We will continue monitoring this situation and will provide updates if the US or India releases a statement on the new US visa scheduling system issues.