Renew Your TSA PreCheck & Global Entry Memberships – They Could Be Expiring Soon

For all those travelers who signed up to get the perks of shorter wait lines and faster boarding at airports through TSA PreCheck and Global Entry options will need to renew their memberships soon. TSA PreCheck started in December of 2013 and Global Entry in 2008 with its second renewals now will have at least 45,000 renewals coming soon. This is from over 5.5 million members in total currently signed up.

How to find out if your TSA PreCheck and Global Entry memberships are still valid?

Look out for a notification coming from TSA & Global Entry. Else set up a account on CBP’s Trusted Traveler website and get the information there.

TSA PreCheck

  • Depending upon your contact preference, you will get this notification either via email or phone three months in advance.
  • Next year, notices will be sent out six months in advance.

Global Entry

  • Global Entry members receive four notices. This comes between six months before expiration and the last one 30 days before expiration.
  • An email is sent when membership lapses.
  • Global Entry expiration can be verified on the physical ID card as well

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How Can You Renew Your TSA PreCheck and Global Entry memberships?

TSA PreCheck

  • TSA PreCheck can be renewed six months before expiration.
  • This can be done at an enrollment center or online with a ‘Known Traveler Number’ (KTN)
  • Approval is slated within two weeks
  • In some cases, a new biometric scan will be needed, and so in such cases, renewal will have to be done in person only.

Global Entry

  • Global Entry can be renewed a year in advance
  • Original application should be refilled and an in-person interview scheduled.
  • If renewed early, the traveler can continue to use the benefits for up to six months after expiration date while the renewal is finalized.
  • Those who wait until after the membership expires lose all benefits until their renewal application is processed.

Once renewed, here’s how to ensure you have everything covered regarding TSA PreCheck & Global Entry –

  • Verify all personal details are correct. If it doesn’t match the flight reservation, traveler won’t get to avail the perks of TSA PreCheck.
  • Add the KTN or Global Entry membership number to each flight reservation for quick access
  • Add the KTN and Global Entry membership number to the frequent flier account, if available. But still manually add it to the reservation anyway.
  • Check in online 24 hours in advance and confirm TSA PreCheck option there.
  • Always keep the memberships valid.

Important Points to Remember Regarding the TSA PreCheck and Global Entry –

Advantages of having TSA Pre Check and Global Entry

Advantages of TSA PreCheck and Global Entry

TSA PreCheck provides expedited security screening benefits for flights departing from U.S. Airports. Global Entry provides the TSA PreCheck benefit plus expedited US customs screening for international air travelers when entering the United States. These are the advantages of having them –

  • Since vetting of each traveler is done beforehand, they are privileged to stand in much shorter security lines
  • Boarding is much faster since screening is complete
  • Can get all formalities done online with minimum paperwork
  • Besides forgoing long lines, members get to keep their shoes, belts and light jackets on and leave their electronics and liquids in their carry-on bag.
  • Getting Global Entry gets the traveler automatically eligible for TSA PreCheck.

For information on TSA PreCheck and Global Entry stay tune here for the latest updates.