Stick to Three-Month Agenda or Risk Losing US Visa

In another jolt to the visitors visiting the United States, tighter regulations continue to be the norm. They now should have a concrete three-month plan for their visit. Any deviation or change from the plan will result in an immediate denial of any future visas or a request for a change in status. This is among many other reasons why your US Visa could be denied.

In a missive circulated among US Embassies around the world, the US Secretary of State outlined a strategy of strict adherence to a set three-month game plan of the visa applicant that they should follow through. Should they do something along the lines of getting a new job, applying for school or getting married to a US citizen and failed to mention the same in the visa interview, it would be presumed that they deliberately lied. This would result in denial of any visa renewals, new visas or a request for change of status like permanent residency. If still in the US after such a change is found out, the visitor could even be deported.

Although changes of plans after the three-month mark will still lead to extreme vetting of the visa applicant, he would not be considered to have willfully misrepresented any information. This is especially applicable to the visitors from Asia and Africa and exempt for US allies like Australia, New Zealand and Japan who do not need a visa or an explicit travel, business or educational plan before coming to the US.

Executed with an intention to stem visa abuse, this would mean a drastic cut into the 10 million visas issued yearly to support the US tourism industry. To prepare for such an interview Visitor Visa Interview Questions gives a guideline of what kind of questions to expect during an interview with a consular officer. Either ways, visitors to the US must ensure they have a solid three-month game-plan as they prepare for the visa interview to strengthen chances of getting the visa. And stick to it to make sure that you can come back someday!