The Safety of Cruises by SafeCruise

Summer has rolled in and among other activities, a cruise is one of the most popular summer things to do. Surrounded by oceans on three sides of the country, cruises have come to being the next big thing on the travel map for a lot of people. With more than 30 million cruise-goers expected to set sail this year, it is pegged to be on top of many traveler’s lists.

In addition to the obvious opportunities to visit new shores and explore new cultures, modern-day cruises also offer all-inclusive customized packages, adventure activities and themed excursions. However, with this comes the risks associated with sailing on remote seas, being exposed to other travelers in closed spaces leading to illnesses. An often-neglected part of finalizing plans for the cruise travel is failing to get coverage for it. This not only puts the passenger at great risk but also limits remedial options should something unfortunate occur. With options like SafeCruise that provides cruise-specific insurance for cruise-goers, one can mitigate a lot of such debacles and ensure a stress-free cruise journey.

In looking at some of the potential risks of sailing and seeing the beneficial coverage SafeCruise provides, the following alleviates the stress and let’s every cruise goer sail away with peace of mind:

  • Emergency Evacuation: Being on remote parts of the ocean, inaccessible from land coverage for emergency evacuation is crucial. Should a serious injury or illness occur that the medical staff onboard cannot treat, evacuation provided by SafeCruise could be a decision between life and death.
  • Cancel for any reason: A unique offering from SafeCruise is the option to cancel for any reason whatsoever, even two days before departure, and get the entire amount refunded. While some cruise lines do offer to refund part percentages, they do so only before a longer date from departure. The last-minute cancellation from SafeCruise is a unique advantage.
  • Cruise Cost Coverage: Cruise trips are an expensive proposition ranging from $2000 to $15,000 per person. If your trip is cancelled or merely interrupted for unforeseen reasons each passenger can get up to 150% of the trip cost covered for interruption and up to 100% for a cancellation. SafeCruise insuring reimbursement and that all your money hasn’t sunk is big assurance when taking such a trip.
  • Concierge Service: The option of having access to a 24-hour helpline is very beneficial when stepping into another country. What to pack based on the weather, or required vaccinations and other precautions are just a call away and SafeCruise will have all your answers anytime of the day or night you want to know.
  • Medical Coverage: Lastly, like any long trip, cruises pose the risk of being exposed to sudden illness that medical staff onboard may not be able to treat. SafeCruise’s medical coverage enables you to seek out treatment while docked on land and ensuring you can continue enjoying the rest of your cruise vacation.

Seeing how SafeCruise insurance offers handpicked benefits, which satisfy all the travel insurance needs of cruise goers, it should be an essential part of planning your next cruise trip and ensure you have peace of mind for a memorable vacation.