Top Visa Questions & Answers – January 2023

The US Embassy and Consulate in India is keeping track of the most common visa questions asked each week and has been doing an excellent job of ensuring that those questions are answered on both their Facebook page and their website. 

Here are some of the most recent questions asked and answered in January of 2023: 

Q: Will more student visa appointments be opened soon?

A: Visa appointments, for both first time and previously refused students, have been filled for January 2023. Currently, the US Embassy has not made any mention of when more appointments will be released, but to continue checking their website for any openings. 

They also recommend talking to your school about delaying your program start date or deferring admission if you haven’t received an appointment already.

Q: If my Immigration Visa was “skipped”, what do I do and when can I expect to receive updates?

A: The US Embassy in India reports that there was a glitch in their scheduling system, which led to a number of immigrant visa cases being “skipped”, meaning that they were not scheduled according to their place in the queue. 

However, all of these skipped cases have now been scheduled. If you are a skipped applicant and have not yet been contacted to schedule your interview, you should receive communication in due time. The US Embassy in India is currently experiencing longer than normal processing times.

If you believe your case was skipped, you can submit an expedite request to [email protected] with your case information and any details you may have.

Q: When will first time B1/B2 visa interview appointments be available?

A: Recently, more than 200,000 B1/B2 interview appointments were made available – be sure to check online regularly to look for any open appointments. More appointments will continue to be released as resources permit.

Q: Can I return to India temporarily for a dropbox appointment to renew my H1B visa?

A: If you are an H1B applicant or H4 visa holder, you may use the interview waiver, or dropbox system, to renew your visa, just as long as you are applying in your country of nationality or residence. However, if you are temporarily visiting India from the US just to renew your visa, you are urged not to leave the US until you have scheduled your renewal appointment. 

Q: When will visa interview appointments that were canceled due to COVID-19 be rescheduled?

A: You can reschedule your appointment on the US Travel Docs website when the consulate contacts you to do so.

Q: When will F class visa interview appointments be available?

A: The US Embassy in India is uncertain when more appointments will be available, but these processes have been resumed. They urge you to check for updates regularly on the US Travel Docs website.

Q: Are COVID-19 vaccinations required to enter into the United States?

A: Yes, if you are over 18 years old and are traveling into the United States, you are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and are expected to carry proof of vaccination with you.

Check back for more updates on new visa questions and answers as the US Embassy in India continues to update their website and Facebook page with more information.

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