Travel Medical Insurance For US Visitors With Pre-Existing Conditions

Planning a vacation to the US, Mexico or Canada or, visiting a relative there is always an exciting prospect. Having those plans marred by illness is not. What is worse, is hesitating to go on this trip because you have a pre-existing health condition and are unable to meet the exorbitant expenses related to your illness. 

2019 saw over 75 million international visitors to the US out of which, approximately 25 million of these visitors had a pre-existing health condition. While private health insurances do not have to cover for pre-existing conditions and most travel medical insurance plans do not offer such coverage. A visitor to the US is left with few options.

An average hospital stay in the US costs over $10,000 and this amount greatly varies depending upon the health condition. Dealing with such huge medical costs in the US and Canada can be a daunting affair for non-US citizens who are visiting their families here. Coupled with an already existing health condition that needs continuous treatment or doctor visits, planning a trip seems almost impossible for many. However, travelers to the US, Canada and Mexico can explore a couple of ideal travel medical insurance plans that are designed to cover pre-existing conditions and will give you peace of mind during your trip.

Before that let’s define pre-existing health conditions and what falls under that.

How Do You Define a Pre-Existing Condition?

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions or other health problems that existed before the date of an individual’s enrollment or effective date of a travel health insurance plan. Examples of pre-existing conditions include but not limited to chronic illnesses like: diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, lupus, sleep apnea,asthmaand pregnancy.

These pre-existing conditions vary from person to person depending on their unique medical history or record.

Before purchasing a travel medical insurance, it is important to review each plan description because definitions of pre-existing conditions vary by plan. 

What is the Difference Between Pre-existing and Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions?

Pre-existing ConditionAcute Onset of Pre-Existing Condition
Any injury, illness, sickness, disease, or other physical, medical, mental or nervous condition, disorder or ailment that, with reasonable medical certainty, existed at the time of application or at any time during the X years prior to the effective date of the insurance plan.A sudden occurrence or manifestation of the pre-existing condition which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning either in the form of Physician recommendations or symptoms.  
Some travel insurance plans like INF Elite and INF Premier cover both Pre-existing as well as acute onset of pre-existing conditionsOnly some travel insurance plans cover like Cover America Gold cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions but not both.

Which Travel Medical Insurance Plans Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Most travel insurance plans are meant to provide either limited or comprehensive coverage for emergencies, accidents and any new and unexpected injury or illness that may occur while abroad. It is not meant to replace the domestic or preventative care the insured would receive at home for existing conditions. Having said that, pre-existing conditions should not discourage people from traveling or visiting family if they are based abroad.

INF Elite

A comprehensive insurance plan for non-US citizens, US expats and eligible dependents that provides complete coverage for pre-existing conditions. Doctor’s appointments, lab procedures, specialist care, urgent care visits and hospital stays arising from pre-existing conditions are covered up to the eligible maximum. This is a short-term insurance plan.

For more information on this plan, Pre-Existing Visitors Insurance has details regarding network, policy maximum and deductibles.

INF Premier

A short-term limited insurance plan for non-US citizens, and eligible dependents that covers a fixed amount for a limited service arising from the pre-existing conditions in the insured. This covers doctor’s visits and hospital stays and lab tests to the eligible maximum.

For more information on this plan, Pre-Existing Visitors Insurance has details regarding network, policy maximum and deductibles.

Over 69% of the leading influencers for travelers deciding whether to purchase travel medical insurance is health concerns. Do not let pre-existing health conditions prevent you from taking a trip to the US, Canada or Mexico. There are travel medical insurance plans covering pre-existing conditions and giving you peace of mind during your trip.