U.S. Consulates in India Implement New Scheduling Process for 221(g) Appointments

When applying for a visa, there can be several reasons why your visa application may be refused or denied. If your visa is denied due to missing information or documentation, your visa application will be ineligible under section 221(g). 

If you are refused or denied, you’ll be given a 221(g) form with instructions and further information regarding what is required from you. Follow the instructions given to you on the form and get together all necessary documents or information requested from you. You’ll then typically be required to schedule a follow up appointment with the U.S. consulates to resolve your issue. However, this process is now changing for those making a follow-up appointment in India.

For more information on 221(g) forms, read our easy to follow guide here.

New Scheduling Process for 221(g) Appointments

It has been announced that the U.S. consulates in India have implemented a new process for follow-up appointments in India after receiving a 221(g) refusal notice. Rather than scheduling your follow-up appointment via the CGI Federal portal, you are now permitted to appear for a follow-up interview in one of the following ways: 

  • You’ll be notified by the U.S. consular post of your new follow-up appointment’s date and time, or
  • You may be advised by the U.S. consulate to appear for your follow-up interview on any business day during a specific given time range.

This new process makes it easier for applicants denied under 221(g) to have a follow-up interview in a timely manner, rather than hoping for interview availability while scheduling online through the CGI Federal portal. This change has been made in an effort to decrease the current backlog that still exists for visa hopefuls due to the COVID-19 pandemic.