United States Tightens Entry Requirements on Foreign Nationals Entering the US

Late December 2015, certain foreign nationals traveling to the United States were denied entry, specifically Indian students entering the U.S. to pursue academic studies. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian students were denied entry by U.S. Immigration authorities even though they were in possession of valid student visas.

Several instances of denial have been made towards Indian students coming to study at two Silicon Valley educational institutions in particular, including Silicon Valley University in San Jose, California and Northwestern Polytechnic University in Fremont, California. However, other Indian nationals, such as those traveling for business or tourism purposes, have also been denied entry as well.

These instances serve as a reminder to both Indian nationals and other foreign nationals entering the U.S. that security at U.S. entry points has become stricter in recent months, and foreign citizens should therefore be sure to bring along sufficient supporting documentation when traveling to the United States. Foreign ministry advises those traveling to the U.S. to take documentation including details of their accommodations in the U.S., means of financial support, medical arrangements, and visa sponsorship.

Even foreign nationals traveling with a valid visa are subject to denial of entry into the United States. Factors such as not carrying sufficient supporting documentation or failing immigration interviews could result in denial. As a result of the United States’ more recent tightening of entry requirements, travelers are advised to thoroughly prepare their documentation prior to departing for the U.S.

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