USCIS Online Accounts Now Available to New Immigrants Upon Paying Immigration Fee

It was recently announced that upon paying the USCIS Immigration Fee, new immigrants can also create a USCIS Online Account. Creating an online account will allow new immigrants to easily track the status of their Green Card, receive electronic notifications and case updates, and change and update mailing addresses all in one easy to access portal.

In order to create an online account, new immigrants will need to first verify their identity through a series of questions based on their individual immigration history as well as information listed on their passport, immigration visa, visa application, and immigration petition for security purposes and identity protection. Failure to correctly answer each question will result in account access denial until the identity of the individual can be properly verified. Should this occur, new immigrants also have the option of making an appointment at a local USCIS office to have their identity verified in person upon arriving in the U.S.

Creating an online account is completely voluntary and can only be done by the new immigrant, even if the USCIS immigration fee was paid for by another individual. Should you decide not to create an online account, you can still track the status of your green card using the case status online service by inputting your receipt number from your immigration fee payment.