USCIS Website: New Look and Enhanced Case Status Tool

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) launched its website with a new look and better case status tool on Friday, Nov 7,2014. The update on the USCIS official website is the result of taking action on customer feedback. The new site integrates new user-friendly icons and tabs that provide easy-to-navigate sections on the site. Users can now access the Case Status toll right from their hand-held devices.

USCIS came up with the following new additions to its website:

  • The website now has better user experience because of its flat design.
  • Provides an ease in navigating different sections like news, outreach events, educational webinars, and other services.
  • The new website color makes it look coordinated.

New Website Look

uscis new site

What the New Case Status Tool Does Well?

Besides new website look, USCIS enhanced its case status tool with the following new and improved features:

  • The case status tool now provides better navigation.
  • It allows you to find information quickly & is more user intuitive than before.
  • You can now access the enhanced version of the tool on your mobile devices.
  • It has also simplified the signup process by using multiple step form submission instead of a single long form
  • The tool now includes case history, next steps and clearer information.

Case Status Tool New Layout

USCIS Website: New Look and Enhanced Case Status Tool
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Signup process is now divided into 3 steps –

  • Account Type
  • Personal Information
  • Security Information

In future, USCIS is expected to be working the same way to provide better customer services.