USCIS will accept cap-subject H-1B petitions for FY 2016 on April 1, 2015

Many of you have been waiting for the opening of the H-1 B visa filing dates, for the FY 2016. Your wait is finally over! USCIS will start accepting H-1 B visa petition from Wednesday, Apr 1, 2015.

The earliest working date for Cap-subject H-1 B Visa will be October 1, 2015 or later.

In preparation for the opening of the FY 2016 H-1 B Visa filing period, employers are encouraged to identify current & future employees, who need H-1 B visa status to be legally employed in the US. As, it would permit employers to recruit highly specialized foreign workers such as engineers, scientists and computer programmers.

H-1 B visa Cap Limit & Reservation for FY 2016:

Who are required to file H-1 B petition:

In case petition extends H-1 B Visa limit, the selection process will be :

Who are not subjected to annual FY limitations:

For More details on H-1 B visa, you can visit http://www.uscis.gov/eir/visa-guide/H-1 B-specialty-occupation/understanding-H-1 B-requirements

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