Visitor Visa Extensions Made Easier: What You Need to Know to About Form I-539

In keeping with the dual purpose of ensuring the system catches up with increasing number of incoming visitors to the US as well as continue modernizing their processes, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is accepting Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status online. This means that if you are a single applicant looking to extend your B1 business or B2 visitor’s visa, you may do so at a click of a button online without having to wait to mail it out. This is an integral change as overstaying your visa has a negative impact on all your future visits to the US.

This is part of a bigger eProcessing strategy that accelerates USCIS digital business model. Right from applying for a benefit, to communicating with USCIS and receiving a decision on a case, USCIS is moving towards a holistic digital sphere and creating a paperless solution across the board. Recently, USCIS had made huge changes to how the Form I-539 can be processed.

Who is the online I-539 Extension Process Applicable to?

  • B-1 temporary visitor for business,
  • B-2 temporary visitor for pleasure,
  • F-1 academic student with a specific status expiration date,
  • F-2 spouse or child of an academic student with a specific expiration date,
  • M-1 vocational student,
  • M-2 spouse or child of an M-1 student.

What are the advantages of eProcessing?

Going the technology route allows USCIS to improve transparency, availability and efficiency within their systems. Other advantages of online I-539 extensions are:

  • Mobility of use on any available device – computer, phone, or tablet;
  • Save time and push your application up the queue;
  • Complete all relevant parts of your application in the same sitting;
  • Track timelines of the extension application;
  • Receive faster online updates on each case and
  • Promptly receive the final decision.

For more information on when and how to apply for a visitor visa extension, follow path2usa.