Want to Increase Your Chances of Getting a US Student Visa? Promise to Leave After Graduation.

According to the recently revised Foreign Affairs Manual, the Department of State has emphasized the need to ensure that foreign students coming to the United States for college education have an exit plan in place before applying for the F1 student visa. Consular officers will be looking for evidentiary documentation that reflects stronger ties back home that will encourage the student to return after completion of the course. This is another by-product of “Buy American, Hire American” order touted by the Trump administration. One way of executing it is interpreting the law more rigidly than they have in the past, this time with prospective foreign students.

What are the changes?

A consular officer must be satisfied that the F1 visa applicant, at the time of the visa application:

How can prospective F1 students increase their chances of securing a visa?

Ways to do that would include –

Before ensuring that the student intends to leave the US after completing his coursework, it is important that he succeeds in securing the admission and the F1 student visa. Path2usa breaks down the steps on how to acquire a student visa.

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