What You Need If Your Parents Are Boarding A Flight Today

As travel slowly begins to resume, travelers are still wary and unsure of what to expect when flying during a pandemic. Will you be asked for a negative Covid test before boarding a flight? Does the airline provide a PPE kit on flight? 

10 Things You Need If Your Parents Are Boarding A Flight Today

Below we have chalked out your go-to checklist of things to have if your parents are boarding an international flight during the pandemic.

1 Travel Medical Insurance

In times of a pandemic, the first and foremost thing you need before taking a trip is a travel medical insurance plan that will not only ensure coverage for all Covid related illnesses but also protect you during your trip itself. A comprehensive travel insurance plan like CoverAmerica Gold provides coverage for Covid screening, treatment, a stipend during quarantine and even has $0 cancellation fees.

2 Leave for the airport earlier than planned

The temperature checks and social distancing norms enforced in most airports is causing extra processing times at airports. So as to not miss your flight, you are advised to arrive at the airport earlier than the stipulated 3-hour check in time.

3 Online Check-in

Most airlines are now encouraging checking in online before your arrival to the airport. Most airline counters are only available to assist those who couldn’t do so, like senior travelers. And baggage deposits.

4 Airport Amenities Discontinued

After check in formalities are completed, you will have to head directly to the gate of departure as most other waiting amenities like lounges and restaurants with seating will be closed.

Also, US Has Stopped Covid Screenings At International Airports

5 Carry Your Own Food, Blanket

In the spirit of not touching and moving around food carts, flights might offer only a single pre-packed meal. If your flight is longer, it is better to carry additional easy-to-eat meals. A light blanket of your own ensures you are not reusing one from the flight.

Especially for elderly parents who might be flying to the US, this is an important consideration.

6 Sanitizer & Disinfecting Wipes

Accessing high-touch areas like the restrooms calls for sanitizers and disinfecting wipes on hand. Always wipe down your chair as well as use sanitizers frequently to kill the Covid-19 virus.

7 Mandatory Mask, But Face Shield Too

Wearing a mask at all times is now mandatory both in an airport as well in the flight. Having an additional covering like a shield or even a pair of non-prescription glasses will be better than nothing.

8 Airport Assistance

For elderly parents who might not be able to navigate the elongated processes of airport security, several international airports offer wheelchair assistance. This can not only prove helpful but also speed up the security process.

9 At Arrival

Make sure all paperwork including passport and visitor visa is arranged neatly and accessible on arrival for the CBP officer to examine and process. Parents should be provided with a local address and phone number at the port of destination should they need to submit a local contact information.

10 Be There To Receive Them

After a stressful journey, it is most reliving to see you at the airport waiting to receive them. Make sure you are visible and available to do so.

Wish them a safe flight!