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B1 Visa Interview Questions - Questions Asked in US Business Visa Interview

The primary goal for the Business visa (B1 visa) interview is to verify all information presented in the application and to make sure that ,you (applicant) is indeed visiting USA for Business purpose and has a valid case, also applicant has enough ties back in your home country and the person will come back after the visit to USA. Expect questions targeted around the business and employer specific, purpose of the trip , proof of fund etc.

Following are the commonly asked questions during the B1 Business visa interview

  • Why do you want to travel to the USA?
  • What company do you work for?
  • What do you do?
  • What is your annual income?
  • Have u ever visited any other country ?
  • Can I see you Business/visiting card?
  • Who will look after your business in our absence(if you are a business man).
  • Do you have a credit card?
  • How many children do u have ? And where they are? What do they do?
  • Do you have any relatives in USA?
  • How long will you be staying in USA?
  • Will you work there?
  • Do you have any plan to extend your visa?
  • Do you have any plan to search for a Job in USA?
  • Will you attend any School there?
  • Who will pay for your trip ?
  • Do you have any specific Dates or plan for business events or meetings?
  • Will you come back?
  • How can you assure me that you will come back?
  • Who else is going with you ?
  • How many people are going with you from your company?