Schengen Visa Required While Travelling Lufthansa Posted by : Sushant On 04 Jan 2016

We booked our tickets 6 months in advance of the travel with Lufthansa airlines. On the way to Mumbai from Seattle we had only 1 stop at Frankfurt so we were not required to obtain Schengen visa (transit/short stay) but on our way back to Seattle our flight was booked from Mumbai to Munich, Munich to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Seattle. When we reached Mumbai airport we were told that we cannot fly without a valid schegen visa and we had to book tickets in Emirates which was 4 hours after the Lufthansa flight. It was a big hassel and Lufthansa airlines did not provide any notice/information in advance for us to be prepared. They did not provide any information while Online checkin as well and the website displayed an error with no information. We lost close to 3 thousand dollars and was a huge pain to travel with infant and child. Please review the visa requirements carefully while travelling via Schengen states where you have to board a domestic flight even if you are not planning to leave the airport

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Could It Be Illegal Posted by : Megeli On 09 Oct 2015

Could it be illegal that i can have a 5k cash loan on the cgarhe card that my ex continues to have us a user onto pay a superb bill that they owes in my experience but will not pay? (note i stated illegal no immoral)

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You Have To Remember Posted by : Jonah On 03 Oct 2015

You have to remember that a sleelr also has sleelr protection. What you should do is copy the card, and get the balance at 3 different times online. Once when the listing ends, once while it is in transit and once when the buyer just receives it. do it online this way you can get a screen printout to show to ebay in case the buyer says it doesn't work. That should be enough proof. and don't worry too much, a lot of people sell gift cards, they are just happy they are getting a deal.

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Port Of Entry Information Posted by : Pradeep On 05 Oct 2011


My LCA says the client location is New York, but i am going to work in New Jersey on another enagegemnt. Does this cause any problem? Do I need get a new LCA from my employer?


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Atlas America With Pre-Existing Coverage Rider Posted by : MS On 13 Jan 2009

We bought Atlas America Insurance with Pre-Existing condition rider for my father. The Pre-Existing condition clause clearly stated that covered upto $15,000.
My father had angioplasty done a year before he visited us. While he was here his pulse was running low (it could have turned fatal)and we took him to urgent care and from there to emergency. He needed a pacemaker to fix the things(Doctors clearly said that its nothing related to his previous state and this is an entirely new problem)(Not a pre-existing condition).But when the bills were sent to Atlas America they rejected each and every bill. The insurance also mentioned in their brochure that emergency expanses that lead to hospitalization is also covered but they rejected even all those claims.
So Atlas America neither paid on the grounds of pre-existing and nor on the grounds of new condition.
I feel all these insurance companies are a big scam and you are better without it because anyway they are not going to pay anything so why even spend on paying insurance premium.

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International Medical Group Pre-existing Condition Posted by : SM On 22 Jul 2008

A Chinese National co worker had purchased a “health insurance” policy from International Medical Group (IMG) through Sirius International called Patriot America. My co-worker required surgery on his sinus to remove a frontal and ethmoid mucocele (nasal blockage). To shorten the story and details what a piece of fraudulent work this company goes through avoiding payment on a claim. They first use the rule of a pre-existing condition existed so they don’t pay. Then when you counter and use the phase of the “acute sudden illness” condition for a reason to pay they counter with (to quote the 2nd denial letter) “The Patriot America Certificate of Insurance is a short term travel policy intended for persons traveling outside of their home country. It is not a comprehensive health policy and is intended for coverage of Accidents or sudden, acute Illnesses that do not result or arise from Pre-existing Condition as defined by the Certificate”.
Later upon searching the internet I have discovered they have been banned from doing business in Florida for non payment of claims and their marketing techniques of selling the policy as health insurance. They have failed to pay on other medical procedures like gall bladder surgery, claiming pre-existing condition. The way this company doesn’t pay even a simple appendectomy would be pre-existing. A heart attack would also be pre-existing because your heart attack was cause by pre-existing food you ate, or by the stress in your employment or even because your parent heart condition. Save your money and find a real health insurance policy.

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Optima Resources Inc, A Cheating Company Posted by : John On 28 Jan 2008

Dear Friends,
Following are the faults found with Optima or any other acting as consulting company:
1. First of all, there is no require to file visa fees and no experience required to work in the U.S.A
a)No Visa Processing Fee.
b)No Experience.
c)only up to P.G degree or 15 years education is necessary.
But Optima charges $4400=Rs. 2,00,000 approximately.
2. Before taking the visa fee these people doesn't notify the candidate that it takes long time to get visa stamped as it happened to me and am still waiting for 2 years to get my visa stamped.
3. Another loop hole is that they specify to approach for specified consulate to get visa stamped. Now this specified consulate when issues date for applying is unknown especially when applying from other region than the consulate where it is located.
4. Recently, Kuwait consulate announced that this company Optima is under suspicion of "Under Investigation".
5. And these people takes the exploitation of innocence of the people without refunding the visa fee.
6. I like to say in good faith to all the people who read this that there is immense of opportunity to exploit in India for jobs in Multinational companies. So, request to not to waste money and time.
7. Now,this people are not reponding and there existence is in doubt whether arrested or still operating.

Finally, request all the people from southeners applying to Optima to contact me to the following email id or contact number provided below as am also waiting for the dates to be issued by the specified consulate:
Your's Friend,
Mobile Number:9985077935

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Do Not Buy Insurance Posted by : Anand On 18 Jul 2006

My sincere suggestion to all the people is please do not buy Liaison International insurance. It seems like fraud insurance. I had very bad experience with Liaison. I purchased insurance from Liasion for my parents for five months by paying around 1800 dollars which had coverage of $100000. My mother had bad chest pain in the month of April and I had to take her to emergency, My mother became well in a week time. I had to keep her in hospital for couple days. They charged around 10000 dollars. Hospital has been sending me the bill sayimg that Liaison is not paying for hospital expenses. When I contacted liaison they have always been saying that they requested some paper work from hospital and they have not recieved it yet. I informed the same to hospital and then the hospital send me some papers showing that liaison did reject to pay the expenses. I tried to conatct Liaison again but they are not helping me

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Air Lines Posted by : Desi On 29 Dec 2005

I agree with Ram , I have expereince with IA ,BA ,Luft,AL Italia and Wir Emirates . Worst is AL Italia all same .Indian airlines is not that bad ,what crew can do if ppl behave improperly ,they throw all things /garbage here and their ,down seats ,keep toilet dirty i saw a person put plastic cup in flush .Throw all water make all nasty things and then Air lines .Most of times it depends on crew amny times crew direct properly and stop ppl doing nasty acts but many times i found crew a total "sarkari " chaap ...looks like they got job due to reservation in Indian arilines for SC/ST and keep watching suffering passengers .Many times crew behaves good . Most of time flight exp was good from London to US and worst from Mumbai to India ...

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One More To The List Of WORTHLESS COMPANIES - Posted by : victim of xterrasoft :-( On 26 Dec 2005

company is located in woodbridge-nj and one in new hamphsire -maybe for gc purposes. also has training shop in 72 c Woodbridge Terrace Woodbridge, NJ 07095. president's name is Vasu Vulichi and is a big Goonda/Chor of vijayawada/hyderabad and works in New York Times as Lotus Notes/Domino Admin.. three others in the company are his wife, Madhavi, stupid hr ppl- sharath,malathi. cheats everyone. mainly looks for Masters graduates so he can maximize the profits, tells sweet lies when it comes to hiring, but does not respond to emails or phone calls when it comes to payment, medical insurance, or visa related documents. charges for h1. does not pay in time. does not pay medical insurance though the offer letter says so. no vacation or sick time. manipulates any kind of documents, pay-stubs, resumes.threatens consultants when they want to leave the company.holds back a lot of salary due to consultants so that they cannot leave him. if they leave him, they should forget about the pending salary.cheats irs with tax manipulations.has another stupid accountant and ruthless attorney to help him cheat the consultants.

please do not join this company in any case... you will literally cry/be depressed for years for making such a big mistake!!!!

dol and ins are already on their way to shut his doors.

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