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Posted by: jennifer On 14 Feb 2017

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How I Caught My Husband Cheating

Posted by: suzan On 08 Feb 2017

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Posted by: Walter James On 04 Feb 2017

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Posted by: Mrs Bella Andrews On 14 Jan 2017

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My Experiences With United Airlines

Posted by: Hari On 20 Oct 2009

I was travelling alone with my kids from chennai by air india to dubai and was scheduled to travel from dubai to washington by united airlines. My final destination was atlanta.
Air india started about half an hour late but still bought me on time to dubai. United airlines was scheduled to start at 12.10 am and i was at the gate at 11.10 Pm. The united airlines agent refuesed to give me the boarding pass stating that it was 11.12 PM and gate was already closed. People were still boarding the aircraft. He said that it was Air india's fault that it bought me late and i had to contact air india to get my tickets booked the next day. Air india refused to comply saying that it bought me on time and since i had united airlines document i need to contact them.

I was made to schuttle between the two airlines and got nothing accomplished. United airlines was suggesting that i need to rebook my tickets via them or any other airline like Emirates. i went to Emirates which was located in another terminal (along with my kids who were getting restless) and they said that i need to pay 1500$ per ticket and only 3 tickets were available. I did not want to pay so much so i called United airlines customer service over the phone and rebooked my tickets. I could get the tickets only after 2 days. They were not willing to pay for accomodation in dubai . So i had to find a hotel by myself. I was asked to check out all my bags and then bring them back . In the so called baggage room there were around 2000 bags and i could not locate my bags. There was nobody who could help me at 3.00 Am in the morning . My 3 year old was crying like anything and my 7 year old was sleeping. Finally i found my bags at about 4.30 Am and checked in hotel at 6.00 Am.

When i came back after 2 days the united airlines flight was again delayed by 10 hours. I wanted to check in my bags and when my turn came they had booked the flight only for me and not for my kids from washington to Atlanta. My kids were booked on a separate flight from washington to charlotte and charlotte to Atlanta. I had to fight with them to get tickets together and finally succeeded. The flight took off at 9.00 am the next day.Even though i had requested vegeterian meals they did not have it listed. That was the last thing that could happen to me and finally i landed in washington 4 days after i had left chennai.

This was one of my worst experiences and i will never fly United again

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Experience In Mumbai-reg.

Posted by: rum On 31 Jul 2009

I travel once a year to india....but always beleived the fact that i should travel by indian airlines..a swadeshi attitude..
What i want to tell here is ...everything looked positive until i landed in India...i was supposed to go to trivandrum but we missed the connecting flight in mumbai...due to the delay of the previou flight ...which is an air india too...we lost our luggage and were asked to stay overnight at the airport until 3am and went through a bad checking procedure..with my 1 yr old kid crying...luckily they left us in a hotel. we left for trivandrum the following day noon by jet airways...well to make it short....plan your flights with atleast 5hr difference to avoid delays and held up...ask you travel agents to be very careful if going by indian that i switched to direct worries..thanks jet airways...i am being other things..

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Customs In Newark, NJ

Posted by: VP On 10 Feb 2009

This is my experience with Customs in Newark. My family packed some fruits for my son without informing me about it. In the customs declaration I filled out, I checked off the box which said that I was not carrying any fruits. At Newark, they were randomly selecting bags for screening. Unfortunately they asked me to put mine through the Xray machine and of course they saw the fruits. Since I did not declare it, I was fined $300.
This is just a note to anyone planning to bring in any fruits/vegetables.
There were some achar and some special rice and dal in the bag which the customs agent did not bother about. I guess they were only concerned about the fruits. My bad luck that they selected my bags for screening

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Posted by: DHUMIL PAREKH On 10 Feb 2009


I was travelling with my younger sister to India, Newark_london-Mumbai and we had the worst possible experience , all becoz of Virgin's mistakes & inefficiency. here's what happened:

We were delayed in departing from Newark by one hour purely because of the inefficient staff of Virgin Atlantic and not because of weather or any other reason.
As a result of which we reached London at 9:45 PM instead of 8:45 PM and we missed our connecting flight to Mumbai departing at 9:45 PM the same day.
The Virgin Atlantic staff again showed their ineptitude in helping passengers when they could not even apologise to us for their blunder. We were then put on British Airways flight 199 departing the next day, December 22 and informed by the Virgin Atlantic agent that all my 4 bags would be transferred to this new flight. We were given temp accomodation in one of nearby hotels, but to get there we had to use public transportation, at 1 AM in the night !! as all airport shuttles & cabs are gone by midnight. So pls avoid Heathrow too, if you can !!

Upon reaching Bombay, we did not get any of my bags back, and I filed a claim with British Airways claims dept and they put a tracker for these bags.

We did receive the 4 bags on 26 December 2008, but 2 Cordless phones, 3 MP3 players, one watch, one bottle of perfume and a packet of razors was stolen. We were terribly upset as a result of this and asked Virgin Atlantic to compensate us for this loss. But all they told me was to make a claim with British Airways as they checked in my bags from London !!

So finally I have claims being processed by BA, but I am not too hopeful if I'll get anything from them.

On my resturn flight, it was ok, no hassles, thankfully ! But do try & avoid VA if you can, its not worth it ! also, they have a limit on carry on luggage of 6 kgs !!

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Hyderbad To Newyork Flight

Posted by: Sri On 23 Jan 2009

Hello Friends,

I am planning to travel from Hyderabad to Albany,Newyork, ohio can any one please sugguest me how to find the cheapest airline ticket available form Hyderabad to Albany,Newyork.I have searched for some travel agent websites but coudln't find so if any one knows please help me out and also advice how can we block the ticket.

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My Experience With Alitalia Airlines

Posted by: Kiran On 08 Sep 2008

I travelled from Mumbai to Italy (Rome) to Chicago, I had a very bitter experience in this airlines, I would not recommend any one to take this Airlines to travel to US. The air hostess were service was pathetic. They do not really care whether you are thirsty or you need some service from them, no respect for passengers, it was a very bad flight experience for me, I would not suggest any one to take that flight to come to US(any location).

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