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B1 Visa Rejection Posted by : MS On 28 Jul 2016

I have seen many rejections before me, and most of them were F1.

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning, Can I have your passport?
(I have given)
VO: Purpose of visit?
Me: Application integration with customer instances, meeting customers etc...
VO: How long are you gonna stay?
Me: 2 Months
VO: What kind of training is you are gonna have that requires 2 months?
Me: Explained the meetings with the customer again..
VO started typing something on his computer. And told me that I am rejected and gave 214 (b) rejection letter.

Can somebody help me want went wrong, it has anything to do with the US election policies?

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ICICI Lack Of Knowledge About SSN And Credit Reports Posted by : Babu On 02 Sep 2014

It has been very frustrating that ICICI has been so ignorant of the sensitivity of SSNs. They prompt the customers to use the SSNs just like you ask for a phone number. This is really ridiculous and unprofessional of an institution where a lot of NRIs hold their accounts.

Even though you pull all three bureau credit reports for ten years, they still ask you for personal/sensitive information such as bank statements for the past six months, etc. when you apply for a NRI loan. I can even produce clean bank statements but can never cook up my credit report.

I could appreciate ICICI to some extent, but HDFC was the worst. Why don't these banks train their staff that work with NRIs and set procedures based on a good understanding about sensitive data?

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Bank Account Without SSN Posted by : eBizWhiz On 11 Dec 2010

There are very few banks in the US that would open a bank account for an individual without their SSN (or while its in process).
Anyone who needs to open a bank account in the US and is yet to receive an SSN can visit branches of
* Bank of America
* 5th 3rd Bank

I know for sure that these banks will open an account without a social security number. You need to contact them with your passport along with the US visa and the I 94 card.
They will make you sign a form where you declare that any tax related to your money in that account would be paid by you. Thats about it.

This is of much help to individuals who need to move to US or have recently moved. These banks may take your Hotel / workplace address however it would be prudent to request them to have your debit card and check book delivered to the branch itself. One can pick those up later from there.

This way one does not need to wait till the SSN is created and can start receiving their salary through ECS than by check.

Remember to update the bank of your confirmed address and SSN once you have settled in.

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ICICI Bank Thw WORST BANK EVER Posted by : Anil On 15 Apr 2008

I wish to share bad experience I had with ICICI, for the benefit of new visitors or new comers

I had to transfer my funds as deposited in NRI account (FD) to another NRI account with other bank in india.

It has been a month that I have been waiting for that transaction to get completed and worst of all, customer care doesn't even let you talk to higher authorities.

I googled the email of Mr.K.V.Kamath - CEO of that bank and surprise surprise even he doesn't care abt customer care issues.

Reportedly they have incurred losses in billions USD because of subprime mortgage crisis.

Their stock value toppled down in india just in the beginning of 2008, below expectations.

If you are really NAIVE ignore this message else treat this message as a billion dollar advice.

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Request Posted by : MK On 25 Jul 2010

I would like to know good apartments in white plains, NY. Certain factors that I am looking at is

1 - Good neighborhood
2 - Access to public transport


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What Type Of Complaint You Did In PineHills Apt Posted by : Kanthi On 15 May 2009

Hi Reddy,
I am also willing to join in this Appartments soon,as my office is near to this appartments.So here i would like to know what type of problems you got,how you compalined and how Denise was responded so that i can come to a conclusion.If possible mail me on kathy_3112000@yahoo.com

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Bad Credit, Credit Score, Apartment Leasing History All Are Bull Shit ... Posted by : Experiences in US On 16 Feb 2009

Bad Credit, Credit score, Apartment leasing history all are bull shit ... There a lot of vendors who offer you the services without any of the above checks.

All these checks are one way of generating employment to the lazy citizens who have no work. Jacks who play all day and have no work. Pink color to be used by ladies, apartments to be cleaned by authorized cleaners, 15% tips to stewards who serve nothing (as if we get tips for our hard earned work), employment tax. residence tax, commutation tax, birth tax (living safely), sex tax (having sex), dating tax, Primary physician (dumb headed idiot) whom you need to contact through out your life to cure a disease, Federal tax, state tax, county tax, apartment tax, road tax, car tax, VAT, sales tax, what bloody do we save at the end of the day ...???

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Apartment In Folsom, CA Posted by : Indian On 18 Jun 2008


I am looking for an apartment in Folsom,CA. Can anyone Please share information about a apartment.Where
1. Good communities reside
2.Walkable distance to a good public school.
3. Accesible to public transport.

Please send me the information at foraptinfo@yahoo.com

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Apartment In Sacramento Posted by : Indian On 18 Jun 2008


I am looking for an apartment in Sacramento.Can anyone Please share information about a apartment.Where
1. Good communities reside
2.Walkable distance to a good public school.
3. Accesible to public transport.

Please send me the information at foraptinfo@yahoo.com

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