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Morris mabel is my name and if you are scared, please reach
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Getting Fuel In The USA As First Time Visitors Posted by : mark On 19 Jan 2014

We came from Australia, where you get fuel and pay when finished, of course we found in the USA, you are expected to swipe a Credit Card etc first, delver fuel and go. ALAS the big catch, we had credit cards and travel cards (credit card like operation) BUT when swiped, the machines required a ZIP code, of course we don't have them resulting in us having to go into the shop, leave cash $50+ then coming back to get change or pay difference.

We were shocked by some of the gas stations, in that they were little more than fuel bowers with a person sitting in a little box with a small window to talk through, drove away from that type twice (without fuelling up) as could not trust the arrangemtns, we found SHELL and EXXON MOBIL stations Ok, as they ahd shops etc and nice staff in the ones we went to.

Bit of a shock, and certainly we apologies for holding up others..

Great service from both Avis and Thrifty rent a cars though, top!

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Passport Renewal Posted by : XYZ On 27 May 2011

i have been trying to get in touch with indian paaport office for last one week and no one picks up the phone at NY office. its really very fustrating.

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Affinity Credit Union Posted by : Ajith On 18 Oct 2007

Affinity Credit Union is very good for new comers. i opened account with just 5 dollars balance .I think they need some membership something like Friends of Whitmore ,then you can join them . I got account when Bank of America rejected my credit card .Recently after 1 yr i got my car loan transferred from PNC who charged 9.5% interest to Affinity at an interest of just 5.5% . Its of great help to Indians when we are here new and these big banks just ignore you .!!!!

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Dont Apply For Credit Card In The Initial Stages Posted by : ramu On 07 Jul 2007


This is for new commers...when we appy for the credit card in the intial stage,as we dont have any credit history...it would be rejected...so i suggest new commers to apply for only credit card when u pay bills 2/3 months (credit history is build uo by that time)on u r name..

If once u credit card is rejected then it will reduce u r credit history(I dont know the reason)..so i be careful...

Hope it helps you.

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Credit Unions Posted by : Sachin On 25 May 2007

Any credit union account holder can deposit and withdraw money from any other credit unions that are located near to your home. Example: DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) member can deposit or withdraw money form PCU (Premier Credit Union) and vice versa. DCU is good with better interest rates and no minimum charges for checking account even with zero balance. Most of the banks change monthly fee if we don’t maintain minimum balance.

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DCU - Any Membership ?? Posted by : mahesh On 04 Jun 2006


In case if someone can provide me his details so that I can become the member of DCU. He can send me his name and membership no at mahesh115@yahoo.com

I believe to become a member one needs to be referred by some existing member .

Appreciate a help

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DCU Looks Good Posted by : pk On 01 Mar 2006

They give unsecure credit card (BOA doesnt),and auto loan around 5.7% (good deal).Only con they dont have brances/ATMs all around.

DCU is the best credit union. I have account both in Bank of America (BOA) and DCU.

I feel comfortable and useful having account in DCU than BOA.Thats true.I support sriram

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Saved By This Forum Posted by : Visha On 19 Dec 2005

Thanks to the feedback about ICICI, we are saved from doing business with ICICI. I am sure we will make sure that hundreds others whom we can influence will also be saved from doing business with ICICI. Also hopefully thousands of others will read these facts about the negligence of ICICI bank and will be saved from doing business with them.

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Hdfcdirect Online Saving - Any Experience Posted by : shran On 08 Dec 2005

HSBCDirect is giving 4.0 % APY for online saving account. Does any one opened that account? Is account reliable? and Does any hidden charges or gimmiks ?
If any experience, Pl. share.

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