Getting Fuel In The USA As First Time Visitors Posted by : mark On 19 Jan 2014

We came from Australia, where you get fuel and pay when finished, of course we found in the USA, you are expected to swipe a Credit Card etc first, delver fuel and go. ALAS the big catch, we had credit cards and travel cards (credit card like operation) BUT when swiped, the machines required a ZIP code, of course we don't have them resulting in us having to go into the shop, leave cash $50+ then coming back to get change or pay difference.

We were shocked by some of the gas stations, in that they were little more than fuel bowers with a person sitting in a little box with a small window to talk through, drove away from that type twice (without fuelling up) as could not trust the arrangemtns, we found SHELL and EXXON MOBIL stations Ok, as they ahd shops etc and nice staff in the ones we went to.

Bit of a shock, and certainly we apologies for holding up others..

Great service from both Avis and Thrifty rent a cars though, top!

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Passport Renewal Posted by : XYZ On 27 May 2011

i have been trying to get in touch with indian paaport office for last one week and no one picks up the phone at NY office. its really very fustrating.

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Sameamway Trap! Posted by : newcomer to chicago! On 02 Dec 2006

I completely agree with the Amway Trap.I and my husband have recently moved here frm india,and in Walmart encountered with a desi couple,and he tried to be so friendly and smart,by mistake we gave away our ph nos to him, and he calls every alternate days that too from different,differnt phone numbers...Again we wer fooled by another desi-an elderly looking man in a vegetable market,took our no, and inviting us desperately,he said he is working with a topnotch IT company-both of them.

This has made us almost hate desis roaming around here..Its a pity!to hate our own countrymen due to such cheap tactics....we have tough time avoiding their ph calls,and finding reasons not to meet them.

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Close Encounters Of The AMWAY Kind Posted by : amwayTRAP On 06 Mar 2004

"Dont I know you? You look familiar."
I was browsing through the casuals section at J.C. Penney when these words fell on my ears. I raised my head to check if they were addressed to me and I found myself face to face with a widely grinning desi. Behind him stood his wife pushing a shopping cart laden with goods.

Had he met me under the same circumstances 3 years back I would have been very courteous and would have tried to explain to him that it was just a case of mistaken identity for I never forget a face. But then 3 years back I hadnt heard of Amway or their desi agents either, which was not the case now.

"Vikas my pal!" I nearly scream with pure delight and a sense of wonder on my face. His office badge peeping out of his pocket had told me I was being addressed by agent Vikas Rathi.

"How are you doing Vikas? Still eyeing that blonde coworker you have been talking about on egroups?" I said, pretending not to have noticed his wife behind him.

But I could see my barb about the blonde had her all interested and she shuffled her way forward and was now nearly standing next to her hapless husband.

"Oye saale! You got married?" I asked Vikas," you didnt tell us about it. When did it happen?"

Vikas was too stunned to respond so his wife said "Jan 2001, we saw each other in December and got married in Jan."

"Wow! but if I remember distinctly you had sent a mail on egroups saying you were going to India to see some maal bandhi, someone who was a bit spoilt but whose pop was pretty rich ! What happened to her?"

My broadside seemed to be very much on target, the smile had disappeared from his wifes face and a slight frown was beginning to break through.

In the mean time Vikas seemed to have found his voice - "I think there has been some mistake I dont think I know you."

The smile on my face widened not only had the hunter become the hunted but also I had tasted some blood. Not willing to let go that easily, I launched my next barrage.

"Come on arent you Vikas Rathi? You were right when you said I looked familiar."

"By the way bhabhi did he ever tell you about the last time we met? We both had spent the night in jail for eve teasing! It was his idea actually, there was this pretty girl and he thought we could get away scot- free because of our innocent looks claiming some seniors forced us to do it. Unfortunately the constable didnt buy that story and we spent the night in a jail!"

Vikas just went red in the face on hearing what I said but it was his wife who was literally fuming. I, on the other hand, was quiet pleased with what I had accomplished. Not wishing to delay the fight any longer I conveniently excused myself saying I had a friend waiting for me outside and that I would mail them and invite myself over to dinner to their place.

Rubbing my palms in glee I walked away from the duo counting the score for the week, Walker 1 - Amway 0.

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Immigration To Canada---Beware Of WWICS Posted by : rajesh On 12 Oct 2003

Hi friends,
I have found a something interesting on the Candian consulate website.There is a place where you can put the file Number which is on the letter which u must have received from the canadian consulate giving the file number.(Dont use the file number of the agent thru whom you may have applied)Put in the file number and your details and you can get the latest status of your case.Companies like WWICS are just fooling us by giving wrong or no information.You can have all information you need through this link and not get fooled.I refused to pay them additional money and crossponded directly with CIC and I am getting response from them in my case.
I thought I will let you all guys know that all hope is not lost and dont let yourself used by some stupid companies like WWICS
Here is the link
You can click on thi to check your file status.

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BEware Of WWICS Canada (Worldwide Immigration) Posted by : Prakash On 02 Oct 2003

I had a very bad experience with WWICS Canada. Beware of WWICS Cnada. I had gone with excellent qualifications to get Canadian green card but due to very bad customer service of WWICS World-wide Immigration and Consultancy Services, I was not informed on my status or what I had to do from time to time. In addition WWICS asked for more money beyond the contract I initially signed saying reassessment fees. WWICS are real fraud people. I would advise people to apply directly. Immigration to Canada has also become easier. It is very easy to apply directly and get green card in 1-2 years (from USA), maybe 3 years from India and other countries. I have friends who did this successfully in 2001 and are doing it now in 2003. Please be careful of immigration consultancy firms like WWICS or else it leaves a bad feeling after the experience.
You tend to hate yourself for having been fooled so easily inspite of your advanced degrees / experience. WWICS has an excellent game plan and their "articles", mostly rehash of others have appeared in local dailies like Chandigarh times, India Abroad and they have made so much money off gullible customers that WWICS are putting articles everywhere. Please do sufficient research also when finding other consultancy firms like WWICS if at all you take that path. I have seen similar experiences of firms like KAM etc handling consultancy to Canada. Otherwise the experience can be really horrible. WWICS provides alomost no customer service once they get your money and I am guessing that WWICS too does a "forwarding" job, that is you prepare all the papers which would have gone to CIC anway and they simply forward your papers for $2400! They then behave arrogantly when you ask them for status. When they want to squeeze more money out of you, they contact you all the while ignoring your queries in between. Beware of WWICS.

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Beware Of WWICS Posted by : Rajesh On 30 Sep 2003

I thin we need to join hands in dealing with this company and expose their business practices.Why dont we write a letter to Canadian Counsulate and asking them to blacklist this company forever.Lets start a mail campagine against them and inform all this magzines to stop publishing advertisment from this fraud company.
I want to see their business suffer!!

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Beware Of Golds Gym Posted by : PV On 14 Jul 2003

Hi! Ive recently got married and hv joined my husband here. I wanted to join a gym and dint opt for YMCA where my husband goes as its far and I had to yet get my drivers permit. I joined Golds Gym near to my place in a weeks time of arriving here. Upon asking for a weeks free trial at Golds gym (which is given by YMCA), the sales lady told me tht I cud join the yearly contract of the gym by paying the enrollment fee + the months fee. If Im not satisfied, theyll refund the amount in a months time. In less than a month, I wanted to discontinue and join some other place. And I get to know tht the offer was some special one that if is given to the customer, the sales lady personally writes it on the contract sheet. Whn I called the dame, she actually had the audacity to tell me that she did not remember any conversation about the cancellation within the month and definately nothing about the refund. After calling up n no. of times, she agreed on cancelling my contract but refused to refund USD 60 tht I had paid at the time of joining. My misery just dint end there, Gold gym deducted 30 dollars in the month after my cancellation as I had given my credit card no. to them. I called Golds gym again. Claire, the sales lady said that she would look into the matter. By this time I had started losing my patience. And while she was looking into the matter, I received my credit card statement where there was again a deduction of 30 dollars. So I had actually paid 120 dollars to go to Gold gym 3 - 4 times!!! Then all I did was give her a call and tell her that I was going to the consumer court in 2 days, if I dint get my money back by then and I would not call her again. And mercifully tht worked!! I got my 120 dollars back in 2 days!!!

So everyone.. I have learnt one lesson out of this... no matter wht u buy or join a club.. make sure that u receive every promise made to u in written.. dont simply believe on goodness of people here!

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Beware Of WWICS Immigration Firm For Canada Posted by : rajesh On 11 Apr 2003

i applied like everyone for canadian immigration through "WWICS".They have offices in NJ and Missisuaga inOntario canada.It is owned by Parminder Sandhu and his cronies all of them desis and are big fraud.I had signed a contract with them to process my case for $2400 and payment to be made in after certain stage is reached in parts.I did pay them $1700 so far and my finalinstament of $700 was pending which I was suppose to make them once i get medical/interview letter.Out of blue i got an email ( mind u they dont do any crosspondence using company letter..only on email and they dont even send receipts of payments and dont like to spend any postal either) they asked me to send $900 for re-submitting the case as per the new rules.Wheni argued with them that this was not a part of my contract and hence i am only suppose to pay balance $700 and not $700+$900,they informed me that if i dont payup they will not process my case and hence i should only dream about getting canadian citizenship.They are SUCH a Fraud company and the staff (all f them Indians unfortunatly are soo rude)they are nice only till u sign the contract and after that you are at their mercy.I WOULD RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE GOES THROUGH THIS COMPANY AS THEY ARE BUCNH OF CHEATERS.THEY NORMALLY AVERTISE IN iNDIA ABROAD AND OTHER MAGZINE.PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL IN DEALING WITH THEM.I AM ONE OF THE VICTIMS WHO HAS REFUSED TO THEIR ARM TWISTING TACTCS EVEN IF MY$1700 GOES DOWN THE DRAIN BUT I NEED SUPPORT FROM SIMILAR VICTIMS SO THAT WE CAN TAKE LEGAL ACTION OF SOME KIND AGAINST SUCH FRAUDS AND UNETHICAL COMPANIES.PLEASE PASS ONTHE MESSAGE TO SUCH PEOPLE WHOM YOU KNOW AND THEY CAN CONTACT ME AT BACKBANCHER@HOTMAIL.COM

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Please Beware Of Posted by : chingal On 05 Apr 2002

Please beware of . I had a bitter experience with this. I spent 80 $ to place my add. and they placed my add in the section where I wasnt intended. after so many mails and communication they finally said that they can not republish it. worse thing is they are not ready to accept there mistake. typical customer service so please be aware.

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