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Reply To Dish Network Question Posted by : Ravi On 14 Jul 2006

I was in the same situation few days back. After doing some research, i found that the best plan is thru clubDish referral. no commitments and no install or activation fees.

If you want you can use the following clubdish code : CDF453036027

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DISH NETWORK, ADVISE Posted by : Ent Post On 11 Jun 2006


I am planning to take DISH network line with maybe 1 or 2 telugu channels

I would like to know how is the system, I am in Jersey City,NJ and how about the rate?? although it says $24.99 and they are asking me to pay $150 for receiver and they are told me that If I stay with them for 30months they are going to return my $150, every month $5 dollars.

Please anybody can advise me what to do, any other provider for telugu channels(GEMINI and TEJA)

I am planning to take only for 6 months.

thanks for your time.

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Be Careful With Promotions Posted by : Raghu On 10 Dec 2005

When ever u go for the cable connection be very careful asking them what sort of payment u r required to make once the promotional period is over.companies lure you by not giving u complete informaiton about the promotional packages.
eg:comcast cables in NJ.

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Need Connection Posted by : singh143 On 13 Oct 2005

hi i want to know who wld do installation of dish for hindi channels in columbus ohio

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To Ur Last Post Bout Dishnetwork Posted by : ASHAH On 19 Feb 2005

i have dishnetwork. i pay around 56.99$ every month for basic 60 american channels and 2 international (hindi) channels. And paid some 50$ initially at time of installation.

The service is also ok types. During festivals they also provide some more hindi cahnnels free for few days.

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HOW IS DISH NETWORK??? Posted by : i want cable.. On 11 Feb 2005

Hi all,
I was thinking about getting a cable line with maybe 1 or 2 hindi channels (maybe DISH network)
I would like to know how is the system, I am in NY. and how about the rate?? although it says $24.99 (are there any hidden costs???)
thanks for your time.

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COMCAST ? Posted by : Srikanth On 07 Feb 2005

I would like to go for Comcast Std Cable with Zee TV ? Cost Implications for first 3 months & thereafter ?

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Comcast Reduces Rates!!! Posted by : Nips On 27 Aug 2004

if ur paying a lot to the cable company call and pretend ur going to disconnect. be very firm and tell them i want to disconnect. dont tell them reason. when they ask say ur shigtinf to dish. they will 100% reduce ur price. i got 1 year digital cable for 29.99$

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Movie Downloads Posted by : Jigyasa On 23 Jul 2004

Does any one know where I can download Hindi movies for watching on the laptop.

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