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Cyberhacklove Are The Best

Posted by: queen On 13 Jan 2017

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Visitor Visa Experience At Delhi Consulate

Posted by: jaspreet kaur On 25 Oct 2013

hi frnds, i and my husband had interview 24oct. Visa is rejected. My age is 24year and husband 27y.. My sister in law in u.s.a. And her husband was sponsering us. We both doing job.
Our interview was on 8.30am. We get entery right time.
Interview was in hindi. First she askde for passports we gave.
Then the first question 1. Aapka kon rehta ha u.s. me? Husband gave ans.
2. Woh u.s.a. Citizen hain? Ans.
3. Woh kitne time se wahan reh rahe hai? Ans
4.wo kya krte hain? Ans
5. To my husband aap kya krte ho sir? Is question k ans me husband ne kha supervise then she asked wo kya hota hai? My husband gave ans.
6. Kya ap pehle kabi india se bahr gye ho. Ans was no.
7. Them to me ap kya krte ho mam? Ans
8. Ap pehle kabi u.s.a. Gye ho. Ans was no.
Then she gave us passports with rejection paper under 214 b they reject ous visa. I m very dissapointed.

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Raza Calling Card Is Worth

Posted by: Harry On 03 Jun 2013 calling card plan is good and worth. In $10, 1000 Minutes you get and it not expire in a month you can use for couple of month.

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Indiamama Calling Card BAD

Posted by: Krithi On 06 Feb 2012

When I first started using them in 2008, they were good. But after 2010, their call quality has deteriorated.
Recently they offered - deposit $15 , and get $10 worth of calling free -
I used that... Call quality is so terrible that the card is of no use.
I tried calling customer service to change me into a more expensive , supposedly better quality carrier line, but they don't even respond to emails or phone calls.

Looks like my money went down the drain. I'm trying to see if anyone else had a similar experience.

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Free Talk Time Of $5

Posted by: Dinnu On 28 Oct 2008

Hi friends,

use site which is giving $5 talktime as free promotional need of registration. just give the number u want to dial............

atry it its free...excellent voice clarity..........

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Calling Cards

Posted by: Pretty On 15 Oct 2008

I feel stana card is great too they have an Oct offer which is 25 $ +3.75 $ bonus(free).........which is cool...........
Enjoy calling india anytime

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Please Advice

Posted by: Akshay On 14 Oct 2008

any advice on - Unlimited Calling To India

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Calling Cards

Posted by: peace On 15 Sep 2008

Experience of users are taken into acct.and purchase of cards are proving loss.Some people are saying WOOOW just to gaie referal benefits.

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Finally My Search For Calling Card .. Ends

Posted by: Expertguy4u On 14 Jul 2008

No contract , Pin Less Dial , No Conditions , No Maintenance , Dial Local talk Long Distance , 1 minute roundup , Monthly Statement , Promotional Offers , Referral Benefits , Credits never expire ... Talk >240 minutes off you first $10.

Take or leave it .. decision is yours ... What more you want of $10 ..

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Don't Buy Airtel Calling Cards

Posted by: thmapr On 04 May 2008

Airltel had promised gift delivery in India for rechange during Independence day and Deepavali. But they never delivered the gift in India. Whenever I call customer care I get the answer, the gift has been sent today many times, but no gift was delivered. Cheating...

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